6 Places and Countries Where The Sun Never Sets

in norway the sun does not set

A 24 hour to 20-hour daytime varies per the proximity to the pole for an extended time, which essentially means that it is bright and sunny for weeks and months. These places have a specific geographical location, close to the poles of the Earth. This phenomenon occurs because the Earth is tilted on its axis by approximately 23 degrees. At the poles, the North Pole and the South Pole, the sun rises and sets once each year.

These phenomena are observed more near the North Pole, the Arctic Circle, owing to it having human settlements. And even though they also occur in southern regions near the Antarctic Circle, it is only ever experienced by scientist missions or the odd adventurer because it is an uninhabited continent. The maximum timelines for this phenomenon are: At the South Pole, the sun rises on September 21 and does not set until March 22, the following year. At the North Pole, the sun rises on March 22 and sets on September 21, the same year.

There are many countries with areas within or bordering the Arctic Circle to plan your exotic holiday. Some of these areas include the northernmost parts of Canada, Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Alaska, and Iceland.

Are you planning a vacation to the place/places where the sun never sets or to a land of the midnight sun, where the sun can often be seen past midnight in summer?

1. Norway

Due to Norway’s high latitude, there are significant seasonal variations in daylight. During the summer months or from late May to late July, the sun never ultimately descends beneath the horizon in areas north of the Arctic Circle (hence Norway’s description as the “Land of the Midnight Sun” and the rest of the country experiences up to 20 hours of daylight per day. So, if you wish to experience a complete daytime, visit Northern Norway, where the sun never sets. Thus, you can book a cycle tour, go sea kayaking, fishing, golfing, or take a cruise to soak in the experience of your days of the midnight sun in Northern Norway.

2. Finland

Skiing, cycling, rock climbing, and hiking are activities where you can have fun when you are visiting this country of the midnight sun. You can plan your holiday to Finland during the Finnish National Holiday of Midsummer (during the months when the sun does not set) when people light bonfires, go for boating and fishing.

3. Canada

Winter In Whistler

The world’s second-largest country, several parts of Canada, is covered with snow all through the year. In places like Inuvik and the Northwest territories, the sun shines for about 50 days in summer. Here’s a list of things you should do when in Canada: go for Aurora viewing, mountaineering, hot springs, suspension bridge walk, road trips on the world’s second-largest stretches, and a lot of historical monuments. It sounds like fun.

4. Alaska

The sun doesn’t set in the country of Alaska from late May to late July. Beautiful and breathtaking, the country is in darkness in the harsh months of winter. Known for its spectacular glaciers and snow-capped mountains, you can go hiking or sightseeing. Imagine watching those beautiful mountains glistening with snow at 2 am in the morning. You can even go whale watching.

5. Iceland

A beautiful country, Iceland is Europe’s largest island after Great Britain. Iceland gets sunlight from May 10 through July, where the sun is above the horizon all the time. Besides the breathtaking northern lights, the country offers various delightful activities like hiking, wildlife watching, whale watching, caving, cycling, and visiting the national parks.

6. Sweden

Usually warmer as compared to the other countries mentioned above, the sun in Sweden sets around midnight and is up again at 4:30 am, from early May to late August. You can spend these long days by keeping yourself busy with adventurous activities. Or how about fishing, playing golf, skiing, watching the northern lights, visiting the national parks, exploring the lowland trails?

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