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As we all know, resistance training revolves around the science of muscles. Whether your personal goals lie in gaining in strength, increasing your muscle mass, or in toning up and cutting down on body fat; whether you want to look good and feel good or gain an edge in sports, the basic concepts involved are the same across the board. Proper resistance training will include exhausting your muscle fibers, feeding them the necessary nutrients to fuel growth and giving them enough rest to avoid overexertion. But if you want to complete this cycle efficiently, you must always be looking for new and better ways to achieve those goals.

On your journey through the science of muscle growth, you’ve probably heard technical terms such as flexion, abduction, circumduction, isometric, etc. These complicated terms refer to notions and fundamental actions for any training program.

When performing a resistance training exercise, we can effortlessly distinguish two phases of movement: concentric or positive phase, where the muscle shortens when contracting and eccentric or negative phase, where the muscle is lengthening during the contraction.

Although in both phases the muscle is contracting, they are contractions with different effects. The main difference is that the eccentric contraction possesses a lower metabolic demand and while it can effectively contribute to muscle hypertrophy it also causes higher muscle fiber damage, and so eccentric exercises are capable of generating considerable pain and discomfort post workout.

Concentric exercises can, on the other hand, provide great benefits while requiring less from your body. Studies have shown again and again that concentric contractions can greatly enhance the rate at which you gain strength. Also, because of the prevalence of concentric contractions in natural human movement, a concentric exercise routine will translate to a tangible benefit in your capacity to perform everyday tasks outside of the gym like picking up your baby or lifting heavy grocery bags. Another fantastic advantage of concentric routines is that they provide a quantifiable benefit to your cardiovascular system by rapidly increasing your heart rate during your workout.

With concentric only training you will rapidly notice increases in the frequency, volume, and intensity of your workout, and thus see faster results. So if you are looking for a product that can revolutionize your training routine and empower you to reach your goals faster; a product that is compact without any restrictions no matter your fitness level, look no further than mGYm.


mGym is the world’s first SMART, complete portable trainer. Developed by a team of passionate individuals whose sole goal was to revolutionize the field, mGym combines the complete knowledge of the fitness world with mechanic and electronic expertise.

mGym provides you with an all in one product. This trainer offers you a full range of variable resistance which allows you to quickly and thoroughly work out all your main muscle groups. And at less than 20 pounds it is compact and portable enough to carry it everywhere you go.

mGym is the world’s first SMART trainer. Through their custom app, mGym will communicate with your cell phone or tablet and let you control and custom tailor your routine. You can easily and effortlessly create your own training routine or choose one from a list of preconfigured training programs. mGym even has automatic weight adjustment between workouts so that you can save as much time as possible. You will never have to add plates or fight for dumbbells again.

Because mGym is a concentric-only trainer resistance will be applied only when you pull the bar. No force is required in the rewind phase. You will reap the all the benefits of a concentric routine without suffering the damages associated with eccentric workouts.  Save yourself time, effort and pain. Become empowered with mGym.

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  1. Great article. I love positive training. It let me train 5 To 7 days a week because I’m avoiding negative flex. My muscles are gaining strenght with so much less post workout pain.

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