8 Tips for an Amazing Camping Trip this Summer

camping trip

Summertime is one of the best times to take a break from the stress of work and go on a camping trip.  Being in the outdoor environment refreshes and reenergizes the body.

But if poorly planned, a camping trip can turn out to be a whole nightmare. So here are the crucial tips on how to have the successful camping trip;

1. Locate your Camping Site Well Ahead of Time

A successful camping trip all begins with identifying the right campsite.  Take a tour and survey the prime locations you have in mind. Compare the sites and identify the right spot where you can erect a tent. If it is a highly competitive area, then you can pay the booking fee and secure your location.

That way you will avoid the last minute rush and panic.

2. Write Down the Requirements you Will Need for the Camping Trip

Having identified your camping location, next is finding out the crucial items you will need. For example, pick a tent that will happily house all the campers.

Don’t forget to pack a set of cooking pots, waterproof fly for your tent and a raincoat. Making a checklist of the essential camping gears ensures that you don’t leave anything behind.

3. If Possible, Go Camping on Week Days

The purpose of camping is to take a break and enjoy the peaceful environment. Many people are looking forward to camping on summer weekends. Thus, if your work schedule permits planning your camping on weekdays will see you avoid overcrowding.

4. Plan your Meals Ahead of Time

Even when you are out camping, you don’t have to compromise on taking tasty meals. So take time and identify the easy to prepare meals while camping.

Do you like taking hot dogs, baked beans packed in cans or scrambled eggs? Whatever your favorite camp food is, make up for it in advance. You can borrow ideas from campsite food recipe books and websites.

If you find it hard to carry baked foods, how about packing the portable fridge to make your work even easier?  That way storing cooked foods and keeping the veggies fresh won’t be a problem.

5. Pack Some Extra Padding

Without a good night sleep and great meals, outdoor camping won’t be enjoyable. So make sure to carry along extra padding to guarantee you a good night rest. You can carry an inflatable mattress or any other comfortable sleeping pad.

6. Don’t Forget the Pack of Cards

While out camping you will have lots of time to spare. Apart from hiking, swimming, and rock climbing, card games are great. It offers a good break from the energy-demanding activities. So bring cards so that you can always play your favorite card game, be it UNO, Poker, Gin Rummy or Skip-Bo .

7. Fire Starters

Even if you don’t plan to cook using firewood, you may need to light them to warm up your tent at night. Do you know how stressing it could be to light up damp firewood? That’s why it is important to carry some homemade fire starters and keep them in a watertight container.

8. Solar Lights

You can’t go camping without some source of light. To trace your way to the latrine from the tent, you need a light source. Otherwise, you may easily trip on a tree tramp and sustain injuries. Try to bring along solar lanterns or a spotlight.


With prior planning, summertime is one of the best times to go camping.  Preferably, have a checklist of the essential items to carry along. If you plan to go out to a remote location, carry extra food. The above tips give you some of the vital items to bring with you so as to make your camping trip perfect.

Lastly, perfect your tent pitching skills before the big day. Then make sure you reach the camping site early enough before it gets dark.

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