7 Major Tips for First Time Campers

first time camper tips

If you are a first-time camper and you wish to learn all about camping, then you can do it easily. Everyone is a first timer and it takes time and experience for you to become an expert camper. New campers sometimes learn things in easy and hard way but even the most professional campers often overlook things from time to time. Here are some of the tips and advice for those who are first time campers:

Get familiar with your equipment and gear

New campers wait till they reach the camping ground before they use their new gear. Often you see new campers fumbling for hours trying to set up their tent. Thus, rather than doing that, you should practice. Try setting up tents in your backyard before setting them up for the first time in the camp ground. See the functions of lanterns and stoves and check they work appropriately. Carry your backpack and see it you can easily carry it. Be a smart camper even if you are a first-time camper.

Buy a tent which is sufficient for your purpose

New campers often are seen in a crowded tent. Make sure you keep comfort and space as your top most priority. Usually all tents fit in your car trunk, so size and weight wouldn’t be a matter. If you are going for family camping, get a tent with a capacity rated for the number of members. Be a smart camper and get a tent which is suitable for the number of people going for camping.

Make your checklist

New campers don’t pay attention to checklist. It is not smart to go on the campground with a proper checklist. Keep yourself organised and ensure that you don’t miss or forget anything behind. Use the checklist while packing and check of all the item. Revise the list and update it. With the help of checklist, you will never be able to forget anything.

Reach the campground early

As you are a new camper, you may be unfamiliar with the campground facilities and rules. So, it is better to arrive early and give yourself some time to learn about the camping rules and campground layout. Speak to your neighbours and set up camps during daylight for accuracy.

Choose your meals wisely

New campers do not usually plan for meals. So, it is important to know how many meals you will be making for people and put down a menu together. Do some grocery shopping before your departure and make sure you don’t buy too much munchies.

Know all about the campground rules

New camper may not have any idea about it sometimes. For instance, there is no real privacy in a camping ground. Often you may hear campers whispering to one another. Only little privacy offered is at your campsite.

Get a cooler

For first time campers, it is very important to get a cooler to keep your drinks and food safe. Sometimes your perishable food items may get spoiled because of warmth and too long time.

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