How CBD Oil Helped Me With Alcohol Withdrawal

Cbd And Alcohol

Disclaimer: This is a testimony from a long time friend, Maria, who has been sober for four months. I wanted to give her a chance to share her beautiful story, so I invited her to write on my blog.

I’m no longer an alcoholic thanks to CBD oil!

Addiction is easy to develop but extremely difficult to end. Without the right medication and support, it can be incredibly challenging to overcome – no matter what you are addicted to.

Recently, a fascinating discussion has emerged – can CBD help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

While there’s no scientific proof yet, take it from someone with experience – CBD oil can help to manage your drinking problem. First, let’s look at the basics.

So… what’s CBD?

Cbd Treat Alcohol Withdrawal

CBD is a compound that comes from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants. It’s extracted mainly for its therapeutic properties. While most countries are yet to legalize its counterpart THC (the principal psychoactive constituent of weed), CBD is already legal in many countries, including the UK, because it’s deemed inherently non-psychoactive.

Can cannabis, weed, CBD help with alcohol withdrawal?

Can cannabis, weed, CBD help with alcohol withdrawal? Both CBD and weed can help manage your addiction by helping you to stay focused, relieve tension, and reduce tendencies of paranoia and anxiety. Studies on animals have shown that CBD has worked wonders for recovering alcoholic rats. CBD helped rats to reduce their alcohol intake and prevented relapse.

Although much more research is needed on humans, CBD has most definitely helped me. Let me share my story with you.

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Alcohol slowly destroyed my life

My husband used to tell me, “Your drinking will cost us everything.” And it turns out he was right. I was addicted to booze. I couldn’t sleep or function well without a few glasses of wine or sipping on some single malt whiskey. I made drinking a habit every morning before going to work, and every evening before sleep. Eventually, I couldn’t function without it.

Whoever said, “habit translates into a character” was entirely right. I remember when this all started – I had lost my best friend Joanna in a horrible road accident, and it was just hours after planning our big holiday to Ibiza. When I received the news, I was in the office preparing to leave. As the news began to sink in, I felt unexplainable pain. I tried to cope with loss using alcohol and quickly discovered the hard truth – alcohol doesn’t fix anything. 

My drinking spiralled out of control

The tragic event was three years ago. I’m still surprised a few glasses of wine caused my addiction, but they did, and in February of this year, my life took an unexpected turn. One night I had an argument with my husband Joel, and he had had enough. He packed his bags and left our home. When he left, I turned to the fridge, and one by one, I drank the three bottles of wine I’d stocked up for the weekend.

The next morning, a colleague came to check up on me after realizing I hadn’t turned up for work. When he saw the state I was in, he was shocked (to say the least!). That was when I knew I had a problem, and I needed help. I made the hard choice to quit and give up alcohol altogether.

How CBD helped me beat the bottle

Cbd Oil Helps Agains Alcoholism

I began searching for helpful tips online. Various discussions on forums, including Reddit, showed that people often use cannabis for alcohol withdrawal. More specifically, it’s CBD that helps curb cravings and minimize addiction. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but since so many had claimed success, I decided to give it a go. I went to this site to buy some CBD oil drops. Being a bit hesitant about buying things online, I must admit, I didn’t use it the same day I received it through the letterbox.

I had the oil in my house for days, until I felt a desperate need for a drink. Instead of using alcohol, I decided to go for it. I applied a few drops under my tongue, held it in my mouth for a minute, and then swallowed, as directed by the instructions. Thirty minutes or so later, the cravings had submerged, and even better, I was feeling very relaxed. I certainly wasn’t “high,” just experiencing a wonderful sense of calm.

So, is CBD good for alcohol withdrawal? The answer is a resounding yes.

It’s been four months since I started using CBD oil for alcohol detox, and, so far, there haven’t been any negative side effects.

If you are trying to recover from your addiction, I strongly recommend that aside from attending therapies (you must get professional help by the way), you also make this supplement a part of your recovery journey. You will never look back!