How to Use Hair Cleanser To Get Healthy Hair

what is hair cleanser

You have probably seen the hype about hair cleaner products on Instagram and other social media, but is it really the new holy grail for your hair or maybe just an overstatement?

Many beauty companies claim their hair products have amazing benefits and that it will create miracles. But can you trust all beauty companies with their marketing advertising? Let’s find this out and help you choose a good hair cleanser for you.

First of all, hair cleansers are relatively new to the hair care industry. People can often not differentiate between a hair cleanser and a shampoo, but they have a lot of differences that make them stand apart. Let’s dive into it!

What is a Hair Cleanser?

No idea about what a hair cleanser is? Well, essentially, a hair cleanser is a hair care product that can be used as an alternative to shampoos. Both products have the same basic function of making your hair look clean and healthy-looking. We will discuss the details of what makes them different below.

Hair Cleanser vs. Shampoo: What Sets Them Apart?

While both products have been designed to achieve the same objective, the key difference lies in their formula. Hair cleansers have a gentler, sulfate-free formula that will keep your hair from getting dry. Whereas, shampoos often strip your hair of natural oils and may weaken your hair eventually. People with dry, damaged, or colored hair can use hair cleansers as a better choice over shampoos to protect their hair.

Should You Use a Hair Cleanser?

As mentioned above, people with dyed, damaged, or dry hair can use hair cleansers to their advantage and take better care of their hair. It should also be noted that, as hair cleansers are gentler, people with fine, curly, or bleached strands can benefit from them too.

What About Using a Hair Cleanser Daily?

Yes, hair cleansers are indeed projected as an alternative product to using shampoos. However, their general formulas are not as effective as shampoos. Hence, it can be said that one shouldn’t be completely swapped for the other. The best way to care for your hair can be using both products alternatively. It will ensure that your hair is properly cleaned and not stripped of its natural oils.

Using a Hair Cleanser

The following steps will guide you on how to use a hair cleanser properly.

Step 1: Lather Up

After you hop in the shower and wet your hair, take a small amount of hair cleanser and apply it to your hair. Make sure you massage your strands properly and work it on your head in circles, just like you would do with a shampoo. Once done, rinse it properly.

Step 2: Condition

Now, you want to condition your hair. Apply the conditioner formulated for your hair type, similarly and rinse after two to three minutes.

Step 3: Detangle

Once you are out of the shower, detangle your hair gently. Use a wide-toothed comb to prevent any breakage as your hair is weakest when wet. You can go about with your styling routine right after!

This step by step process will help you benefit most from hair cleansers and will keep your hair luscious as ever!

What hair cleanser should you buy

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Benefits of Pai-Shau’s Hair Cleanser

  • Promotes healthy hair growth
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  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Signature Tea Compex
  • Color-safe
  • Keratin safe
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free

You can also use it with Replenishing Cream Conditioner for ultra-hydration and the best hair care you can offer yourself. A perfect all rounding product for your hair that you should try ASAP!

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