How Have You Been Keeping Fit in the Pandemic?

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The global pandemic has turned our lives upside down, with governments around the world asking us to stay at home as much as possible and only go out when it is necessary to do so. Since March, almost every country has been observing social distancing guidelines with anywhere between one and two metres between each person not in the same household.

As we have been trying to keep our mental health intact as we have been forced to seek new ways to stay in touch with loved ones as we have not been able to be with them in person (at least not with the same closeness as we would like), we have also been trying to look after our physical health. Having been asked to limit the time we spend outside the home, along with gym and sports settings forced to close, that has severely limited the options we have to work up a sweat.

With that being said, online purchases of gym equipment such as weights and cardio machines, along with searches for home workouts for women, have increased exponentially. Keeping fit at home has become the new normal for many who would otherwise have preferred going to the gym or taking part in fitness classes alongside like-minded people. With that currently out of the question, turning the home into a fitness area has been the only solution.

Working on Those Gains in Lockdown


For many, one of the biggest concerns from a fitness perspective was how they were going to maintain muscle mass without access to the gym and the range of equipment that is inside of it. Not everyone has the room and/or budget to invest in commercial-standard gym equipment, with top of the range weights costing upwards of a few grand. When you consider that, the monthly membership fee seems somewhat nominal in comparison.

Without the usual equipment to hand, it is still possible to work all your muscles. You don’t need any equipment at all for a complete full-body workout, with many workout routines readily available that utilise the weight of your own body.

Simple exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups and planks, especially when woven together into a HIIT workout, are fantastic for building and toning muscle. Added together with a healthy diet with plenty of protein (that means you can still take the same supplemental shakes without any guilt), you will still be able to get those gains without stepping foot in a gym.

Burning Fat Without the Gym

If your goal isn’t to build and/or tone muscles, at least not right now, you will likely have your sights set on losing weight. Burning fat is easier than building muscle without the usual gym equipment to hand, although there is still a place for strength-training as part of your workout regime as the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

Of course, if you want to burn fat then cardio is your friend. The easiest form of cardio is running, as all that you require are a decent pair of running trainers, a comfortable kit and, depending on personal preference, access to your favourite playlist to keep motivation high. If running isn’t your thing, then there are other cardio options available such as cycling, rowing and even just walking.

We have already mentioned HIIT workouts once in this post, but a 20-minute burst can help to burn more calories than a 60-minute workout at a constant pace. If a long workout something that you struggle to fit into your day, a HIIT workout that you can do either first thing in the morning, last thing before bed or on your lunch break will help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Whether you have been following a workout regime during the pandemic, or you are seeking inspiration for one, we wish you the very best as you look to achieve your fitness goal and, above all else, please stay safe.

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