Tom MacDonald Bio and Net Worth: How Much Are His Estimated Earnings

You probably remember Tom MacDonald for his 2017 hit single, “Dear Rappers.” If not for the reaction, then maybe for the controversy; his take on Coronavirus, the shade at rappers, and the misunderstood love for Eminem. What you may not know is that MacDonald has been on the block for almost a decade now. The recent rave and his rise to fame may also have got you wondering just how much the sensational Canadian rapper is worth. Well, let’s get right to it then.

Tom MacDonald Biography

Before he became the “Dear Rappers” crooner and the sensational, electrifying lyricist, we know him as Tom MacDonald had worn many caps and excelled in several other professions. Born Thomas MacDonald on September 21, 1988, in Edmonton, Alberta, MacDonald attended elementary school like most other kids before moving on to the Local High School in Vancouver, Canada.

Before 2017, not many knew Tom MacDonald as an established rapper. His stint as a Canadian wrestler during his teenage years is a memory to be cherished. He had a successful career in tournaments like the Real Canadian Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, Elite Canadian Wrestling Championship, and the Prairie Wrestling Alliance.

In 2009, he took the bold step into the world of rap, blessing the hip-hop world with titles like LeeAnn’s Son (his first album), Wannabe, and Dear Rappers in 2017. Although MacDonald had wide acclaim before this time, his controversial lyrics and bold statements have put him on the map. For instance, in “Dear Rapper”- a song supposedly meant to criticize rappers’ constant promotion of drugs, alcohol, and the use of women as sex symbols- he singled out Eminem for praise.

Helluvit happens to be one of his known titles- a spitting tongue lashing serenade at rappers, even calling out names like Meek and Lil Wayne. There has also been heavy criticism for his titles and nicknames, such as WhiteBoy (2018), Straight White Male (2019)and No Lives Matter (2020). He also recorded the song, If I Was Black in 2019. He is often interpreted as pro-White, anti-LGBT, and anti-feminist, claims he has denied on several occasions.

Sources of Revenue of Tom MacDonald

Although his musical journey began in 2009, his YouTube Channel launch with the song, Wannabe in 2014 turned him into an instant YouTuber and Social Media star. Today, with about 1.5 million subscribers and some of his releases hitting the 10 million views mark, MacDonald seems poised as a truly sensational star with a mix of opinions and huge followership. This is certainly a huge source of revenue for the Canadian star who currently lives in Los Angeles.

His Instagram handle hangovergang has also amassed a whopping 350,000 followers. This is not merely a source of revenue for the rapper, but a great fanbase for influencing brands’ perception and further raking in lots of income.

What is Tom MacDonald Net Worth?

As of December 2020, Tom MacDonald has an estimated net worth of $100,000. His wealth comes from his music, sports, and social media.