40+ Stylish Haircut Ideas for Women Over 60

Finding the right haircut as you get older can be a game-changer, helping to flatter your features, complement your face shape, and even make you look more youthful.

Whether you prefer to keep your locks long or embrace a shorter, low-maintenance style, there are plenty of beautiful and flattering options to choose from.

This article shares a variety of trendy and timeless haircut ideas that are perfect for women over 60. From chic bobs and sassy pixie cuts to layered looks and stylish bangs, you’ll find inspiration to help you feel confident and fabulous at any age.

Soft Face-Framing Layers

Picture of an older woman with a soft face-framing layered haircut.

Face-framing layers are a great style option for older women, especially if you feel your facial features have harshened a lot over the years. The soft, wispy layers in this style cascade gently around the face, softening and flattering your natural beauty. The layering also removes bulk and weight, allowing hair to look full and bouncy rather than flat or stringy.

Long Layered Shag With Curtain Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a long layered shag cut with curtain bangs.

A long, layered shag with curtain bangs has an effortlessly cool 70s vibe that translates gorgeously for women over 60. Heavily layered shaggy pieces create gorgeous texture and movement, and curtain bangs are universally flattering in framing and softening the face. This cut looks full of life and dimension with its edgy yet soft layers, creating an elongated, lifted look that fights against an aging effect.

Voluminous Feathered Layers

Picture of an older woman with voluminous feathered layers haircut.

For ladies concerned about hair thinning or losing body, feathered layers are a fabulous haircut option. The layering technique removes weight and builds incredible lift, volume and movement. Feathered ends create that coveted piecey, tousled texture full of life and movement, while the longer layers at the crown provide flattering volume on top. This cut maximizes every last strand for a full, youthful look.

Short Feathered Bob

Picture of an older woman with a short feathered bob haircut.

A short feathered cut is an ultra-flattering style option for women over 60. The longer top layers provide gorgeous face-framing volume and camouflage any problem areas, while the shorter, feathered nape creates an elongated, slimming effect. With its lightweight movement and edgy-meets-glamorous vibe, this low-maintenance look is the epitome of youthful sophistication.

Classic Feathered Layers

Picture of an older woman with a classic feathered layers haircut.

Classic feathered layers are an incredibly flattering and youthful style option to consider. The layering technique removes weight and builds gorgeous movement throughout the hair. Feathered ends create a light, airy texture that fights against flatness or excessive bulk, maximizing each strand for beautiful, bouncy volume. Longer face-framing layers, on the other hand, soften and camouflage those harsh lines.

Layered Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a layered bob haircut and side-swept bangs.

A layered bob with side-swept bangs is an ultra-flattering and youthful style to try. The layers provide incredible lift, movement and body to make hair look full and bouncy. Side-swept bangs skim the forehead to conceal lines and wrinkles while softly framing the face. The chin-grazing length is very modern yet keeps the look soft and feminine.

Medium-Length Layers

Picture of an older woman with a medium-length layered haircut.

The layers around your face in a medium-length cut can help soften any harsh angles while the length itself gives you plenty of versatility to style it straight, wavy, or with soft curls. The movement from layers makes this cut appear bouncy and voluminous – two things that can be challenging to achieve with finer, aging tresses.

Classic Short Bob With Side Part

Picture of an older woman with a classic short bob haircut and side part.

You can never go wrong with a timeless, classy short bob featuring an elegant side part. This chic, sophisticated style has a way of making you look polished yet fresh-faced – two things we all aim for as we get older. The side part creates gorgeous asymmetry that adds dimension and lightness around the face. Opt for a length slightly below the chin and ask for some soft layering to lend extra body and bounce.

Blunt Bob With Highlights

Picture of an older woman with a blunt bob haircut with highlights.

For a hairstyle that instantly brightens up your look and makes you appear more youthful, try a blunt bob paired with some gorgeous highlights. The stark, blunt cut creates a strong, horizontal line that beautifully frames and accentuates your face. But the highlights are the real game-changer here, as they help add radiance and dimension while concealing any grays or dull tones.

Voluminous Nape-Length Bob

Picture of an older woman with a voluminous nape-length bob haircut.

A voluminous nape-length bob is a timeless classic that flatters mature features beautifully. The chin-grazing length is universally flattering and easy to style, while the volume adds a gorgeous sense of body and lift. This cut also ensures minimal maintenance, allowing you to embrace your natural grays or highlights gracefully.

Curly Crop

Picture of an older woman with a curly crop haircut.

Embrace your gorgeous natural curls with a sassy curly crop. This playful yet low-maintenance ‘do is perfect for ladies who want to flaunt their texture and minimize styling time. The cropped length keeps curls bouncy and fresh, while the overall shape frames the face elegantly, highlighting your best features.

Voluminous Short Layers With Side Part

Picture of an older woman with a voluminous short layered haircut with side part.

A voluminous short layered cut with a side part is an excellent way to add youthful movement and body to thinning hair. The layers create gorgeous dimension and lift at the roots, while the side-swept style gives a soft, face-framing effect. This versatile cut can be worn sleek or tousled for an instant touch of glamour.

Short Pixie With Tapered Sides

Picture of an older woman with a short pixie haircut with tapered sides.

A daring yet sophisticated pixie cut with tapered sides is an empowering choice for confident women over 60. The closely cropped sides create a striking, modern silhouette, while the lengthier top section allows for styling versatility. This low-maintenance cut looks stunning with or without a touch of styling product, and looks amazing on natural gray hair.

Soft Shoulder-Length Waves

Picture of an older woman with a soft shoulder-length haircut with waves.

Soft, shoulder-length waves are an ideal way to add body and dimension to thinning hair. The length provides gorgeous, cascading movement while the waves build lifted volume from roots to ends. This flatteringly shaped cut resists falling flat and creates lovely curves that skim the face and highlight your best features.

Textured Shoulder-Length Waves

Picture of an older woman with a textured shoulder-length haircut with waves.

As we age, our hair can become thinner and finer, but this shaggy shoulder length cut adds gorgeous movement and body. The choppy layers create the illusion of fuller, thicker tresses. Plus, the shoulder-grazing length is long enough to look elegant yet short enough to be low-maintenance. With some light layering at the crown, this cut can also help camouflage sparse patches at the hairline many mature ladies experience.

Elegant Grown Out Pixie

Picture of an older woman with a elegant grown out pixie  haircut.

An elegant grown out pixie is a chic, low-maintenance option to consider. As the pixie grows longer, it creates a pretty, tousled shape that can be easily softened with regular touchups. The bangs provide flattering face-framing and textured layers build lift and movement through the top and sides. This cut looks especially beautiful on blonde hair!

Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a long layered haircut with bangs.

The combination of long, layered hair with bangs provides an incredibly flattering style option for mature women. Layering adds movement and bounce to hair to resist looking limp or lifeless, while bangs make a serious impact in concealing forehead lines and frizz while framing the face. The length is ideal for playing up your best assets with a pulled-back or half-up style.

Chin-Length Rounded Bob

Picture of an older woman with a chin-length rounded bob haircut.

A chin-length rounded bob is an excellent choice for older ladies who prefer a wash-and-go style that still looks chic. The length makes it easy to wear sleek and smooth or with soft, loose waves for extra body. But the real key here is the rounded shape which creates a beautiful, curved silhouette that contours gracefully around the face. Ask your stylist to incorporate some strategic layers, too, as this will help reduce bulk and prevent the cut from appearing too “helmet-y.”

Medium-Length Layered Shag

Picture of an older woman with a medium-length layered shag haircut.

For those who love a tousled, piecey look, a medium shaggy cut can work amazingly well into your 60s and beyond. The shaggy layers throughout create gorgeous dimension and movement that pumps up the volume. It’s a cut that thrives on a slightly undone, textured finish which can actually work beautifully for disguising any sparse areas. The key is finding the right length – around jaw or collarbone level – so you still get that full, shaggy effect without excessive weight dragging it down.

Textured Pixie With Light Brown Highlights

Picture of an older woman with a textured pixie haircut with light brown highlights.

The textured layers in this pixie cut create a full, feathered shape that provides fantastic lift and volume up top. If you’re dealing with thinning or finer hair texture, this style creates an illusion of fuller, thicker locks thanks to all that height at the crown. Paired with some highlights, this style can camouflage grays or dull tones and add additional depth and dimension.

Textured Pixie Cut

Picture of an older woman with a textured pixie haircut.

A textured pixie offers a modern, effortlessly stylish look for women over 60. The choppy layers create a beautifully tousled, piece-y shape with maximum fullness and lift concentrated at the crown, while the textured ends hide any thinning or flat strands. This cut has a gorgeous disheveled look that appears full of life and movement, and is an easy, wash-and-go style.

Feathered Layered Long Bob

Picture of an older woman with a feathered layered long bob haircut.

A feathered long bob combines the easy, breezy vibe of a bob with stunning layers that defy aging. The collar to shoulder-length cut elongates the neck and frames the face elegantly. Feathered layers deliver incredible lift, movement and density through the ends and also remove bulky weight for a softer finish.

Classic Layered Bob

Picture of an older woman with a classic layered bob haircut.

You can’t go wrong with a classic layered bob for a timeless style that looks phenomenal at 60+. An angled line brushes the jawline and slims the face, while layers through the interior build extraordinary body, volume and movement. This cut resists falling flat and always appears full and bouncy, offering a streamlined shape with lots of youthful, face-framing movement.

Long Salt and Pepper Layers

Picture of an older woman with long salt and pepper layered haircut.

If you prefer to keep your hair long, a classic layered (and feathered) cut can be a great option for you. Strategically placed layers can create movement and dimension, giving your hair a full, bouncy look that fights against any thinning or flatness. Plus, the overall length is ideal for pulling hair back or playing with half-up, half-down styles when you need some versatility.

Layered Lob With Curtain Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a layered lob haircut with curtain bangs.

This trendy cut is a fantastic option for older ladies looking to add some youthful flair to their look. The long bob (or “lob”) length is flattering on most face shapes and falls chicly around the shoulders. But what really makes this style pop are those gorgeous long curtain bangs. They instantly make you look more radiant by framing the face and adding height at the crown. The layered cut also provides great body and movement.

Long Shaggy Layers

Picture of an older woman with a long shaggy layered haircut.

Who says you have to chop it all off as you get older? Rocking long, shaggy layers well into your 60s is totally possible with the right cut! Longer locks with lots of feathered layers can actually work beautifully to disguise any sparse areas by adding incredible dimension and movement. Just be sure to get regular dustings to freshen up the layers and keep split ends at bay.

Curly Afro

Picture of an older woman with a curly afro haircut.

For women with thick, coily textures, a full and fabulous curly afro can be incredibly youthful and striking as you get older. Not only does it beautifully showcase your stunning silver strands, but it creates gorgeous fullness and volume up top that instantly brightens the face. The key is finding the right products and styling methods to emphasize and enhance your curl pattern. A good curl cream or defining gel can work wonders to bring out those gorgeous coils.

Classic Bob With Soft Layers

Picture of an older woman with a classic bob haircut with soft layers.

You simply can’t go wrong with an elegant bob haircut, especially one with soft layers around the face. It’s a timeless and flattering ‘do that has a way of making you look polished yet fresh. The layers help create movement and body, giving finer or thinning hair a boost of much-needed oomph and youthfulness. You can style a layered bob straight and sleek or with some gentle, face-framing bends for extra softness.

Short Tapered Pixie

Picture of an older woman with a short tapered pixie haircut.

A short, tapered pixie is a surprisingly youthful, slimming look for women over 60. The cropped, angled nape and sides create an elongating effect on the neck and jawline. Feathered layers up top build a soft, touchable shape with fullness concentrated at the crown. This sleek yet textured pixie ensures hair appears full and piecey instead of flat or sparse. It draws the eye up for a lifted, refreshed appearance.

Long Layered Cut With Silver Highlights

Picture of an older woman with a long layered haircut with silver highlights.

Long layered hair is an excellent choice that flatters in so many ways. The layers remove unwanted bulk and weight, giving finer or thinning hair gorgeous lift, movement and body for a full, youthful appearance. The longer length adds versatility for modern updos or half-up styles that elongate the face and draw attention upward for a lifted, rejuvenated effect.

Sleek Long Bob With Side Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a sleek long bob haircut with side bangs.

For a look that’s equal parts modern and elegant try a sleek long bob with side bangs. The collarbone length is incredibly flattering, elongating the neckline for a slimming effect. Side-swept bangs soften harsh lines around the eyes and forehead, and also provide lovely face-framing to highlight your best features.

Soft Chin-Length Bob

Picture of an older woman with a soft chin-length bob haircut.

For a timeless look that flatters mature features, a soft chin-length bob is ideal. This angled cut grazes the jawline to highlight your best assets. The layered shape adds softness and movement around the face and creates lovely volume on top without feeling bulky. This cut is eternally stylish yet low-maintenance – simply blow dry with a round brush for a beautiful, face-framing shape.

Classic Voluminous Bob

Picture of an older woman with a classic voluminous bob haircut.

A voluminous bob is an ageless classic that works beautifully for women of all ages. The chin to shoulder length cut provides a flattering shape that draws the eye upwards for a subtle lifting effect, and the gorgeous layering creates incredible fullness and body to combat thinning hair. Plus, the volume adds youthful vibrancy!

Inverted Bob With Highlights

Picture of an older woman with an inverted bob haircut with highlights.

An inverted bob with highlights is a multi-tonal, dimensional style that can take years off your look! The stacked layers in the back create a curved shape that lifts and flatters, while the face-framing pieces soften and brighten the complexion. Paired with strategically placed highlights, this cut and color option delivers gorgeous depth and brightness, making you look youthful and fresh with its slimming, elongating silhouette.

Layered Short Blonde Bob With Side Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a layered short blonde bob haircut with side bangs.

This chic layered bob is an excellent choice for older ladies as it hugs the face, giving a youthful and flattering look. The layering adds movement and volume, defying gravity and creating an illusion of fuller hair. Plus, the side-swept bangs provide a soft frame for the face, instantly brightening the complexion.

Stacked Pixie With Volume

Picture of an older woman with a stacked pixie haircut with lots of volume.

A stacked pixie with beautiful volume on top is an elegant style for women over 60. The closely cropped layers in back create a curved shape that elongates the neck and adds lift. Styled with maximum fullness on top, this look delivers a gorgeous, flattering silhouette. The stackable pieces allow for limitless styling versatility, too.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob

Picture of an older woman with a sleek shoulder-length bob haircut.

For a sophisticated yet low-maintenance option, a sleek shoulder-length bob is perfect. The collarbone length is very flattering, slimming the face while elongating the neckline. A sleek, smooth blowout maximizes shine and creates a polished finish. This cut offers a timeless shape with just the right amount of swing and movement.

Curly Tapered Cut

Picture of an older woman with a curly tapered haircut.

Ladies with naturally curly hair can look stunning with a tapered curly cut. The short, angled layers on top lighten up the shape for beautiful lift and movement. Longer pieces around the front showcase your gorgeous curl pattern. Plus, you’ll love the fuss-free volume and dimension!

Blunt Bob With Full Fringe

Picture of an older woman with a blunt bob haircut with full fringe.

A blunt bob with a full fringe is a sassy, statement style that can take years off your look. The blunt line creates a bold, face-framing shape that highlights your best features, while the full, straight-across fringe acts like an instant face-lift, covering forehead lines and wrinkles. Plus, this no-fuss cut looks chic with minimal styling required.

Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Picture of an older woman with a chin-length wavy bob haircut.

A chin-length wavy bob is a beautiful way to embrace your natural hair texture. The shorter length provides a fabulous lift at the roots for added volume and the soft waves create flattering, face-framing movement that bounces with life. It’s an easy, wash-and-go cut that looks effortlessly chic and modern and can add flattering curves and body to otherwise thin or limp tresses.

Feathered Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Picture of an older woman with a feathered bob haircut with side-swept bangs.

Bangs have an amazing ability to conceal forehead lines and frame the face beautifully, which is why a short feathered bob with layered bangs is such a great option for older women. The shorter style is easy to manage yet looks abundantly full and youthful at the same time.

Long Tapered Pixie

Picture of an older woman with a long tapered pixie haircut.

This short yet sophisticated style proves the “pixie” cut can be totally age-appropriate! The key here is some longer, piece-y bangs paired with a tapered neckline that gradually gets shorter. It’s a flattering, low-maintenance cut that works like magic at minimizing harsh lines while still looking soft and feminine. The longer layers on top provide great height at the crown too, which can help make you appear more youthful.