Tinder in Columbia: Useful For Dating or Not?

using tinder in colombia

So, you are interested in dating Colombian singles?

Well you, my friend, have fantastic taste!

After all, Colombian singles are known for their perfect combination of attractiveness, intelligence and fun personalities.

But when it comes to online dating apps, is Tinder a good option when dating in Colombia?

Let’s take a closer look at Tinder in Colombia!

The online dating scene in Colombia

Gone are the days where you had to jump through hoops to find your perfect match. For example, merely decades ago, people had to either travel to Colombia to meet potential partners or use mail order bride services.

In modern times, your Latino bae is just one click or swipe away!

The online dating scene is pretty vibrant in Colombia, with thousands of singles on several different platforms.

If you are serious about finding love from this beautiful South American country, then online dating is your best chance of happiness.

Does Tinder work in Colombia?

You hang out in a bar or night club Bogota to meet sexy Colombian women, or just use Tinder!

Tinder is undoubtedly one of the most popular mainstream dating platforms in the world with tons of users from every continent. No wonder then that most people interested in Colombian lovers turn to this app to find new connections.

We agree – as a general dating site, Tinder is pretty handy as it has millions of users from all over the world. But despite that fact, it does not hold up as a niche dating platform.


Because of the limitations in terms of filter options as well as the location range from which you get to view singles.

The limitations mean you will have to either sift through hundreds of profiles to find the one or two Colombians in your area, or pay between $10-$15 per month for a premium package to expand your geographical options.

Using Tinder may also not work that well because the platform is not as popular in Central and South America as it is in Western countries.

And it’s definitely not as popular as specific niche sites that cater to the needs of the international Latino dating scene.

Unfortunately, even if you pay to expand your geographical search limits, you may not get that many matches.

So, what are your other options?

Try a dedicated Latin dating site like AmoLatina.com instead!

What is AmoLatina?

Amolatina Review

AmoLatina.com is a niche site that helps singles from all over the world meet and build relationships with singles from Central and South America.

AmoLatina is one of the oldest niche dating sites having started in 1993 and has since grown to hundreds of thousands of users from more than 30 countries.

If you want to find your prince or princess charming from Colombia, then this is the site for you!

You have the ability to filter not only by region but also by age and other personal preferences ensuring that you get the very best chance at finding a perfect match.

It is also one of the most popular dating sites for locals in the country and Latin America in general, so there will be no shortage of options from the large volume of singles!

Why do niche sites work better?

So, are niche sites really better than a popular platform like Tinder?

The answer is a loud and clear yes. Niche dating sites are your best chance at finding love in countries like Colombia! Read this article to increase your chances at getting a Colombian girlfriend.

If you are still not convinced, here are some benefits of using specialized Latin dating sites like AmoLatina.com.

More specific

You do not have to sift through a sea of members for the occasional Colombian single on the mainstream site. With a niche dating site, all you have to do is set your specific preferences and you will have your Colombian dream girl or fantasy stud in no time!

Wide regional variety

While sites like AmoLatina do serve a niche group, they also offer a lot of variety within the region. On the platform, you can meet gorgeous city girls from Medellin or Cali or more rural exotic beauties from the inland.

Services to make dating easier

Niche dating services are built specifically to facilitate long-distance dating between international lovers. They do so much more than just bring you together. AmoLatina, for example, offers services to help you cultivate your relationship including video calling and gift delivery services.

Wrapping it up

While Tinder is a popular dating app, it doesn’t work that great in Colombia:

  • For one, you’d have to pay for a premium package to browse singles before you land in the country.
  • Secondly, most singles in Colombia prefer local dating sites, so there aren’t many matches available.

If you’re looking to meet people from specific nationalities, you are better off with niche dating platforms like AmoLatina.com. Travel dating is great so grab your backpack and let’s go!

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