4 Cosmetics Myths Debunked

4 Cosmetics Myths Debunked

It has become a tough job these days to differentiate between the reality and the hype. Fear not!

Here is a list of some skin tricks that you should avoid.

You don’t need to wear a sunscreen in winters or when it’s cloudy

You should wear a sunscreen everyday even on cloudy days because sun rays go right through the clouds and people usually skip wearing a sunscreen because they presume that sun rays on cloudy days won’t harm their skin but this is when they’re most likely to get most burns.

Whereas in winters the damage of UV rays is slightly reduced but they’re still pretty harmful. Leaving your skin exposed to harsh sun rays without any protection on can lead to premature signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots.

Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized

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It’s a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized and if you moisturize it you will make it a lot more oily and greasy. What your skin doesn’t need is extra oil. So you can always go for an oil free moisturizer. If you choose the right moisturizer then moisturizing your skin can be very beneficial as it can help you balance out sebum. Sebum is natural oil which is produced to keep your hair and skin naturally moisturized.

Hyperseborrhea is a condition when your body starts producing excess sebum which leads to clogged pores. This is usually caused by environmental conditions and excessive sun exposure. So the products you use to normalize the sebum production are likely to be very harsh and they’ll also tend to dry out your skin and leave it flaky. Therefore it is highly recommended by dermatologists to use a moisturizer to save your skin from adverse side effects of those products and combat those harsh effects.

Moisturizers act as a shield against harmful environmental conditions. Without a moisturizer you leave your skin vulnerable to germs, dust and bacteria.

Exfoliating in winter will dry out your skin

It’s important for you to exfoliate after every 2 – 3 weeks whether it’s summertime or wintertime because your body rejuvenates overnight and you need to brush off dead skin cells from your skin for a radiant, beautiful and ravishing skin.

When you exfoliate not only the old and dead skin cells are removed but the process of production of new skin cells also speeds up. You shouldn’t over exfoliate your skin though because that can and will leave your skin dry and irritated. Use a gentle product to exfoliate that also nourishes and moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

One of the most successful exfoliators in the market are aloe vera face exfoliators that have both cleansing and moisturizing effects.

Hypoallergenic products are good for you

It’s a myth that the label hypoallergenic is something you should look at while buying beauty products if you have sensitive skin or if your skin is prone to allergy.

Actually the problem with the label hypoallergenic is that it basically doesn’t mean anything. It’s a buzz word and it’s mainly a marketing tool but it’s not anything scientific or any sort of indicator of how your skin will react to a product. You should instead look for a product that is fragrance free and is free of irritations because irritations are going to make your skin react.

So what you are looking for is fragrant plant oil like lavender oils or citrus oils.