Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions

Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions

Getting lash extensions is a commitment, but it is a fun and beauty empowering one. Many women love getting their extensions every month, and they go in for a refill, while others only tend to do them for special events or holidays. Either way, eyelash extensions are a mood-boosting and beauty enhancing option that you should consider for several different reasons.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Extensions

They Will Save You A Lot of Time

Waking up every morning and looking glamorous with minimal effort is possible! When done right, lash extensions can totally cut your morning and makeup routine in half, if not even more. If you are someone who loves to sleep as long as possible since you believe that beauty = sleep, then why not get a set of permanent extensions? You will squeeze in an additional 30 minutes of your beauty sleep, and you will also have a lot faster nighttime routine. No reason to re-wash your face for the fifth time just to remove all of your makeup, and no reason for heavy makeup removers. A bit of an oil-free makeup remover and you are good to go.

Long Lasting

If you are not afraid of a commitment, you should get lash extensions. With proper maintenance, regular refills, and the right esthetician, your extensions can last you for an entire month! Go in for the refill every three weeks, and make sure you always do your extensions at the same salon. The same beauty technician will always know how to deal with your extensions the best, and how to fill up the missing gaps.

Another great thing about your lashes is that they are very sturdy, and they can survive heavy wind, heat, water, sea, beaches, or even heavy makeup on top.

You Will Actually Save Money

This may seem hard to understand and to realize, but lashes do save your money. They might cost a hefty amount when getting them done for the first time (a couple of hundred dollars), but they are at least half the price the time that you go in for a refill.

Besides this, think about all the tools that you will not be needing. Say goodbye to your favorite mascara, your lash curler, fake lashes, lash glue, tweezers, etc. All of these items are not necessary in your bag. Also, makeup-removing wise, you will only need an oil-free makeup remover (which does not cost a lot), and you are set for the entire month.

Perfect for The Gym

Are you someone who works out, or are you into some specific sport? Lash extensions can build you some confidence, boost your ego, and make you look beautiful when you work out. No reason to worry about them falling off either, since they are glued on to your natural lash, so they can’t go anywhere. They are water as well as sweat resistant so you can go in as hard as you please when running that extra mile on the treadmill or lifting weights. Whatever it is that you are doing, know that you will be stress-free since your lashes won’t smudge and smear (like your eyeliner or mascara does), and you can wipe your face with a towel and still have no black residue.

Easy to Wear

Extensions have been around since 1916, and they have been improving texture, type, length, and adhesive wise, only so that you could wear them comfortably. When getting your extensions, make sure you get the right length and volume. Talk this through with your lash lady, and ask her what would work the best on your eye shape and type. Once you sort this out, you will actually see how comfortable and stunning they can be when customized per your lid.

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