5 Tips to Service Your Air Conditioner

Tips to Service Your Air Conditioner

Doing simple tasks in the summer is hectic, it feels like going to extra lengths and putting in extra energy to do daily life chores which are not a big deal otherwise. The heat urges you to skip everything and sit in a chilled room and take a quick nap. In no time, this small break becomes a nightmare because either you have been delaying the house’s maintenance or completely avoiding it. And while most housework requires its own level of determination to get things done, avoiding or skipping the service of air conditioners leaves you struggling with breakdowns or overall under-functioning.

Machines require constant maintenance to work efficiently, they cannot be left on their own. The same is the case with Air conditioners, they require a bit of attention to keep running smoothly. A well-maintained air conditioning unit runs efficiently, uses less energy, and costs less to run. Best of all? A properly serviced system has fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan Moreover, air conditioners’ maintenance is not only a matter of comfort but also of health and safety.

In Karachi, the temperature in the months of June and July ranges from 35 C to 45 C. Such high temperatures not only make the outside unbearable for the human body but also raise the temperature and humidity inside. This leads to mold formation which ultimately affects respiratory health. Air conditioners help you control the temperature as well as humidity. Controlling humidity will also prevent mold formations and limiting mold and mildew growth protect your respiratory health.

A few of the servicing tasks outlined below can be performed by homeowners on their own. When it comes to the service of an air conditioner, you may tackle some routine tasks yourself. But we suggest you leave the technical assessments and repairs to properly trained and licensed professionals. Never hesitate to call a professional from Swiftcare for ac repair in Karachi. If you decide to do the servicing on your own, follow all safety precautions like wearing safety equipment and shutting down the power supply to the unit beforehand.

Servicing an air conditioner: a checklist of 5 tips to enhance the efficiency of air conditioners

1.     Deep cleaning/Replacing of Air Filters:

The filter develops a heavy layer of dust, dirt, and allergen particles, decreasing the airflow. It would make the system work harder than it would normally. The air flowing through the dirty filter will also be unhealthy and unhygienic, which will impact the quality of air indoors and might trigger allergies and asthma symptoms.

You may replace or clean (if you have a reusable filter) your air conditioner’s filter, as it is the most important task when it comes to the servicing of an air conditioner. Usually, the filters run smoothly for a season but doing them every month in high-usage months will enhance the cooling. The solution is to install a high-quality air filter. Installing low-quality or inexpensive fiberglass air filters won’t be capturing micro-sized particles such as pollen, bacteria, etc., and requires to be changed every 30 days or so.

The air filter is present:

Just behind the return air grille on a wall or ceiling in a central room of the house. Inside the blower compartment of the air handler or furnace. In a slot on the side, bottom, or top of your furnace.

2.     Wiring maintenance:

The internal wiring of an air conditioner is crucial to its operation. But that does not mean you do not need to check the outdoor unit. It is safe to check the wiring once a year.

To check the wiring inside ac unit:

 You need to look ‘under the hood’ of your A/C unit. Keep the condenser unit’s power off, remove the access panel and look for signs of overheating. If there is no melted insulation on wires or blackened or burned-looking wires you are good to go.

While doing this go on and check any electrical connections to make sure they are tight. In case there is a problem, reach out to AC repair in Karachi.

3.     Checking the Thermostat:

The servicing of an air conditioner’s checklist includes checking the thermostat. This device is used to maintain an ideal temperature in your home or office or whatever the space is. If you use a mechanical thermostat, it’s time to invest in a smart thermostat. Because it can be set to turn up the temperature when no one’s around and bring it down to the desired level before anyone returns. It is very reliable and will save you energy, and you’ll come back to a comfortable setting.

4.     Examining the Condenser’s fan:

It is important to examine the condenser’s fan for the ac to function properly. You need to turn off the power to check properly if the fan’s blades have signs of chips or cracks. Spotting any such spots might require you to replace the fan immediately. If you own an older air conditioner you might further need to oil the unit’s fan motor bearings for smoother functioning.

5.     Cleaning the outdoor unit:

With each passing day, debris collects on the outdoor unit with leaves, grass, and dust building up a fat layer. This results in reducing the overall capacity of the system and airflow.

Here is how you do it:

Safety comes first, so you need to turn off the power to the outdoor unit. This needs to be done by disconnecting the outdoor unit from the power supply or from the main breaker panel. Pick up a garden hose and gently wash out the debris.

Start from the top and work your way down. It is strongly recommended to not use a power washer because that might damage the unit. While you are at it, go ahead and trim any shrubs or grass around your air conditioner to prevent them from impeding airflow to and from the unit.

The timely servicing of an air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest days of summer. It saves your energy and money. You should get professional air conditioner service twice a year because your furnace should be examined and maintained for the summer months.

Professional AC service will lubricate and check all system parts for smooth functionality and replace filters, clean out drain holes, check your refrigerant levels, and so forth. Such routine servicing is important to make sure your air conditioner is giving optimal performance and increases the life span too.