5 Best Ways To Shop High-Quality CBD Oil

shop high quality CBD oil

It is easy to know why CBD has become so popular, even among skeptics. This non-intoxicating psychoactive cannot make you high, nor is there a risk of overdose or increased paranoia. Rather than clouding your mind with euphoric effects, CBD eliminates negative physical and mental ailments in your body and leaves you with undeniable clarity. Countries worldwide are legalizing this natural compound and triggering an industry boom.

Even with so many high-quality brands, there are always those in the industry who want to make money fast. As a result, the industry has a group of CBD brands delivering less than quality products. Distinguishing premium products from poor quality is critical to avoid causing yourself unnecessary harm. The following are five points to keep in mind when shopping for high-quality CBD oil.

Study the brand’s website.

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You can get more information on CBD concentrate here invest in professional websites that are mobile-friendly, easy to browse, and efficient to shop products from. Leading CBD brands also have an efficient customer care portal to ask questions that an agent will answer promptly. Besides the website, it is good to browse through the brand’s social media portals to learn how the brand’s representatives talk about the products and their interaction with customers.

Go through customer reviews.

Speaking of customers, you must buy CBD oil from brands with five-star reviews. Don’t rely on just one rave review, but be sure numerous five-star reviews praise the product. We live in a time where shoppers are far more likely to speak up when a product is of poor quality, especially when it is so easy to criticize through online means. Brands know this, and top-quality CBD brands will ensure their customers are satisfied and turn their reviews into a list of praise.

If you want to take this a step further, research the brand’s reputation outside of its website through search engines. It is a well-known secret that some questionable brands buy customer reviews so that more people are likely to shop from their website. However, independent reviews published on blogs and social media feeds like Reddit and Instagram will uncover whether a brand is authentic.

Study the certificate of analysis.

A premium CBD brand selling high-quality CBD oil will have a certificate of analysis that can be easily found and downloaded from the website. This certificate should be no more than six months old, and it must show the lab results published by a third-party ISO standard lab. Some CBD sellers have quickly dispensed with this authenticating factor by producing a false certificate of analysis on the website. But you can ensure the certificate’s validity by googling the lab that has published the CBD results to ensure that it is indeed an ISO standard lab.

You should also find other information in the certificate, including where the CBD was grown and the extraction method used. Premium brands only use the CO2 extraction process as it is less likely to cause contamination to the hemp product. Other things to look out for include the weight percentage of the CBD and whether it matches the weight stamped on the product, as well as concentration. The certificate of analysis should also show whether pesticide analysis matches the standard and if the CBD has the right amount of THC, that is, no more than 0.3 percent.

Choose organic versus non-organic CBD oil.

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If you are investing in CBD oil, it means you want to feel better physically, mentally, or both. Accordingly, you need an excellent product that can take you to the next level of wellness. Non-organic CBD products have their value, but they are no match for organic products. CBD is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant species which is a crop that requires soil and the proper nutrients and minerals to thrive. Investing in an organic CBD product means benefiting from a natural compound that has not absorbed harmful toxins and chemicals.

Watch out for any false claims.

Premium brands can suggest an improvement in body and mind when you take CBD, but they will never present CBD as a cure for your sickness. When looking for CBD oil or other CBD-infused products, watch out for any false claims on the bottle. Low-quality CBD brands will make false claims that CBD can cure the flu, anxiety, or cancer. You will not even find such claims on the only FDA-approved CBD-based medication known as Epidiolex. Doctors prescribe this medicine to patients suffering from rare forms of epilepsy. Although it is highly beneficial, it is unable to keep all epilepsy symptoms at bay.


Shopping for CBD products is far more exciting these days. Even so, you must use a level of caution so as not to buy low-quality products that cause you more harm than good. The price of CBD products is a quick indicator of the quality and process taken to manufacture them. Premium CBD oil isn’t inexpensive, but the price reflects the cultivation process, the high level of standard to extract it, have it tested, and every other element that results in an uncontaminated product that can have life-changing benefits.