How to Hire a VIP Escort When You Are Traveling

hire an escort when traveling

If you are interested in finding an escort, you could go online and find several escort services to choose from. But, how do you choose a trustworthy escort agency to hire your companion? 

Let’s start with the basics. An escort is someone who accompanies another person as a partner or companion for a social event, traveling abroad, for a business trip, or any other function deemed necessary. 

When you hire a professional companion, mostly of the opposite gender, sex is usually an option. And if you want to have a great time (with an amazing company) for whatever reason you want to hire an escort, there are several factors to consider before calling for an escort’s service. 

Read the escort’s description carefully

There are several online catalogs of VIP international companions. Many would normally refer you to the escort’s website or page to gather information about them. 

Some agencies claim it is still important to go through the pictures of escorts available to provide guaranteed and quality escort services. Other details like physical features, kind of services offered, contact information, preferred contact time and method of reaching out should be carefully looked at to help you choose which escort will be best for your needs.

Some escorts are available to travel with you anywhere or come around where you reside upon request, and they normally would have their payment structure for these kinds of services. 

Have a profile that can be accessed for review

It might be a bit embarrassing when you need to be screened in your attempt to hire an escort. 

They also have to confirm that the client is not a criminal, psychopath, or trafficker. In some cases, the escort might want to hear the client’s voice to get their vibe. This could be a clear sign that your escort is a professional.

Check reviews

When clients have been with an escort, a good one especially, there is every possibility they want to see them again, and in most cases, use them as a reference. You can find feedback from other clients knowing if they were satisfied with the escort service, what to expect, and what the escorts’ services feel like. These reviews will give you a background idea in your bid to hire a specific escort because you already have first-hand information about their capability, so there is a greater chance of getting the best when you take that simple precaution.

Follow the rules, and treat escorts well.

Hiring an escort is paid companionship. However, the first wrong step you’d take is to treat escorts like toys and objects for a simple transaction. They are humans. Being friendly, positive, and treating the escort with respect will create an atmosphere for a respectful, fun, and friendly time together.

Like other business meetings with conditions attached, make sure to arrive at an agreed time whether you are picking her up or she is meeting you somewhere. When there is a delay, it is thoughtful to notify your escort as soon as possible and apologize. If you have the escort over at your place, ask them beforehand what they’d like to drink and eat or what they’ll prefer to snack on when they arrive. Certainly, it would make more sense to chat over drinks or food.

This may not appear as necessary, but if what you desire is an intimate moment (like that between a man and his girlfriend), you may want to set the ball rolling on a friendly note. Pay them the agreed fee for their time or half of it in cash and place it in a visible place at the beginning of the appointment.

The more a client treats an escort nicely and respects boundaries, the more he gives the escort a reason to render exceptional services, easily get along with, and give undivided attention to the client.

Be generally clean and tidy.

Escorts turn up looking clean, classy, and sophisticated; it is equally important that you show up clean, nicely dressed, with trimmed fingernails, a fresh breath, and a mild perfume since not everyone can tolerate a strong smell. You don’t want your experience with an escort posted online with terrible remarks.

It’s not enough that you appear clean; it is equally important that you clean your apartment too before inviting your escort over, so she feels comfortable when she arrives (this is assuming you’re a guy requiring a girl). It is highly embarrassing and degrading to have sex in a dirty place. People in this industry do not care that you look extra fascinating but would most likely feel irritated meeting up with a dirty and nonchalant client. That simple act will affect the quality of your time with them and the services they render.

Let your escort know your preferences.

Don’t be shy about asking questions. You paid for the services of a companion. Your professional companion wants to know about your fantasies and what rocks your boat to accommodate them better or let you know that they aren’t on the menu for what you require to be served. If you would love them just to sit and talk most of the time, acknowledge things you say during your meetings, or smile all through dinner with your friends, you must let her know.

When it comes to sex, tell your escort what you want, where, and how you want it. Is it a seductive dance, acting a particular character, or staying in a certain position you have always fantasized?

All of these are to ensure that she does her job properly and make you happy. However, do not force her to do something that she doesn’t want to do. It would be best if you remained a gentleman all through. That you paid for her service doesn’t mean she can’t file a suit against you or ruin your reputation online.