How to Overcome the Stress of the Festive Season

How To Overcome The Stress Of The Festive Season

As December rolls around, more people than you realize dread the sight of lights, decorations, and holiday songs. It’s called ‘festive season stress’ and it affects around 31% of Americans, who feel that the season is too ‘frantic’ for their liking.

The biggest sources of stress include pressure to purchase gifts for loved ones, family get-togethers that may be tense, and having to take timeoff work in what may be a peak time work-wise.

If you are one of the many who doesn’t think this is the season to be jolly, follow these tips and have a relaxing holiday season in 2018/2019.

Battling Stress Is a Year-Round Activity

One mistake people can make when trying to battle stress is dealing with it only when it arises. Studies show that including mindfulness activities like yoga andmeditation can be an important pillar to general wellbeing at every season ofthe year, because they are so effective at reducing levels of stress hormone, cortisol.

When you meditate and master techniques like controlled breathing, you are more in tune with your feelings and sensations. You are also confident enough to know that you can turn to these practices from the time you notice the first signs of stress.

Home Décor that Brings Relaxation

Whether or not you are celebrating the season at home, you can bring a few small touches that can boost your sense of calm and happiness.

One of these are fragrant soy candles, perfumed with essential oils like lavender – known toinduce a state of calm. Soy candles keep indoor air clean (unlike paraffincandles, which release toxins when burned) yet they boast an appealingfragrance that most people find irresistible.

Other relaxing items to bring include spiritual-inspired statues, fragrant flowers, and plants or massage chairs with many benefits. Studies have also shown that indoor plants not only make us more productive but also lower our sense of psychological stress.

Be Realistic About Shopping

It is natural to want to buy beautiful things for friends and family, but if you don’t want to hamper your savings, setting a budget for seasonal saving is key. Talk to family about perhaps purchasing gifts only for children, or taking part in a secret Santa’-type activity so you don’t have to take so much time or spend so much money on gifts.

One tip many savvy buyers find useful is to purchase gifts throughout the year and keep them until the festive season. This enables them to buy things when they are on sale. Black Friday is a great way to spend half or less than you would if you waited until just a few days later.

Avoiding Relationship Triggers

Try to avoid seeing people who are negative or who you know will trigger anxiety and depression. Keep your family get-togethers active with outdoor sports or a fun family picnic; larger spaces and plenty of activity are less likely to lead into arguments.

If tensions arise, don’t play into them. Take a break and practice controlled breathing exercises until you feel calmer. End the meal early if you need to and keep alcohol consumption low, since excess drink can also trigger fights.

Wrapping It Up

Christmas can cause anxiety and sadness, so if have depression and anxiety, it is especially important to deal with difficult emotions proactively, through stress reduction techniques.

Smaller touches like relaxing décor, plants, and calming color schemes can help keepyour spirits up as well. Above all, steer clear of people and situations thatare known triggers for sadness and stress, remembering that it is important tobe as kind to yourself as you are to others.