How to Get Someone to Text You Back? 14 Texts that Will Get You a Text Back

Texts that Will Get You a Text Back

After getting the girl’s number and other information, you must be feeling very good. Well, since you already know what to do, you go ahead and draft your text, hit send.

A few minutes later, you get a response that she is excited to hear from you.

Next, you prepare for a date, and you are ready to meet her again. Before you know it, it’s no longer over text, as you end up going on one, two, three, and so on dates.

This is what every man wants from texting. Even though you have some fun while texting her, the objective is to meet her.

It feels better when you sit next to her, touch her, and feel the magic in her voice.

And this what I want to show you in this ‘how to text guide.’ Not many of us know how to get there, so we need help, even just to start a conversation.

This guide aims not only to help you know what to text but also to understand the psychology behind these texts. Once you have tried them out and they work, you can use them on any girl, and they will not fail you.

What you need to know about texting

Before we look at the texts, we should establish some rules.

First, understand that you are texting her because you want to meet in person later. No one wants to keep chatting via text for a long time unless you live in different states.

Second, your texts need to be brief and cover the most important things. If you have even written a job application later, you understand how important it is to keep to the point. You should already know what are the most important topics to talk about, and hence, it should not be hard from here.

Third, understand that long conversations never work well over text. You should strive to meet her in person to talk about all the exciting stuff you may have thought about.

Fourth, know the right traits to portray over text. Show confidence and social savvy. You will ruin a perfect moment if you try hard to impress with traits like sexiness or niceness. They are good, but not at this time. The last thing you want is to stray away from your main goal.

Here are 14 texts that will get you a text back.

The first text after getting her number

The first text you send the girl is called the icebreaker. It seems easy, but many people don’t get a reply because they don’t know how to frame it.

However, you should not be anxious when someone doesn’t reply to your first text. You want to get her comfortable chatting via text.

Remember that it’s critical to send this message as soon as you get the number. Waiting too long may feel awkward in the end, which is not something you want to have happen to you at this time.

There are three important things to remember for this text:

  1. It would help if you kept it short and cheerful
  2. Avoid asking questions in this first text
  3. Most importantly, do not forget to include your name

You can send something like this.

1. Nice to have met you today. Peter. Or, just state: Hey there, it’s Peter. Save my contact.

These texts are simple. Don’t worry if she does not respond; you are only seeking to break the ice and make her feel comfortable.

And if she is happy enough to respond, you don’t need to respond either.

Consider a response such as “glad to meet you too” as her simply being polite.

However, there are some situations where you will have to follow-up your first text with another response.

If she responds attractively, asks a question, or you have already talked earlier in the day, then you should continue the conversation.

“I can’t wait to meet you again.” This text means she is happy with the previous encounter, and you should keep things warm.

2. So, when are you done with your errands?

In this case, the lady has expressed a lot of excitement and shows she is ready for the next step. She has shown all the signs that she has enjoyed meeting you and would like to see you again.

But you need to understand exactly why she responded like this. It could be that she is just being polite. Asking her when she is done with errands allows you to check her schedule. You can then plan for the meeting based on how she responds.

Conversation starters

Now that you have gotten her attention it’s time for a conversation starter.

Note that these are texts you want to send the same day after meeting. Based on how she responds to the first text, you already know what to tell her next.

3. I saw the new picture you uploaded. Looking good as usual

Social media has made things much easier for most of us. This text will show that you are really interested in her and that you care.

However, make sure that you have seen a photo she has actually posted. Do not just assume that she did. A flirty compliment is always a good way to attract a response.

She might want to thank you for the compliment, which always starts a good conversation. It is all about knowing her on a personal level.

4. There is so much I have to finish, but thinking about you is distracting me.

We know you are not busy. But then, every woman wants to be treated in a special way. Telling her that you can put aside your busy schedule for her will show her how much you love and care about her.

And since you are looking to start a conversation, it’s always good to show her that she will always come first once you start dating.

She may respond with great excitement if she really wants to take this to the next level. If you get something like ‘wow, really?’, you should know she is looking for more.

Or perhaps she will send you a ‘thank you message,’ and that is it.

Whatever the case, you should be ready with your next line. It’s always good to anticipate what she is going to say next.

5. Last night was incredible. I can’t wait to do this again.

This is the text you send the day after seeing her. It’s not a good idea to meet her somewhere and then wait too long before sending her a message.

You can send this message first thing the next morning. It shows that you care a lot about the time you had together.

Texting is always one of the best ways to start a relationship. Whether you are doing it through social media or directly on her phone number, you want to keep the conversation going for as long as possible.

Women love to feel important. It is their role to receive love, so you should not wait until she sends the first message.

Expect to get a response like, ‘I enjoyed it too. And I hope to see you soon too.’

At this time, you should know she is telling you to make plans for the next day.

6. I like you a lot. What do you think about that?

Questions are the best conversation starters. A good question compels an answer, and you will always get one from her.

Sometimes it is good to be direct when being flirty.

This text will always go well with girls unless she is not well upstairs. It shows that you are charming, and you don’t beat around the bush.

Also, you should anticipate her reaction. The main aim of this question is not just to flirt, but you want to know her reaction as well. You will learn a lot about her character and whether she is into you or not.

Besides, we said from the beginning that you are texting not just so you can continue conversing over the phone, but in order to arrange and obtain a date with her.

7. My cat misses you a lot; she wants you?

A lot of women love pets. And from your previous conversations or what you may have learned about her, she could be crazy about pets. Just make sure she is comfortable around cats.

But do not make the mistake of sending this message unless you really have a cat. It will paint a very bad picture of you if she finds out you don’t have the pet you are talking about.

The last thing you want is your girl thinking you are a liar and a cheater. She may even start avoiding you.

You want to start a conversation, but don’t be too fast to make mistakes from the first lines.

8. Are you available to grab a bite/drink again?

Well, the first date is only the beginning of an exciting journey. And you want to keep things heated up, letting her know at every moment that you enjoy being around her.

With this question, you are looking to tap into her schedule and know if she is busy or not. Remember not to include the time of day first because she will think you don’t value what she does.

The best response you can get from this is, ‘Wow! Sure, when do you propose we do it?’

Take this chance to suggest a date while making it look like she is the one who suggested. In other words, find out when she is free and use that to set your date in gear.

This text should also be sent a day or two after you went on a great date. Waiting too long may make her think you did not enjoy your date, and put her off.

This text is a perfect way to kickstart a conversation. You can always find other great ideas to spice up the conversation:

9. Are you ready to be surprised?

This is a great question to start a conversation. But it would be best if you were careful not to give the wrong impression.

Also, this question raises impressions. Therefore, have something you know she will love planned before you ask.

For instance, you can find out the type of movie she likes and perhaps has not seen for a long time. Or if her favorite artist is coming into town and she does not know that you have the tickets.

Expect to get a very excited response. And if you are there to impress, this should be a good opportunity for you.

Other texts that can get you a response immediately

Now that you have started the conversation, it’s time to serious. These next texts are short and to the point, allowing you to tell her what you feel.

10. You are the girl of my dreams.

Every girl loves knowing that there is someone thinking about them. This is a text you don’t send too soon. Give it a month or so into dating, and then remind her why you approached her in the first place.

11. Are you already taken?

This is a good text to send a girl if you want to know whether she is single. But you need to be very careful about how you ask because some girls interpret it differently.

However, if the conversation kicks up, you will enjoy the conversation.

12. Can I tell you something I have never told anyone before?

This simple and short text will get you a response immediately. Be sure to have a secret you are willing to share, and one that will impress her.

13. I feel so good around you

As said earlier, women love feeling special and that they matter. Send this text to book for your next date.

14. Hi Cynthia… last night was great, I hope you are ok today.

This is a text you send after sex. The aim here is to check up on her and not let it feel as though you were running away. You can never miss a response here.

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