Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy – How Does It Work?

vaccum butt lift therapy

Very often, one factor that discourages people from getting the body they desire is the fear and apprehension of going under the knife. They just don’t want surgery or any other invasive procedures. First, there are the side effects to worry about, coupled with the fact that surgery will most likely leave you with a scar. In recent times, decisions like getting a butt job have become quite easy to make due to the advent and proliferation of numerous non-invasive methods around the world.

Vacuum Butt Therapy is certainly one option that is gaining attention among people seeking a butt lift or some form of body contouring. Perhaps, you’ve read the reviews, heard people talk about it, or maybe even walked past a provider, but you have any questions. Does it work? Is it safe? How much does it cost? Where can I find a certified provider? Let’s just say you’re in luck, as this post was written just for you. One thing is certain; you’ll be better informed if you do decide to go on with it.

What is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum butt therapy is a technique applied to lift the skin, especially the butt using a device equipped with some sort of suction cups. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive massaging therapy touted to offer similar effects as a surgical butt lift would. According to Healthline, the Vacuum therapy first hit the market in the 1970s to treat burn scars but soon evolved in subsequent years to what it is commonly used for today- a non-invasive butt lift procedure. It is also sometimes called depressomassage and vacuotherapy.

There is some evidence that vacuum therapy has also been extensively used to cover up skin ulcers and treat cellulite – using a form known as endermologie– and for several other massaging purposes. There have also been claims of people mimicking a traditional breast lift using the vacuum device.

How does the vacuum butt therapy work?

The vacuum butt lift therapy is based on the suction principle which increases blood flow to the butt area while the ultrasound causes a breakdown of fatty deposits and increased elastin and collagen production. It doesn’t work the same way the conventional Brazilian Butt lift does. The vacuum butt job purportedly tightens and tones your behind without using incisions or requiring the transfer of fat from one part of the body to another- a procedure known as fat grafting.

As a therapy, it has been considered very effective for buttock toning by exfoliating the skin and making it smoother, eliminating water and toxins retention by increasing lymphatic flow, stimulating the skin’s middle layers decreasing cellulite appearance. Downtime is drastically reduced, scarring is erased, and many side effects are eliminated with vacuum butt therapy. However, it will be unrealistic to expect the same kind of results as those you’ll get with surgical procedures that require implants and fat grafting for butt lifting.

Is it permanent?

There is some anecdotal information that, if used, vacuum therapy will yield the desired results over long periods and consistently. But experts like the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery suggest that the results are likely to be minimal and won’t last forever. This means you may need to continue therapy to sustain the effect or watch your skin return to how it was before. 

Is Vacuum butt therapy safe?

The fact that it is non-invasive means you don’t have to worry about the side effects associated with surgery. However, you may experience some post-therapy tightness, slight pain in the area, and mild swelling, which will subside after a short time.

How much does a vacuum butt lift cost?

Like most other things, the cost of vacuum butt therapy largely depends on several factors like location, the provider, and the kind of treatment you desire. On average, a 60-minute session would cost anywhere between $80 and $120 in a standard location.

Where to find a good provider

The multiplication of vacuum butt therapy means that more people now have access. However, it also means there will be more quacks parading themselves as certified providers. That is the keyword- certified. Nonetheless, there are some very qualified centers in the US you may want to try out. Some spa salons, like the Beauty Fix Medical Spa in New York, is one place that comes highly recommended for a vacuum butt therapy. For just $97, BeautyFix promises up to 70% buttock lift for anyone seeking an effective non-surgical way to get their rear properly sculptured.

Be ready to have a nice butt!