5 Weird Secret Latina Beauty Tips You Should Try


If there is one indisputable fact about our Latina mamacitas, is that they are beautiful. Sexy would probably be an understatement and a far miss. I mean look at those sexy women on AmoLatina for example, they really are the hottest!

When Jenny from the block the beautiful Puerto Rican, Jennifer Lopez, celebrated her 49th birthday earlier this year, most of us were left in awe of the ageless grace of the music goddess.

Looking through our list of beautiful Latina singers, including Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria, I can only say mama mia!

In a bid to find out the secret these women use to maintain the glow, I went through a lot of interviews thanks to all their nominations. I found ways to make the acne scars go away, but also some very cool tips to make your hair look super nice!

I have to emphasize that there was a lot of information to dig through, given just how often the question of the secret to their beauty is asked.

Below are a couple of tips and tricks they swear by and, hopefully, we will too, without sweating the price tag.

1.    Sand scrub

While this may sound obvious, Latinas from the Brazilian coast emphasize that the regular scrub from the beach sand has helped them exfoliate while reducing wrinkles. The tan is just an added bonus!

2.    Mayo-frizzo

If there is one thing I couldn’t help but notice about our mamas is that, their hair volume and curls are such a defining factor for them. Here comes some odd news: hair mayonnaise which is by far very disgusting, is what they have been using for ages to keep the curls refreshed and frizzle free.

I know you are already making up a list for the hair store, let’s continue:

3.    Hemorrhoid cream

When I first heard this beauty tip I thought- Well, it is the beginning of the end. Upon research, however, I learned that this is a tip that has been in use for so many years now.

Hemorrhoid creams, when applied to the face, tighten the skin for a wrinkle-free look. This, while not being a long-term wrinkle controller, can be of tremendous help if you are looking for a skin tightening regimen for a short time.

Fun fact! Guess who swears by this routine? Kim Kardashian West and her long-term make-up artist Mario.

4.    Garlic infused nail polish

We have all admired the beautifully manicured hands of our favorite celebrities, whether it’s their luxurious black nails at a red carpet event or something more subtle during a charity dinner, but have you ever wondered why their nails look so good?

The secret lies in garlic! If you crush the garlic to a smooth pulp and mix it with your nail polish, you are guaranteed stronger nails and the rate of your nail growth will also increase. You are probably asking what proof I have. Well, it has been working, which just about says all we need to hear. The smell is the least of your concerns.

5.    The hair doobies

Remember the time Rihanna wore her hair in a doobie, and everyone got so angry about it? The doobie (tubi) is a Dominican Republic tradition, whereby once a lady has their hair straightened, they wear it in a tubi overnight or until they are ready to undo it.

The tubi keeps the hair straight, reduces wrinkles and keeps the silk press fresh even after a week.

Well, I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to try this.

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