40+ Blue Nails Ideas to Make Your Outfits Pop This Spring & Summer

Photo of a hand with blue nails adorned with beautiful daisies.

Whether you’re feeling bright and bold or softly serene, blue nails designs are totally having a moment right now. This gorgeous gemstone shade complements every skin tone and lets you tap into the cool, calming vibes of azure, turquoise, cobalt, and more.

From barely-there pastels to deep dramatic hues and minimalist flower designs to bold geometric patterns, we’ve rounded up the prettiest blue polishes and blue nails ideas to inspire your manis this spring and summer.

Get ready to make some waves with these bluetiful nail designs!

Baby Blue Nails

Baby blue stiletto nails with a glossy finish.

These baby blue stilettos offer a minimalist chic look, perfect for days when you want understated elegance. A glossy finish adds that extra touch of glamour and luxe, perfectly proving that sometimes, less really is more.

Blue Glitter Tips on Blue and Nude Nails

Almond-shaped nails with blue gradient French tips and blue ombre nails embellished with glitter and rhinestones.

These nails bring a refreshing spin to the French tip manicure with a geometric crystal blue gradient on two of the accent nails and a dark-to-light blue ombre on the rest. The nails are crowned with glitter and sparkling rhinestones, bringing that extra hint of glamour.

Blue Nails With White Stripes

Stiletto nails in various blue nail polishes covered with white striped patterns.

Sleek and chic, these stiletto nails are painted in various blue tones with the middle finger covered in glossy blue nail polish. Three of the middle nails are adorned with a precise and clean pattern of white stripes, offering a sharp contrast against the dark base.

Classic Navy Blue Nails

Glossy navy blue stiletto nails.

These nails are the epitome of chic simplicity with their rich navy blue hue. The glossy finish adds depth and elegance, making them a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions. They’re like your favorite dark jeans – reliable, stylish, and always on-trend.

Abstract Blue Nail Art

Glossy cobalt blue nails with glittery negative space design on two accent nails.

The glossy cobalt blue is complemented by a creative negative space design outlined with hues of glittery blue on two of the accent nails, which adds an edgy yet elegant touch to the overall look. It’s a perfect fusion of bold color and subtle detail.

Dark Blue Nails With Black Accents

Glossy dark blue nails with a black stripe at the base of each nail.

These glossy, dark blue nails are perfect for a dramatic yet sophisticated look. The solid color is sleek and perfectly punctuated by a single, horizontal black line at the cuticle line of each nail.

Icy Blue Nails With Glitter & Rhinestones

Baby blue nails with glitter tips and crystal bead accents.

These long, icy baby blue nails scream elegance and charm, with a whisper of glitter on the tips and a crystal bead border hugging the cuticle line. They speak of winter wonderlands and frosty mornings but also summer romance, while their sparkling accents add just the right amount of festivity for any occasion.

Simple Blue & White Nails

Stiletto nails with a blue and white gradient on a white base and glitter.

Stiletto nails that scream sophistication with a midnight blue and celestial white gradient paired with a crisp white base, these talons are sprinkled with stardust for that extra twinkle. Ideal for night events where making a statement is the only option.

Cute Abstract Design in Blue, Purple & Yellow

Almond-shaped nails with blue, yellow, and lavender swirl designs.

This playful set showcases almond-shaped nails with a creative mix of lavender, sky blue, and sunshine yellow. The swirls and waves add a fun twist to each nail, presenting a lively and modern take on blue nail art.

Summery Tiffany Blue Nails

Sleek almond-shaped nails in Tiffany blue.

Channeling the iconic jewelry box hue, these unicolor Tiffany blue nails bring a touch of luxury to your fingertips. The almond shape keeps it sleek and feminine, making these nails an instant classic, ready to accompany you to brunch or your next shopping spree.

Black and Silver Flowers on Ocean Blue Nails

Ocean blue rounded nails with dark florals, silver gems, and silver accents.

Here we have rounded nails painted in a serene ocean blue, adorned with dark blue florals, delicate rhinestones, and glittery silver accents. This style is perfect for when you need your hands to look understated yet luxurious.

Geometric White & Blue Nails With Glitter & Gemstones

White and blue almond-shaped nails with glitter and rhinestones.

These nails present a heavenly duo of white and royal blue, adorned with a single line of glitter. A few strategically placed rhinestones add just the right amount of sparkle to catch the light and everyone’s attention.


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Dark Blue French Tips

Deep blue French tip accent nails with rhinestone bands on two of the nails.

Bold meets classic with these sharp stiletto nails featuring a striking deep blue hue. A modern twist on the French tip, this design includes a clear base on three of the nails, leading to a daring pop of color at the tips. The other two nails are adorned with tiny crystal bands, adding an element of unexpected sparkle.

Light Blue Nails With Silver Glitter & Accents

Almond nails with blue, white, black, and silver geometric designs.

Command attention with these almond nails, boldly playing with blocks of silver, light blue and icy white, accented by sharp lines of sparkling silver and splashes of black. They’re a testament to the fearless fashionista who isn’t afraid to show her shine and loves a geometric twist to classic color combinations.

Simple Neon Blue Nails

Vibrant neon blue almond-shaped nails.

Brighten any day with these vibrant neon blue nails. Their electric shade is sure to turn heads! Whether you’re typing away at work or waving down a cab, these nails bring a pop of high-voltage color to any action.

Geometric Blue and Black Nails

Blue and black nails with matte, glossy, and glitter textures in geometric designs.

Meet the night sky on your nails with this geometric masterpiece, where deep blue meets midnight black. The play of shapes and sharp lines in matte and glitter polishes creates a unique design, perfect for the gal who’s ready to rule the night.

Blue & Purple Color Blocks

Almond nails with blue to purple gradient and geometric patterns.

These almond-shaped beauties take you on a celestial journey from twilight to midnight. Featuring a sophisticated blend of periwinkle and deep violet hues, each nail is a statement of modern elegance. It’s where playful meets posh and every hand gesture tells a story.

Pastel Blue & Pink Nails

Pointy nails with pink and blue angular French tip designs.

A playful twist on the French manicure, these long nails are a blend of cotton candy pink and serene sky blue with a creative, angular touch. They’re fun yet pointedly chic—a perfect choice for someone who loves a pop of color with a dash of artistry.

Elegant Blue & Gold Nails

Short powder blue rectangular nails with gold foil accents.

These rectangular gems flaunt a modern twist on regal elegance, with powder blue and gold foil creating a statement of luxury. The sharp lines and reflective surfaces add a touch of drama, while the light blue base creates an elegant, minimalist feel.

Blue & White Ombre

Stiletto nails with blue and white ombre and glitter.

These stiletto nails feature a refreshing ombre blend from a soft white at the base to a vibrant sky blue at the tips, with a sprinkle of glitter transitioning between the two colors. The look is fresh, airy, and perfect for a breezy spring or summer outfit.

Geometric Blue & Yellow Nails

Stiletto nails with blue, yellow, and metallic geometric patterns.

Bold and geometric, these stiletto nails boast an artistic play of matte blue, sunny yellow, and metallic accents. The inclusion of thin black lines and a sparkling silver touch adds a dash of luxe. It’s a manicure that’s sure to turn heads and start conversations.

Light Blue & White Nails

Stiletto nails with a white and light blue gradient.

A modern take on the serene sky, these stiletto nails start with a pure white base that transitions into a tranquil light blue, mimicking a clear day. The stark contrast between the two shades offers a crisp, clean look that’s both refreshing and incredibly chic.

Royal Blue & White Stiletto Nails

Stiletto-shaped nails with royal blue, white accents, and glitter.

These stiletto-shaped nails are a perfect fusion of deep royal blue and crisp white. The stunning contrast is heightened by the artistic splatter and drip effects, as well as glitter and jewel embellishments. It’s a manicure fit for a winter queen, but it will work equally well for special occasions in every season.

Blue Nails With Flower & Gemstone Accents

Cobalt blue nails with 3D flowers and rhinestones.

This design features a bright cobalt blue base with stunning white 3D flowers and sparkling rhinestone centers, giving a nod to spring vibes. The combination is perfect for a sunny day out or a sophisticated evening event in.

Light Blue Nails With White Flowers

Matte light blue nails with white flower details and rhinestones.

These matte, almond-shaped nails in a soft blue shade are the epitome of a spring day. Adorned with delicate white flowers and tiny rhinestones, they exude a romantic vibe, ideal for those brunch dates or afternoon teas. The floral detail adds a touch of femininity to any outfit.

Royal Blue Nails With Silver Design

Royal blue nails with silver glitter crescents.

These nails are a regal affair with their royal blue bases and grand silver glitter crescents. The combination speaks of midnight celebrations and twinkling stars. They’re perfect for anyone looking to sprinkle a little magic over their everyday look.

Blue Nails With Geometric White Tips

Almond-shaped nails with blue and white French tips and a black line separator.

These almond-shaped nails feature a modern twist on the classic French tip, with a matte baby blue base and a crisp white tip, separated by a sleek black line. They are the epitome of elegance with a pop of contemporary edge, perfect for any occasion.

Teal Blue Nails With Delicate Hearts

Teal blue nails with white heart patterns.

These teal blue almond-shaped nails are simple yet totally stylish! The nails are adorned with adorable white hearts that add a playful contrast to the serene blue background.

Baby Blue Nails With Blue Flowers

Pastel blue nails with silver bead accents and flower decals.

These oval light blue nails are a pastel dream perfect for spring and summer wear. A subtle statement, they are delicately accented with tiny silver beads and floral decals on the ring fingers, bringing a touch of elegance to this serene set.

Navy Blue Nails With Silver Details

Almond nails with navy blue and sparkling silver tips.

These almond-shaped nails boast a bold navy blue nail polish paired with a striking silver. The glossy finish of the blue adds a dash of elegance, perfect for a night of glamour or a special occasion.

Baby Blue Nails With Flower Accents

Baby blue almond nails with flower designs and gem accents.

Elevate your nail game with these dreamy baby blue almonds, adorned with delicate floral appliqués and tiny golden gems. It’s the romantic twist to your everyday blue, ideal for spring flings or sun-drenched festivals. Every gesture blooms with style, turning your nails into a canvas of wearable art.

Blue Nails With White Porcelain Imitation Design

Almond-shaped nails with blue and white porcelain-inspired design.

These almond-shaped nails are adorned with a royal blue/light blue base and white detailing that takes inspiration from fine porcelain patterns. It’s a look that’s both traditional and on-trend, a nod to vintage aesthetics while being thoroughly modern.

Blue & Purple Ombre

Coffin nails with a purple to blue ombre effect.

These coffin-shaped blue and purple ombre nails transition from a subtle lilac nail polish to a deep sea blue at the tips. The glossy finish on these beauties gives the impression of understated luxury that is perfect for special occasions in any season.

Royal Blue & Black Color Blocks

Royal blue nails with a black gradient effect.

Command attention with these royal blue nails featuring a luxe black gradient. The transition from a vivid cobalt to a mysterious black creates a night-sky effect that’s both alluring and powerful.

Square Blue Nails With Yellow Swirls

Square-shaped nails with blue, yellow swirls, and golden glitter accents.

Swirls of sunny yellow dance with deep ocean blue on these playful square-shaped nails, adorned with golden glitter that adds a touch of luxe. They capture the carefree essence of summer afternoons and carnival fun, perfect for days when you’re feeling bright and spirited.

Short Light Blue Nails With Gold Stripes

Light blue nails with a delicate gold stripe on each nail.

Picture sophistication with a playful edge in these square-cut, light blue nails. Each nail is crowned with a thin, elegant gold stripe that traces the curve of the cuticle, providing a simple yet luxurious feel. This design is the epitome of chic, perfect for accessorizing with gold jewelry to complete a refined ensemble.

Tiffany Blue Nails With Design

Almond nails in Tiffany blue with black botanical designs.

These almond nails are a work of art, combining Tiffany blue with bold black botanical designs. The intricate leaves and the sprinkling of dust create a striking contrast on an otherwise minimalist look, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Light Blue Nails With a Heart Accent

Oval nails with a light blue base and a silver-glittered heart accent.

The candy-colored blue of these oval nails is sweetened with a silver-glittered heart accent on the ring finger, combining innocence with a hint of playfulness. It’s a manicure that’s sure to steal hearts, whether you’re out for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner.

Sparkly Blue & Black Ombre

Stiletto nails with a blue to black ombre and metallic finish.

Here, the nails boast a dramatic ombre effect, flowing from a bright neon blue nail polish at the base to a deep midnight blue in the middle all the way to the black tips. The metallic sheen gives the impression of luxury, making a bold and elegant statement.

Abstract Blue & Purple Nail Art

Stiletto nails with a blue and purple nebula design.

Dive into a fantasy with these stiletto nails, showcasing an ethereal blend of blues and purples that mimic a dreamy nebula. Accented with splashes of white and flecks of dark blue glitter, they’re perfect for those who want to add a touch of drama to their look.

Gold & Silver Stars on a Dark Blue Base

Square blue nails adorned with gold and silver star appliqués.

These square nails are dipped in a dreamy night-sky blue, with each nail becoming a canvas to a constellation of stars. Gold and silver star appliqués twinkle charmingly against the dark blue backdrop, perfect for a night out on town.

Light Purple & Light Blue Nails With Darker Accents

Almond-shaped nails with a blue and purple gradient and glitter.

Step into a galaxy of glam with these almond-shaped nails, blending a cosmic dance of light blue and purple. The sprinkling of glitter creates a starry-night effect, perfect for a sparkling soiree or just because you’re in a stellar mood. Truly, these nails are a little slice of the universe at your fingertips!

Blue Ombre French Tips

Long almond-shaped nails with blue ombre French tips.

The timeless elegance of French tips gets a trendy makeover with these long almond-shaped nails. Starting with a transparent base, the middle transitions into a serene blue ombre before finishing with a black accent line and dark blue glitter tips.

Light Blue Nails With Lace

Blue nails with white lace detailing.

These bold blue nails are overlaid with a delicate white lace pattern on two of the accent nails. This design is super elegant and will work beautifully with any spring and summer outfit.