9 Fun Things to do in Bed with Your Partner

sexy fun things to do in the bedroom

Are you or your partner tired of the same old bedroom routine?

Now, with or without a routine, you can’t be guaranteed to have spectacular sex nights all the time. You sometimes hit a sexual rut where everyone seems to be getting off. That isn’t a thing to worry you, though, but it comes with the territory. Whether you are having it casual or have already tied the knot, I would naturally assume you want to make your partner happy. So, what a better way than spice up things in your bed?

Bedroom matters can be quite complicated. The stakes are never cut out clearly. Everything considered, you might be doing your ultimate best to have fun, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that your other half sees it that way. Most couples do sex out of routine, and some have even set days of the week when it is routinely possible to do it. Whereas you can be excused because of the alternate nightshifts at your new job, you run the risk of losing the spark in the bedroom.

Sex psychologists assert that whatever you do in bed is always almost certainly the sum of all your sexual premeditations and fantasies. But no matter what your bedroom escapades are, you can’t run out of things to spice up your sex life. From playing games, listening to music, and talking dirty talks to dancing together, read on to explore more on that.

Fetch a feather tickler

Probably want you weren’t thinking, but all you want is fun in your marital bed, right? Go out and get a feather tickler for your partner. A feather tickler is soft and sensual, and you can use it to caress your lover’s skin and entice them by gently rubbing it across their neck or ears. Try this out, and you wouldn’t look back. A feather tickler is a perfect accessory for your sex play.

Play a sex game

Playing sex games in bed with your partner is an excellent shortcut to getting sensual. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary talk about how your day was at work unless you have to. But it is a destruction that will clear your mind of the day’s activities and help you focus.

That said, your bedroom game choices are unlimited. There are hundreds of games designed for couples’ bedrooms. Choices range from Poker for Lovers, Deck of Desire, Sexy Spin the Bottle, etc. You can play whatever you want because you aren’t bound to a specific set of formal games. You can come up with anything fun and thrilling for both of you.

Use Sex toys

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You haven’t deciphered your body entirely if you haven’t tried one of these. Sex toys bring so much intensity into your sex life that you may always want to have them wherever you go. You can buy sex toys online and start pleasuring each other!

Toys will help you to hit those pleasure packed spots on your body that you never knew existed. You can start with vibrators and dildos before going a notch higher. In any case, you will enjoy the journey!

Improve Your Seduction Skills

The art of seduction is quite powerful. It is a weapon that spies and even the FBI use (allegedly for undercover operations). Anyway, whether that’s true or not, seduction can be employed to make things steamier in your bedroom.

Some couples, while removing clothes, drop them there. Where’s the allure? The charm? The attraction? Instead of speedily shedding your garments off, why don’t you, for example, get lingerie?

Even the sound of it is enticing. It sets the mood that creates the appeal for steamy lovemaking. Do you want to take the fun a notch higher? Then get the satin, lace, or silk lingerie now and see what difference it will make.

Use the magic of romantic playlists

You can never go wrong with music. From time immemorial, love has been at the center of most songwriters. Romantic and love songs are a tale of all ages. Regardless of your generation, the ‘80s and ‘90s R&B will please you and your partner.

Personally, Celine Dion, Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men, and some country sounds always have away with me. You can try these;

  • Avant – Lie About Us ft. Nicole Scherzinger
  • Lionel Richie – I Call It Love
  • Shayne Ward – Breathless
  • Westlife – Queen Of My Heart
  • Shania Twain – Forever and for always
  • Calum Scott – You Are The Reason
  • Labrinth – Jealous
  • MAJOR. – Why I Love You
  • Would You Still Love Me? – Brian Nhira
  • Ellie Goulding – Love Me As You Do

Try bondage

Bondage Is Part Of Bdsm

After reading the E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey series, I was convinced that I’ll try at least half of those weird scenes as were presented graphically. Although I remember a little, I know if done with a willing partner who’s ready to push their limits, then it’ll be fun.

Sadly, I chickened out from trying this. Losing control has never been one of my strong suits. However, I exude confidence, and you might enjoy it.

BDSM is murky. We couldn’t cover it now even if we wanted to. But, going into it requires you to have some knowledge of what you’re going to do to each other. For instance, there is the use of safewords in the book. Pictures of the equivalent of the acts as presented in the book are not so pleasant.

However, I hear that if done right, you’ll always want more!

Shelve ‘missionary’ for a start

Sex is an excellent stimulant. It is one of the fun things you can do in bed. Besides, you would be forgiven to argue that it is at the center of marriage life, all factors considered. Many couples tend to gravitate towards the very popular “missionary style” of lovemaking. There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s just that you need a more thrilling adventure. That is why I recommend changing your sex positions and styles.

You might know many but start with the few that you do know. The thing about sex is that it has been written on several times. Therefore, you can get plenty of directions online. Besides, what is Kama Sutra for?

Give each other massage

Take a break from your favorite spa, and trust our partner with your body. Let them pour oil and rub on as you take in every touch and pleasure. Couples tend to use these sessions to learn more about each other’s bodies. The chances of going on to foreplay with confidence are enormous since you know where to touch and how to do it.

Besides, the rubbing and the soothing from oil extracts will help get into the bedroom mood. You will get into lovemaking – something that usually fades as you stay together for long.

I prefer it slow and sensual. Communicate with your partner. Let them know your preferences. Let them study your body. It plays better when it is intriguing.


Say you are a cop, having had just arrested a perpetrator around the corner, you realize that it’s your partner. What do you do? Well, this is a perfect start to roleplaying in the bedroom.

You could be a nurse and recreate all those classic hospital scenarios, a judge, teacher, student, etc.

The bottom line

Your love life needs to be spontaneous. While you aren’t the boss in the house, your partner is not your subject either (only so if playing BDSM). Therefore, your marriage doesn’t have to be like a boring career or your bedroom a prison for both of you.

The situation only changes when you decide to make your relationship steamy as it was in the beginning. You’re allowed to age, but don’t drag your bedroom life into it. If you do, let it be aging like fine wine.