10 Most Beautiful Latina Singers In 2022 [Photos]



This Colombian pop legend has been captivating us with her back to back hits since the late 80s, and she shows no signs of slowing down. With her gorgeous golden curls, sultry voice and hips that truly don’t lie, there is no doubt that Shakira is one of the most beautiful Latina singers not only of 2021 but of all time.



This multi-talented artist hails from Mexico and has continued to surprise many with her ageless beauty. I mean how can someone be that gorgeous at nearly half a century in age? What’s more is that she is just as smart as she is pretty with her multi-lingual capability being one of the most impressive of her traits.


Natalia Jiminez

This sexy Spaniard has had quite an eventful career in her two decades in the industry. She was part of a successful Spain-based band and managed to launch a great solo career after that. Her strikingly symmetrical features and adorable dimples are just a few of the traits that landed her on this list.


Paulina Rubio

Paulina is the second Mexican bombshell to land on our list. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, there seems to be nothing that this powerful woman cannot do. She has dabbled in everything from modeling to hosting all while maintaining a successful music career.


Becky G

She is an up-and-comer from the United States that is already causing ripples in the Latin pop scene. With her amazing vocals, great stage presence and unique style there is no denying that this beauty is going far. The icing on the cake is her exotic Latina looks topped off with the trademark luscious locks, doe eyes, and deadly curves. Becky G is definetely using those Latina beauty tips.


Karol G

First of all no; she bears no relation to Becky G. Karol is a Colombian native and is undeniably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Latin songstresses of 2021. There is just something enchanting about her face and her hair that makes it so hard to look away. The unique reggaeton and trap influences in her musical style also contribute to her unique appeal.


Natti Natasha

This Latin pop star is from the Dominican Republic and has been actively working on her music career since she was eight years old. Whoa; talk about commitment. Her dedication to her craft is not the only thing attractive about her. With her long raven hair, beautiful olive skin and striking latina features, she easily fits into any list of successful beauties in the Latin music scene.

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This beauty is a real trailblazer as far as Latin music is concerned. She happens to be one of the pioneers of reggaeton music in Colombia which is a subgenre that has truly influenced the regional style. She also happens to be the first Colombian artist signed to the major label Roc Nation. When it comes to beauty, Farina does not disappoint with her exotic mix of Peruvian and Chinese genes. She is a looker.


Paula Fernandes

Paula’s beauty is world renowned as she was voted the 16th sexiest woman in the world in 2011 by VIP magazine. That is a big deal. She is another star on our list that seems to defy the effects of aging maintaining to look ageless throughout the years. This beauty has the talent to match and has even shared the stage with musical legends like Shania Twain.



This Mexican bombshell started out her career in acting before branching into the world of music. There is no denying the fact that the move was good for her with her massive success in Latin teen pop and electropop genres. Everything about this Latina goddess is beautiful, but it is her eyes that are perhaps the most striking.


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