5 Best Heavy Bag Workouts for Power and Speed

5 Best Heavy Bag Workouts for Power and Speed

Boxing is one of the most widely recognized combat-based games in the mainstream media right now. There are so many movies on the life of real-life boxers and so many fictional boxing movies as well. Previously boxers were seen as someone violent rather than deviant. However, now the perception is changing with every passing day and we are leading towards a more accepting society. People are now willing to help their kids get into the boxing business and there are so many gyms and institutes that are helping kids to learn boxing at a very young age. According to recent research, kids who start boxing have a better social life. They are mentally stronger and physically fit as well.

How You Can Work On Your Boxing Training?

How You Can Work On Your Boxing Training

If we look at boxing technically, it is all about power, technique, and execution. Where most people think boxing is all about punches, experts say it is much more than that. You need to balance your body and you also need to focus on your footwork. The way you shuffle your body weight and balance yourself is very important. If we divide the overall training process, we can simply start with the technique and skill-based learning.

This is the phase where you learn how you will work on your wrist power along with the punches. The second phase is to learn combinations which means you need to learn different types of punches and how you can arrange these punches for better execution of your power. The third and most important part is to work on your power and speed. If you are on the third and most important part, we are expecting that you are already a pro. With the help of this heavy bag workout, you will be able to see improvement in the way you handle your wrists. You will also be able to see a change in the way you respond to the attack. Your response time will also improve and you will be able to know how to tackle the situation.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail the reason you need to work on your speed and power. To help you train for improvement in speed and power, we have also suggested a few exercises that you can use for better results.

Simple and Easy Heavy Bag Workouts to Help You with Power and Speed

Simple and Easy Heavy Bag Workouts to Help You with Power and Speed

There are so many different heavy bag workouts that you can use however, we have designed some of the most effective workouts that you can simply follow.

Rapid Session

A rapid session is for speed improvement. You need someone to hold the bag and yell the cue. Once you have the cue do an extreme rapid session with full speed and full power.

Power Session

Power session is an incredible way of helping you know how you will be using your punch and how well you will be able to use your power. Start by punching the bag with full power and try to move it toward another side. Most people set the goal of a wall and try to swing the bag toward the wall.


For the freestyle, you need to complete a simple three minutes punching session as you shuffle on your feet. The main goal is to punch with full power without stooping and shifting the body weight continuously.

Merry Go Round

This is the simple heavy bag workout where you will be punching the bag but you need to keep moving. You cannot stay at one place or one angle because you want full control. Most people get tired and give up but this is a great workout for power and endurance building.


Within this heavy bag workout session, you need to start by punching for two minutes and then take a rest for a few seconds. Now change your angle and the punching combination that you have been practicing and go again for two minutes straight. Make sure you are doing this with full power.

Why Do You Need Heavy Bag Workouts For Boxing?

Why Do You Need Heavy Bag Workouts For Boxing

Most people think that simple bag work and shadowboxing is enough, however, others suggest that with a heavy bag workout, you might not be able to work properly. It all comes down to the way you handle your body and use it against your opponents. With the help of a heavy bag, you will be able to attack the opponent with full power. Some of the main benefits of a heavy bag workout include:

  • A heavy bag workout helps in improving the boxing technique by helping you learn how to attack something heavy.
  • The heavy bag helps in improving the body strength and power
  • A heavy bag workout is especially helpful in improving the endurance of the body.
  • With the help of a heavy bag workout, you will be able to improve balance in your body.
  • A heavy bag workout is good for body coordination and stability as well
  • A heavy bag workout helps with getting into boxing shape and it is best for reducing stress.

How to Divide Your Workout Plan?

Most people jump straight into the workout which makes them prone to make mistakes. Apart from this, it can cause injury and in the worst case scenario, it can cause some serious damage. To sum it all up, you need to divide your workout into smaller parts so you can work out effectively.


Start with a simple warm-up, within this workout your main goal will be to help your body get used to the heartbeat and get the blood rushing. This will reduce the chance of injury and also helps you to get started with your workout. This is best for reducing the chance of injury as well

Wrap Up

Now after the warm-up, you need to start working on the wrap session. This will help you settle the fist and how you can execute the punch. You need to make sure that you are binding your hand properly so that you cannot have any injury.

Get It Ready

Now that you are down with the basic wrap session, now you can get ready for the real game. Most people do not understand this but this is the actual session that will get pretty intense. You can mark the time or follow the instruction through some video it all comes down to the way you want to handle your workout

Cool Down

After a complete workout, you need to sit down and let your body cool down. You will feel intense heat so you need to use that energy and start with some muscle relaxation. This is especially good for calming the nerves.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is not just about the punches it is also more than that. Even if you look at the exercises, you will see that most exercises are full body.

You need to work on your footwork, your posture, as well as your skill development, sticking to the same technique in all fights is also not recommended because it makes you predictable. With predictability, you will become vulnerable, and eventually, this will affect your game.

There are so many exercises for strategy making and these exercises will also help you to work on other details of your body. You need to improve your weight handling and balancing because most people are unable to balance their weight and eventually they end up getting knocked out easily.