Travel Dating: 5 Things I Learned About Love

Falling In Love Travelling

The thing about traveling is that life and places have a way of deconstructing everything you have ever held important in life.

Moving around tends to shift your focus, and it changes your perception of things. You realize how entrapped your view of just about everything is.

Encountering new culture and listening to people talk about what they are passionate about, demolishes our thinking, it changes us.

I have to admit that when I started traveling, all I wanted was to see new places, to see the blinding white walls of Santorini, Greece or visit Colombia.

In my mind, all I needed to know I already knew. My vision is what needed stimulation.

After about a year of visiting new countries, talking with people I never thought I would and seeing life from the light of different nationalities, I have to admit that I changed.

I had to write down what I have learned about travel dating. I had to take note, to pause, and to relive.

1.     Love does not operate within fixed time frames.

Falling in love seconds after meeting someone is possible. It is also possible to realize you love someone when you are no longer with them. Travel opens your eyes to the timelessness of love that you can love someone years after meeting them and still be able to ignite that love a decade later. That within a week, you can love, and you can lose.

2.     Your expectations are the only things standing between you and your happiness.

On the road, you meet people who show you that what you thought was ideal in a man isn’t. You come to terms with the fact that outside of your standards lies love, deeper than you imagined.

3.     Soulmates are a myth

You know the belief that there is only one person who is for you out there? It is not true. You will meet people whose souls will touch yours. You will carry for life some of the people you meet because, even though your destinies are not aligned, your paths were meant to cross.

4.     Que sera sera

Remember the 1997 song by Doris Day? Whatever will be will be. The thing with love is, the flow of love from beginning to end is not in our hands. If love is meant to be, oceans, continents, and railroad hold no power over the power of love.

5.     Love has no boundaries

Love is not under the control of human-made divisions. It occurs in the most unlikely places, finds us when we least expect it, especially when you decide to date while travelling. I once read the story of this couple who fell in love never having met the guy was from Canada and he was online dating Lithuanian woman. And when they met, they could only speak using translators. Love transcends language. In itself, it is the glue that holds all of us together.


Travel transformed my perception of everything especially love. I am not the same. Neither will you be when you open your eyes to everything outside your world. So sum up, travel dating is awesome!

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