Best Places To Visit for a Round-Trip In Asia

Round Trip In Asia

While planning a tour in Asia, things can become tricky for you. The reason is that you have so many beautiful and exotic places that you can’t decide which ones you should visit and which ones to miss.

If you’re planning a round trip, then we will help you out in determining the best destinations for a round trip in Asia.

Check out our list below;

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Visit Chiang Mai

This destination is one of the exotic places to add in the list of the best destinations for a round trip in Asia. This place is serene and calm, in fact, an answer to the madness of Bangkok. Chiang Mai attracts a massive amount of tourists, and they keep on coming throughout the year.

Spend your stay in Chiang Mai, exploring the Night Bazaar. When you’ve learned the art of bargain, there are other things to do. The National Museum and Botanic Garden are extraordinary spots to learn some local culture and to take in some delicate aroma of Thai orchids. In the downtown area, the remains of old walls have many temples to visit.

You could also visit Puhket and hangout with beautiful Asian women. Read those tips to successfully date Asian women!

2. Honk Kong

Visit Honk Kong

Hong Kong is a must-visit place in your list of the best destinations for a round trip in Asia. Hong Kong is the home to the number skyscrapers in the world. You could spend your whole day gazing at these skyscrapers.

Delightful diminish entirety, skimming islands, and a stand-out skyline are only some of Hong Kong’s extraordinary highlights. If you want to enjoy traditional Chinese architecture, then Ngong Ping town is the place to go. Nan Lian Garden is the best place in Hong Kong to find internal peace. The city is full of beauty and worth watching spots, and once you enter the city, you will regret why you didn’t come here earlier.

3. Tokyo

Visit Tokyo

If you want to get a feel of the busiest life on the planet, then add Tokyo to your list of the best destinations for a round trip in Asia. You can get a direct flight from HK to Tokyo.

From the most crowded pedestrian crossing to the calmest Gardens, you’ll experience every aspect of nature and life in Tokyo.

Attend a football game in the stadium early in the morning and stay in a capsule hotel, the city offers an altogether unique experience to the tourists. You can eat one of the best sushi in the world in Tokyo, prepared in front of your eyes.

4. Singapore

Visit Singapore

One of the most visited cities should be included in your list of the best destinations for a round trip in Asia. Singapore is a cultural pot, adorned with the modern theme from the outside. With one of the most advanced and widespread transportation, Singapore is the most visited city by tourists in Asia.

You can shop from incredible shopping malls, brilliant boutiques, and experience the world-class nightlife that you won’t find anywhere else in Asia. 

5. Central Vietnam

Visit Vietnam

This region is among the most diverse and best destinations for a round trip in Asia. The city carries the legacies of its imperial times, and you’ll find it in their culinary. You will experience the beautiful caves, riverside beauty and wilderness of the Jungle in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Local food dishes are a must for you as a tourist.

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