The Effects Of High Vs. Low-Quality Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis-based products have never been easier to buy. You can find anything you fancy these days — from oils to tinctures, vape juices, bath bombs, creams, and edibles. Despite being more accessible, the struggle to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality cannabis products is real. Some manufacturers are only looking to make a quick buck without having much concern for customer’s well-being. 

Accordingly, it is up to us to research and find high-quality edibles, whether you want to get high on recreational marijuana or feel more at peace with the subtle CBD. Thankfully, there are ways you can distinguish between well-made edibles and those which are bad because if you don’t, you will have to suffer the effects of ingesting low-quality edibles.

How to identify high-quality CBD edibles

Cannabinol (CBD) is a hemp-derived natural compound that has a low percentage of THC. As a result, CBD does not cause mind-altering effects, nor is there a risk of overdose, even if it is a strong CBD oil. When it comes to high-quality CBD edibles, always go for the organic kind.

You want your edibles to contain organically grown CBD — free from toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals. Having a clear idea about the production methods used to manufacture the product is essential too. If you cannot find anything on the manufacturer’s website about manufacturing methods or the explanation is too vague, it’s best to find another brand.

Reliable manufacturers will use CO2 extraction or high-quality ethanol when manufacturing CBD products, and they will explain this clearly on their website. Sharing where the hemp is grown is a must, as is having a page showing recent lab results of the CBD products. A reputable brand will not shy away from publishing these results for anyone to see. For thorough research, you may even wish to request a third-party lab result to ensure the brand is honest about its results.

The biggest takeaway here is that if the information you are looking for is too hard to find, it means the manufacturer doesn’t want you to find it. A reputable CBD brand will have a professional website where the facts are clearly stated.

The truth is that there aren’t cheap CBD edibles of quality. Low-quality edibles will not be as effective. Moreover, they may harm rather than benefit because they often contain more harmful toxins and chemicals than pure CBD. Pure and high quality CDB can help against Alcoholism for example.

How to identify high-quality marijuana edibles

Recreational marijuana comes from the same plant species as CBD, but in this case, marijuana has a higher level of THC, meaning that you will get high. Generally, when you buy edibles, you can expect a prolonged process to take you longer to feel high, but then the experience will last for a more extended period.

Edibles can come in many forms, from chocolate to gummies and cooking oil. Regardless of what you buy, if it is a low-quality marijuana edible, you can’t expect to get as high as you would typically do. The effects of low-quality marijuana edibles involve some high but not much, and if you do feel something, users say it does not feel pleasant.

The low effect is because poor-quality marijuana edibles contain less THC in them and more toxins and other unnecessary chemicals. Indeed, while in a high-quality edible, you can expect around 30 percent of THC content, in low-quality marijuana edibles, the percentage is at 15-18 percent.

The smell isn’t incredibly exciting either, even if you have gone for the sweetest milk chocolate. Low-quality edibles will have an unpleasant instead of a strong smell, which is less than overwhelming when you are looking to relax.

Whether you are having a tough day or wish to alleviate your chronic panic, don’t expect any miracles if you opt for low-quality marijuana edibles. Such edibles have no real effect on the body.

Investing in the right brands takes time

As with all things, it may take you a while to become a pro at selecting high-quality cannabis products. Sadly, you may find yourself ingesting low-quality CBD gummies or eating a bar of low-quality marijuana-infused chocolate. But in the long run, going for trusted brands with reputable websites is the best way to ensure you have a good experience with these natural compounds.

Low-quality edibles may be cheaper, but you will be ingesting a low-grade product that may not work as effectively as you hoped it would, or worse, it could prove harmful to your body. Although research is limited, we know that CBD and marijuana prove to be potent health tools for various mental health and chronic issues.

The question is, do you want to allow your body to reap the benefits of a high-quality product, or do you prefer to save money and ingest a product mixed with toxins.