How to Fit More in Your Carry On Luggage

how to fit more in your carry on

If you are one of those people who find it very troubling to pack all the necessary stuff in your carry-on luggage, this article will probably help you out.

Packing may seem very simple, but it is not. Some travelers learn the hard lesson after traveling hundreds of miles. Sometimes, you may end up overpacking or missing some important stuff. I have also faced these problems during my earlier experiences as a traveler.

Carry-on bags are ideal as compared to the checked bags. Not everyone is willing to pay ancillary bag fees. Furthermore, one may even lose some of his stuff or entire checked bags. Although Airlines pays a sufficient amount of money to compensate for the loss, this situation may not be ideal for you. That’s why the trend of keeping all luggage in carry-on bags is booming now.

However, a newbie might not be able to put all of his important stuff in the carry-on bags due to their small sizes. In this comprehensive guide, I have mentioned several effective tips that can surely help you fit all of your important stuff in the carry-on bags.

Make a List of Important Stuff

The first thing you need to do is to make a list of all the essentials. Planning is necessary, and every well-disciplined individual should do it. So, you plan ahead what stuff you want to carry and then make a list. Try sorting this list by placing top priority things first.

The created list will help track that you have placed everything necessary in the personal bag that one is allowed to carry.

Use Vaccum Bags

travelling vaccum bags

Usage of vaccum bags should be preferred as they make traveling somehow easier. Space bags make packing clothing and all essentials a very simple and straightforward task. Furthermore, these vacuum sealed and waterproof bags allow you to fit a sufficient amount of your clothes and other stuff in your carry-on luggage.

I personally use Pacum traveling vacuum bags since they are so solid, reliable and cheap. Apart from storing sufficient clothes, these bags also allow me to store blankets and towels. Other than that, space bags can shrink bulky clothing into a small and compact unit. You are also being suggested to use such innovative travel packing solutions.

Roll Your Clothes

Mastering the art of properly rolling your clothes will prove extremely helpful. Properly rolling clothes allow you to add a greater amount of stuff to the bag. You are advised to roll your clothes by hand.

Compared to folding, rolling clothes is much beneficial as they allow packing greater stuff by creating more space. However, note that they can cause wrinkles. To avoid this, place your garments on top.  

Downsize Your Toiletry Items

Try downsizing all of your toiletry items. One should necessarily avoid adding glass containers and spray cans in the luggage. Purchasing travel sizes toiletry items are strongly advised. However, you are not supposed to add a significant amount of such items as you can also purchase them later.

Additionally, it would be best to place all of the toiletry items in a separately purchased small bag. Furthermore, avoid packing stuff like shampoo and body wash as such items are usually provided by the hotels.

Make Best Possible Use of Personal Bag

pack your suitcase better

Bringing personal bags is allowed by the airlines along with carry-on luggage. You are needed to ensure the best possible usage of your bag. By placing some heavier stuff in the personal bag, you can easily create more space in carry-on luggage for adding more clothes and some other required stuff.

Use Every Open Space Possible

Using every available open space is strongly advised. Start by spreading actual weight across the entire bottom of the luggage. Pack shoes on the side of the bag for maximizing space. Apart from that, small stuff items in the shoes. After zipping the bag, try adding some extras. 


Fitting all the required stuff in the carry-on luggage is quite challenging for most individuals. To help out such individuals, some very effective and popular techniques have been mentioned in this guide. Hopefully, by reading this guide, you will learn a lot about how to fit more in your carry-on luggage.