Best Types Of Men’s Shoes For Fall In 2022

Types Of Men's Shoes For Fall

Shoes always take a high spot in the fashion industry. Be it a men’s or women’s collection, everybody loves it. But one thing to note is the fact that women have a wider choice as compared to men. This can sometimes be a struggle while picking the right pair for the occasion. This can be an even bigger pain if you are a complete beginner. Hence, to tackle such situations, in this article, we shall look into some of the best men’s shoes for fall this year, that can be donned even by a complete beginner in the world of fashion.



Sneakers are a kind of all-season footwear. No matter what, it gives you enough protection to be worn for every season, giving you a pleasant experience throughout. Sneakers are also one of the most stylish footwear out there. It has the potential to enhance your looks and class, all the while maintaining a young and playful look. These aspects have made sure that sneakers can be worn not just for sports, athletics, and gym, but as for casual everyday wear with outfits like jeans and cotton pants. If you swear by your jeans more than anything, then sneakers are the ones you should look for. Bruno Marc Shoes offers fashion sneakers as well as casual sneakers, each serving a different purpose. Do have a look at both.

Oxford Boots:

oxford boots

Oxford boots mean class. They are full-fledged formal attire shoes. In fact, Oxfords are the go-to choice for men who love formal wear. With Oxfords, you can be guaranteed a smart, stylish, and top-of-the-line quality that makes you stand out in your formal business meetings and dinner. There is a saying that a shoe determines the character of a man, and with Oxfords, it does exactly that giving a great first impression to whoever you meet. Hence, even if you don’t usually wear formal, it is worth buying one just in case.

Penny Loafers:

peanny loafers

Penny loafers’ name has a history of being used to store a penny for coin booths back in the early 19th century. Though the coin booths are no more, the style and the class still remain the same. Though these loafers are more intended for formal uses, a semi-formal niche is where it suits best, at least for the majority of penny loafers. Jeans and blazers, formal pants and shirts, or even shorts and t-shirts, you name it and a penny loafer can be easily matched with that outfit.

If you are in the market looking for a pair of penny loafers this fall, have a look at Bruno Marc’s collection of loafers for some of the most jaw-dropping and stunning look pairs on the market.

Chukka Boots:

chukka boots

Chukka boots are the ankle boots for men. Usually made of quality leather or suede, these boots for men come in two major variants, the lace design, and the laceless design. You cannot go wrong with either. Brown being the most preferred color, you can match them with outfits ranging from casual to semi-formal. It is also the perfect choice for partying with friends and families.

Hiking Boots:

hiking boots

As the name suggests, hiking boots are for adventures. Unlike the other shoes, they provide superior protection and hence can be made to withstand almost any challenge. Fall is one of the best times to hike during the year because of the cooler, yet not so freezing temperatures. Hence it is worth looking at hiking boots. If you are limited on a budget, a good point to note is that hiking boots, because of the superior protection and comfort factor, they can be worn for daily purposes as well. As long as you don’t pair them with formal wear, you should be good to go. But hey, if you do want to pair them with formals, no one is stopping you.


To conclude, fall is one of the best times of the year to don some of the coolest outfits and shoes on the market. If you are a beginner, then be assured that whichever one you pick from the above, you will not be disappointed. The key to a good looking shoe is a great outfit. Hence, in addition, do try them with outfits other than the ones mentioned above, just so you might find something that you like better and also because your knowledge of men’s fashion expands.