What Kind of Exercises Help Men to Shape Their Body?

What Kind of Exercises Help Men to Shape Their Body

Exercise is good for health, that is the reason most people try to exercise for at least a few minutes a day. However, we can all agree that goals are pretty different for both genders. Most women want to just lose weight and get a flat belly. However, men want to get muscular which means more protein-based food and more exercise. There is no doubt that men have to work out much more because they need a well-defined body. For women, just a flat belly and less fat content in the body is enough. From detox diet to extreme protein diet, men have to do everything to support their intense workout plan. Starting from broad shoulders to tight abs and muscular biceps, you need to work on every muscle group.

Most men find it very hard to squeeze in the workout plan in their hectic routine. Apart from this, their workout usually consists of heavy weight lifting sessions. With weight lifting you need to have a workout plan that keeps your body symmetrical as well. In most cases, when people try to work out without a proper trainer they end up getting injured or pulling a muscle. In short, with men, there is no shortcut like fasting or crash diet that can get them their desired body. It is all about more food and more exercise. Both diet and workout require a lot of passion and if you do not work hard enough you will feel the effect on your body as well.

With the help of this article, we will talk about the way exercise affects our body. We will talk about some benefits and then a simple workout routine that you can follow at your home. This workout doesn’t require any weight or any machines so you do not have to invest in gym equipment or gym gear.

How Exercise Works and Why Goal Is Important?

We have seen people question the idea of exercise and how using one body part can simply help you lose fat in your body. The idea is that everything that we eat has to be used by our bodies. However, if we eat too much, it gets stored in our bodies in the form of fat. Over time when the body doesn’t have enough to use, it reaches out and burns the fat to fuel the body. As a result, you lose weight and start to get slim.

Goal setting is a very important part of the exercise. Without goal setting, you will keep losing junk calories without any extra effect on the body. For goal setting, you need to know what kind of exercise you want and muscle group that you want to work on. Most people just want to burn fat which means slow pace exercise where others want to work on one specific muscle group, for instance, abdominal muscles, arms, legs, shoulders, etc. once you decide what your target is, try to make your workout plan accordingly.

Simple Exercises That Will Help You Shape Your Body


Crunches are very good for abdominal muscles. You will start with sitting right up while you keep your knee bent and then fix your hands by the nape of your neck. Now try to lift your head and sit right up. Do not touch your feet on the ground, keep them hovering in the air. Make sure you are not yanking your neck when you sit up because this will eventually cause pain in your neck muscles. The main target of this exercise is the abs muscle so you will have to keep your core tight while you exercise.


man squats

Squats are great for your hips. They will help you get rid of the saggy and flat bottom. The best thing is that it is a functional exercise and you are not technically learning a new skill. Instead, you are polishing a skill that you already have. Start with standing up and keeping your legs apart. Now try to sit down on an invisible chair while your legs hold your weight completely. Your main focus needs to be on your legs, especially your hamstring.


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Running is a full-body workout that will help you burn all the extra fat in your body. The best thing about running is that you can easily customize it according to your need. If you want to burn fat, you need to run at a low pace for a long time. However, if you just want to train a muscle, you need to make the workout more intense with less time. Another important thing is that running is an extremely functional exercise that improves your stamina and endurance.


Plank is another exercise for abdominal muscles. You just need to get into a push-up position and then hold this position for at least a few minutes. Your main goal will be to balance your body so stay on your tiptoes and elbows. The best thing about plank is that it helps you improve your posture as well. While performing plank, keep your back straight and try to keep your core tight. Do not bend your neck and maintain your weight for as long as you can.

Rope Skipping

rope skipping

Rope skipping is a very good exercise that helps you involve your whole body. As you move your feet along with your arms, you will realize that your body is automatically getting in sync with the mind. If we look at the effectiveness, we can easily see that rope skipping is an exceptional exercise for weight loss.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is another full-body exercise that focuses mainly on your legs and arms. You need to start with an “I” position where you hold your hands by your side and there is no distance between your legs and feet. Now you aim to jump and then open your arms and legs at the same time. This helps in weight loss and burning extra calories.

Side Planks

One of the biggest issues as a man is to get rid of nasty love handles that start hanging every time you put on a belt. One of the best ways to get rid of it is to perform a side plank. This is a type of plank where you hold your body weight on your side leg and arm. This only involves one leg and one arm so you will have to work on the other side as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to find a balance between your diet and your energy exertion. Most people do not follow a proper diet and keep eating high-calorie food. In that case, you need to work out for hours so that you can get rid of the fat and convert the calories into muscle. Another very important thing is that if you have body fat, your body will become saggy and lose its shape. For getting your body in a good shape, start by working on getting rid of fat. Once your fat ratio decreases then work on the muscle development. Apart from this, try to get a balanced diet because you do not want to risk your health and body strength. Cutting calories means that your body is going to start using the stored food. It will start with the fat and then move toward muscle and bones. Make sure that you are taking enough calcium that your body doesn’t have to get the calcium supply for the bones.