Sould I Break Up with my Boyfriend or Girlfriend? 7 Signs That it is Time to End a Relationship

When To Give Up On A Relationship

No one likes to see their relationship end. You have invested so much time, money and effort to make it work. However, there are situations in a relationship where it may hurt you worse to stay than to leave.

How to Know When a Relationship is Over?

Here are seven such scenarios that show your relationship is truly over.

You do not talk as much anymore

It refers to both the quantity and quality of the conversations you have. You call, text or see each other face to face way less than you used to. You end up talking about basic generic topics that neither of you is interested in just to fill the silence. If you get to this point, then you have lost that spark, and there is a good chance you won’t get it back.

It is harder to communicate than it should be

There is a whole lot more to communication than conversation. It is all about passing a message and understanding one another. If this is becoming harder and harder to achieve then, you might want to consider leaving. No relationship can survive without it, and if you are already at this point, then things don’t look too good. Don’t be trapped in a toxic relationship, check those toxic behaviors and signs of disrespect in a marriage.

Aspects of emotional abuse

The most common form of this is guilt-tripping. One of you is constantly laying the blame on the other and making them feel horrible. It could also be direct hurtful comments, denial of perks previously provided and numerous another form that emotional abuse can take. The bottom line is that they all leave a bad taste in your mouth and a sort of heaviness in your heart.

Presence of any other abuse

Emotional abuse sucks, but this does not in any way excuse any other form of abuse. If your partner is physically abusive, then leave and never look back unless you’re guiding the cops to the door. If there is sexual abuse, then do not hesitate to do the same. These show that the love, respect and well-wishing nature that founded your relationship no longer exist.

Unhealthy and below-the-belt fighting

Fighting is absolutely normal in any relationships. However, when it gets to a point where the aim is to hurt each other and not to solve problems, then you need to consider ending it.

Using sex as a band-aid

That happens in a relationship where sex becomes the only good thing about the arrangement. If you argue you have sex. If you cannot talk, you have sex. If you feel emotionally attacked, you have sex. That only provides you with a temporary distraction and not a solution to all the problems.

Loss of individuality

If you get to a point where you become codependent with your partner, then you are doing it all wrong. Loss of individuality will lead to a loss of perspective on who you are and what you value. You then end up being a product of your partner’s desires. It is super unhealthy and is a super important sign that you need to leave.

Pull that plug

It will hurt a whole lot; that is a guarantee. But you will move on and find something that works better. Sticking around and giving an already dead relationship another try is not worth it. Past these points of no return, you can only go downhill. So jump off that bandwagon while you still can.