How to Choose the Best CrossFit Shoes for Women

how to choose shoes for crossfit

Even without knowing so much about sports, it is utterly obvious to everyone that different sports require different shoes. You cannot show up on a football field in basketball shoes or vice versa. Games aside, even in our day to day lives, we have different shoe types for various life events.

CrossFit is no exception from other sports. For CrossFit, you will have to have shoes that are perfectly balanced to allow proper and even weight distribution as well as stability. The kind of shoe you choose for your CrossFit should also have a firm grip. The grip quality is important because in most cases CrossFit entails weight lifting hence sliding is prevented.

What is CrossFit anyway?

best shoe for CrossFit

Probably, some of you are reading this and scratching your head trying to figure out what CrossFit is. CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates various elements of several types of exercises and sports.

It is a concept by Greg Glassman entailing multiple functional movements in high intensity. These actions frequently represent the best aspects of such activities as running, gymnastics, and weightlifting for muscle gains among much more.

What are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best CrossFit Shoe?

From my introduction, it is pretty evident that the best shoe for CrossFit should have particular features to yield maximum efficiency.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

1. Shock Absorption

It is solely dependent on the type of CrossFit training you are planning to engage in:

For instance, if you are looking to focus on a CrossFit practice that is more inclined on weightlifting on a routine basis, you will need a shoe that does not absorb too much shock. It is because too much shock absorption will eat into your lifting power.

On the other hand, if your CrossFit routine involves engaging in a lot of running, you will need a CrossFit shoe capable of absorbing lots of shocks to ensure that your feet do not get hurt in the process.

2. Arch & Heel Support

Before purchasing any CrossFit shoe, arch and heel support are a significant factor to consider. The best shoe for CrossFit exercises should be able to support your heel and arch. It is an important factor for both Cardio inclined CrossFit exercises as well as weightlifting and especially, running. If you run a long distance in your routine, you want an assurance that your heels and arches are well supported to help avoid pain.

3. Material

The material your desired pair of CrossFit shoe is made of also matters. Firstly, the material should be hypoallergenic to prevent reactions you may not know you ever had as well as the ones you already know about. Aside from that, always go for the shoe pairs that have some form of TPU or Kevlar infused tops.

4. Stable Base

The other crucial factor to look into before purchasing a pair of CrossFit shoes is whether the pair has a solid sole or base. It is especially essential for anyone looking to focus on weightlifting oriented CrossFit training. You will require a firm, reliable and hard base that will transfer as much force as possible into your weightlifting exercises rather than a pair that will eat into the power.

5. Snug Fit

Counter checking whether your CrossFit shoe pair has a snug fit is another step that you should not overlook. The preferred CrossFit shoe pair should be able to provide you with a snug fit or instead should fit you perfectly. The last thing you need when in a CrossFit session is having your feet slide and slip inside your shoes because they do not fit correctly. Avoid this to keep blisters and injuries at bay and also for the sake of your comfort during your sessions.

6. Breathable and Lightweight

The issue of breathability and whether the shoe is lightweight are important things to consider before settling for a pair of CrossFit shoes.

As far as CrossFit exercise is concerned, you will need shoes that a breathable so that there can be airflow in the shoes. It will significantly reduce the possibilities of over sweating and overheating hence zero chances of developing blisters.

On that same note, you will need a pair of shoes that are lightweight. When exercising, heavy shoes will just eat into your energy making you less efficient and active. Since sweating is unavoidable, you should also opt for CrossFit shoes that are odor resistant to avoid having stinking shoes.

7. Durability

Buying CrossFit shoes is not a cheap venture. You will have to part a considerable amount of money to acquire a pair. With all the benefits it comes with, it is a good investment for your money. You, however, do not want to keep buying pair after pair on a monthly basis, you should, therefore, buy a pair that is durable judging from the material, quality, and the make.

8. Comfort

Comfort is a relative term since it all depends on your personal preference. The shoe can have all these other factors, but if it is not comfortable, it is not going to work. Go for a shoe that fits you well in length and width. Comfort is paramount and should not be overlooked for some other factors.

In Summary

Having these factors in the back of your mind before you purchase a pair of CrossFit shoes will ensure you get a shoe that will serve you in all aspects. Such things as shoes depend solely on personal preference. Therefore, you must not be lured into thinking that what works for your CrossFit mate will work for you.