How to Improve Your Bond with Your Child through Wrestling?

How to Improve Your Bond with Your Child through Wrestling

Wrestling and kids do not go hand in hand in the same sentence. Most people when thinking of wrestling and kids together, always think of a deviant child. This is because wrestling is known to be a sport that mainly makes people violent and aggressive. However, there is multiple research-based evidence that concludes that wrestling is much more than that. People usually put MMA on a pedestal because they think it makes skids disciplined, however they think wrestling is just some violent game that will make you lose your mind or it will result in the form of injury. On the contrary, wrestling needs as much exercise and workout as any other form of a combat-based game.

Multiple researchers explain the importance of wrestling for kids. Wrestling is usually used as a substitute for exercises. With more and more technology interaction, kids have more screen time and less time for physical activity. This as a result is causing major drawbacks for kids. There is so much reach based evidence that addresses the issue of physical activity. According to a recent study by Harvard health, it was concluded that kids who do not perform any kind of physical activity do not perform well in their schools.

With the help of this article, we will try to elaborate on the relationship of kids’ health and their performance at school with the overall physical activity and specifically with wrestling. We will also talk about how wrestling can help you bond with your child and how you can become a better parent by using wrestling as a learning and teaching tool.

How Wrestling and Physical Health Are Linked?

How Wrestling and Physical Health Are Linked

Our physical health is maintained through three main things. Focusing on all three aspects is equally important, you need to work on the diet, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle. If you miss even one aspect your physical health will be affected. Most people do not have enough time to exercise. Most kids like to play games and others like to cycle but with technology, this has changed completely. Now kids are more concerned about other things. As a result, learning combat games seems to be the right option. Kids usually like combat-based games because they relate them to superheroes.

Another important thing is that combat-based games help you use your body in the best possible way. You are learning a new skill and you are also learning about how you can balance your body and control your emotions. With the help of wrestling, you will be able to see that your kid has more command over his emotions which is a very positive sign. Most people will link it with maturity. Apart from this, wrestling is linked with effective physical activity that helps with burning calories, maintaining blood sugar levels, and boosting mood. Apart from this, it also helps with getting rid of anger, frustration, and stress. As the blood circulation improves, you will also see that the healing process speeds up and this eventually helps with the skin issue in teens.

How Learning Wrestling Will Help You Bond?

  • Most people think that you can let your child learn the combat game and you will just be there for the moral support, however, contrary to the common belief it is much better if you join the class with him. Most people do not have enough time for physical activity or exercise which is the reason they get ill very easily. If you join the wrestling class with your child you will be able to spend more and quality time with your child.
  • Apart from this, you will be able to observe your child closely. This means you will be able to support his strengths and weaknesses and evaluate if he gets confused when he is unable to learn or if he is strong enough to understand the situation.
  • Vulnerability is one thing that brings people emotionally close. Most kids never see their parents in emotionally vulnerable spaces. When you learn something and you find it hard, that’s when you become vulnerable the most. While learning new skills your child will be able to see you emotionally connected.
  • Another important thing is reliability. Most kids only find the generation gap and they never feel that their parents will be able to understand what they are going through. With the help of learning skills, you will be able to depict a picture that they will find relatable and they will depend on you for advice and share things with you as well.

How You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Limited Wrestling Class Time With Your Kid?

How You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Limited Wrestling Class Time With Your Kid

Most of the training-based camps only offer 45 minutes to one-hour classes. According to the standard frequency, your body needs around 2-3 days to heal which leaves you with just 3-4 days of extreme practice. Although for someone who has a full-time job, getting started on a completely new skill is pretty hard already and so they find one hour enough for 3 days. However, if you want to make sure that you are making the most out of that limited time, you can use other fun activities as well.

You can start with the pre-class prep. Within that, you need to pack the training class bag for yourself and your child. This will help you know about his choices, what he likes to have and what he doesn’t eat. You can use alternative gym bag preparation where you can do it one day and let him handle the bag for the next class.

Get a simple question ritual as a game. This will help you get to know your kid about his friends, what he did in school that day or who his best friend is. These simple details will give you more time with your kid next time you try to reach out to him in his vulnerable times.

Keep an eye on your child and learn his expression of sadness and happiness. Most kids crave to touch. Others like to be aggressive when they get happy. With matches and fights try to learn the happy and sad expressions of your child. This will help you read between the lines in the actual day-to-day activities as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the human body is designed to have more food that has fewer calories that is how most of the food we eat is designed.

However, with the change in science and the industrial revolution, people started making food that has more calories and less nutrition. Eventually, everything that we eat makes us bulky and fat.

To normalize this we need to work extra hard so we can burn all the extra calories. Most people fail at this because they are either too lazy or they do not find the opportunity to work out. With kids, things are pretty different. You can use the same learning time to bond with them. You will learn how your child gets vulnerable when he gives up and how he tries to lean on you for help when he is struggling.

Most parents leave their kids to fend for themselves because they think this will make them emotionally strong. On the contrary, this makes kids cold and distant. If you put your child and yourself in the same cycle you will be able to learn the same skill which means you will be in the same phase of life as your kids and this will help you spend more time and relate with each other.