Pretty in Pink: 40+ Gorgeous Pink Nail Designs To Copy This Year

Elegant long almond-shaped nails in pretty pink nail polish adorned with glitter accents.

When it comes to nailing that signature feminine look, there’s one color that reigns supreme – pink. From romantic rosés to bright fuchsias, this versatile color has a gorgeous shade for every style and mood.

Whether you prefer an understated look or a bold, unapologetic pop of color, pink nails are guaranteed to turn heads whatever the season.

Delicate pinks give off major romantic vibes perfect for date nights, while bright fuchsias scream girls’ night out. And we can’t forget how an edgy pink pairs perfectly with black and other deep shades for an ultra-chic, modern vibe.

We’ve rounded up the hottest pink nail inspo to ignite your next salon visit. Geometric pink nail designs or one-color cremes, matte or glossy – these pink nail looks are forever fresh!

Simple Pink and White Nails With Subtle Glitter

Short rounded nails with white and pink design and glittery tips.

Indulge in the simplicity of these short rounded nails, presenting a clean white and pink base with a subtle hint of geometry. The minimalist design is elevated by a dusting of glitter at the tips, offering just the right amount of sparkle.

Hot Pink French Tips

Almond-shaped nails with hot pink French tips and subtle rhinestone details.

A modern twist on the classic French tip, these nails boast a striking hot pink edge that gently transitions into a soft, translucent base on two of the nails. Embellished with a single delicate line of rhinestones, they are a subtle nod to traditional elegance with a daring, contemporary finish.

Subtle Pink and White Ombre

Nails with a pink and white ombre effect.

Embrace the gradient charm with these pink and white ombre nails. The gentle fade from hot pink into white and light pink is the perfect blend of sweetness and style, suitable for any season or reason.

Summery Pink and Orange

Coffin-shaped nails with pink and orange gradient ombre.

These long, coffin-shaped nails are a gradient dream, blending hot pink into a juicy orange for a sunset-inspired look. Glossy and perfect for making a statement, these nails are sure to be a conversation starter.

Bright Hot Pink

Hot pink almond-shaped nails with a glossy finish.

Bold and unapologetically vibrant, these long almond-shaped nails are painted in a hot pink shade that commands attention. Each nail bears a high-gloss finish that enhances the color’s intensity, perfect for the fashionista looking to make a statement with her fingertips.

Elegant Pink and Black Nails

Stiletto nails with pink, black, and glitter design.

These stiletto nails make a daring statement with alternating hot pink and glossy black finishes. The highlight is the stunning black glitter cascading down a pink background, creating a sophisticated starry night effect.

Short Pink Nails With Green Accents

Short pink nails with green accent lines.

Cute and practical, these short rounded nails are adorned with a sweet pink polish, offering a dash of charm to any outfit. The simple green lines on each nail add a touch of color, turning the otherwise basic look into something more fun.

Modern Design on a Hot Pink Base

Oval nails with hot pink, white, and black graffiti design.

Vibrancy meets abstract art on these oval-shaped nails. A vivid hot pink pairs with a splatter of white and black, creating a design that’s both spontaneous and sophisticated. These nails are perfect for expressing a bold, artistic personality.

Pink & Green Nails With Gold Accents

Pink and green nails with gold line accents.

Here we have a lively pink mixed with green nails with designs divided by gold lines for a chic, color-blocked effect. The playful yet sophisticated color combination is perfect for those who love to make a statement with their style.

Square Pink and Blue Nails

Square nails with pink, blue, and black design.

A delightful color play of pink and sky blue sweeps across these square nails, divided by fine black lines that add a pop of crispness to the design. The careful balance of colors creates a cheerful, springtime vibe, perfect for brightening any look.

Classy Pink and Red Nails

Glossy stiletto nails in burgundy and shimmering pink.

Dive into the romance of glossy burgundy and soft pink stiletto nails, bathed in sunlight. The two-toned design pairs a luscious wine red with a sprinkling of shimmer on delicate pink, making them an enchanting choice for any glamorous occasion.

Square Pink Nails With Transparent French Tips

Square nails with a glossy pink base and transparent French tips.

Classic with a pop of color, these square nails boast a base of glossy hot pink and baby pink complemented by crystal-clear French tips that give a modern edge to a timeless style. It’s a look of pure sophistication.

Stylish Light Pink & Silver Nails

Stiletto nails with pink and metallic silver accents.

Stiletto nails become a canvas for modern art with these gorgeous nails. A ballet slipper pink is electrified with bold accents of metallic silver, creating a look that’s as edgy as it is elegant. Whether it’s day or night, these nails are sure to bring a flash of high fashion to your hands.

Pale Pink With Glitter Accents

Stiletto nails in pale pink with a few glitter accents.

These stiletto nails are the epitome of chic with their pale pink hue, sparkling with a hint of glitter. The soft color is versatile and flattering, perfect for a polished, everyday look or a special occasion that calls for a touch of sparkle.

Fun Pink and Yellow Nails

Stiletto nails in yellow and pink with an accent nail.

Make a splash with these summery stiletto nails, featuring a radiant yellow that demands attention and a soft pink for a playful contrast. A singular nail in both pink and yellow with a bold black detail adds an artistic twist to an otherwise understated look.

Hot Pink Mixed With Black

Stiletto nails with hot pink and black design and glitter details.

A dazzling spectacle of contrasts, these nails combine the dark mystery of black with the vibrant energy of hot pink. The glittering pink segments dazzle against the sleek black, while the stiletto shape adds an extra touch of drama, creating a look that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

Pink and Gold Nails

Pink nails with gold accents and foil.

Each nail is a piece of art with a luxurious combination of pink, light yellow, and striking gold foil accents. The placement of gold gives these nails a majestic appearance, ideal for a regal touch to any outfit.

Light Pink Glitter on a White and Pink Base

Stiletto nails with white, pink, glitter, and rhinestone accents.

For those who love a bit of drama and glamour, these long stiletto nails with a white and pink palette make a bold statement. The addition of glittery accents and golden rhinestones creates a look that’s both extravagant and elegant.

Barely Pink Glitter on Pink and White Ombre Nails

Almond-shaped nails with pink and white ombre and glitter overlay.

These almond-shaped nails showcase a soft pink and white ombre, brought to life with splashes of hot pink and a sparkling glitter overlay. The geometric designs and rhinestone accents whisper of wintery magic and fairy-tale dreams, perfect for those who want to carry a bit of wonder with them.

Pastel Mix of Pink and Purple

Stiletto nails in alternating pink and purple hues.

Embrace a playful yet sophisticated look with these long almond-shaped nails featuring shades of purple and pink. The mix of matte and glossy finishes offers a modern touch, while the variation of solid and alternating colors adds depth and interest.

Pink and White Ombre

Square-shaped ombre nails from pink to white.

A gentle gradient flows from hot pink to soft white on these glossy, square-shaped nails, creating a delightful ombre effect that’s timeless and romantic. They’re a lovely choice for anyone who adores a classic and feminine look in the summer.

Classy Pink and Black

Stiletto nails with pink and black geometric patterns.

This set is where sophistication meets edge. The nails alternate between a delicate pink base with black geometric patterns and a full-on glossy black, creating a contrast that’s both striking and chic. The sharp stiletto shape adds a daring touch to the design, ideal for those who play by their own rules.

Geometric Pink and White Design

Stiletto nails with pink base and creative white tips.

These nails are a playful take on the classic French tip, with swooping lines over pale pink, white, and glittery bases. The stiletto shape adds a touch of daring to the otherwise soft and feminine color scheme.

Hot Pink and Black Nails With Glitter

Stiletto nails with black to hot pink glitter gradient.

Prepare to sparkle like the night sky with these dazzling stiletto nails, where a gradient of deep black melts into a hot pink sparkle. They’re perfect for a night out or whenever you feel like sprinkling a little starlight on your day.

Pink and Blue Ombre

Square-shaped nails with a pink to blue ombre and glitter.

The soft fusion of pink and blue on these square-shaped nails brings to mind a dreamy sunset sky. The ombre blend is given an extra dimension with a fine dusting of glitter, perfect for those who love a touch of fantasy in their fashion choices.

Bright Pink and Orange French Tips

Almond-shaped nails with pink and orange French tips.

Flaunt a vibrant twist on the classic French tip with these stiletto-shaped nails. Bold colors of pink and orange take center stage, while a playful pop of orange outlines the tips, complemented by a demure nude base. Perfect for summer days or a tropical getaway.

Pink and Orange Ombre

Stiletto nails with pink and orange ombre and rhinestones.

On-point with the ombre trend, these stiletto nails offer a smooth transition from a nude base to peachy pink and sunny orange tips. Adorned with delicate rhinestones and golden glitter for an added touch of glamour, they’re a perfect match for an elegant event or date night.

Geometric Design in Pink and Blue

Stiletto nails with pink, blue, and nude geometric design.

These stiletto nails are a canvas of geometric artistry, showcasing sharp lines and bold color blocks. The blend of muted pink, deep blue, and a peek of nude color is modern and chic, creating a visually captivating effect that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Hot Pink Nails With Gold Accents

Hot pink stiletto nails with gold foil accents and chevron patterns.

These nails exude opulence with their striking hot pink base and lavish gold foil accents. The chevron patterns and metallic sheen are a nod to high fashion, making these nails an ideal complement to a chic evening ensemble or a glamorous event.

Hot Pink Nails With Silver Gemstones

Hot pink nails with elaborate silver glitter and gemstone embellishments.

Step into the limelight with these extravagant nails that pair the passion of hot pink with the sparkle of silver. Adorned with glitter, gemstones, and intricate designs, they encapsulate the essence of a night out, filled with luxury and flair.

Bright Pink and Black Ombre

Stiletto-shaped nails with a pink to black ombre French tip.

The allure of these stiletto-shaped nails lies in the smooth gradient from passionate pink to a bold black tip, evoking a sense of mystery. The striking ombre effect makes for an edgy yet elegant look that’s versatile for both day and night occasions.

Pink Glitter on a Pink Base

Pink nails with glitter accent nails.

The glamour of soft pink takes on a playful twist with these nails adorned with multi-colored pink glitter. This look with just a few accent nails is the epitome of femininity that adds sparkle to any outfit.

Simple Pink and Grey Nails

Pink and grey nails with a shimmering stripe.

The understated elegance of pink and grey pairs beautifully in these nails, with one showcasing a shimmering grey stripe for a subtle touch of glamour. These are perfect for a minimalist yet chic aesthetic, both in the summer as well as winter.

Pink and Purple Ombre

Square nails with a pink to purple ombre effect.

These sleek, square-shaped nails showcase a chic ombre blend from a soft pink to gentle lilac to a rich purple at the tips. The seamless transition and shiny finish give off a regal yet understated elegance.

Classy Nails in Pink and Grey

Stiletto nails with pink and grey color blocks separated by black lines.

A modern twist on the classic pink manicure, these nails blend muted pink with sleek grey, separated by thin black lines that add definition. The design whispers elegance with an edge, making it a perfect choice for the contemporary woman who cherishes a touch of drama.

Cute Light Pink & White Nails

Almond-shaped nails with pink, white, and gold stripes.

These almond-shaped nails showcase an exquisite balance of soft pink and white hues, complemented with golden stripes that exude elegance. The matte and gloss finishes play with the light, making these nails a statement of understated luxury.

Elegant Pink & Brown Nails

Almond-shaped nails with pink, brown, and gold glitter.

These almond-shaped nails are a feast for the eyes with their harmonious blend of pink and deep brown tones, artfully separated by a sprinkle of gold glitter. They exude an air of elegance and modernity, perfect for any season.

Modern Pink and White Marble

Stiletto nails with white marble and hot pink.

Long stiletto nails transform into a work of art with a white marble effect, edged with high-contrast hot pink nails. This design screams bold sophistication and is an absolute must-try for anyone who loves to make a statement with their nail game.

Hot Pink & Blue Nails

Nails with a color block of hot pink, blue, and a touch of gold glitter.

Like a slice of tropical paradise, these nails feature an eye-catching color block design with vivid hot pink and serene sky blue. A sprinkling of gold glitter adds a dash of luxury, making these nails a perfect accessory for a summer getaway or a fun day out.

Simple Pink and Blue Combo

Stiletto nails with blue and pink stripes and a glittery accent.

These stiletto nails are a symphony of sky blue and baby pink, featuring a sweet candy-striped design that evokes memories of open skies and cotton candy. One nail is adorned with a light yellow base and a mix of pink and golden glitter to add just a touch of sparkle to this serene look.

Summer Vibes With Light Pink & Yellow

Matte nails with yellow and pink wave designs.

Perfect for a summer adventure, these nails present a joyful mix of sunny yellow, pastel pink, and creamy white, complete with playful wavy lines in the style of modern art. The matte finish gives this vibrant look a contemporary feel.

Sunset Pink and Orange Ombre

Almond-shaped nails with a pink and orange sunset ombre effect.

These almond-shaped nails capture the essence of a tropical sunset with a flawless ombre blend of fiery orange and warm pink. The fine glitter overtop suggests the sparkling reflection of the sun dipping below the horizon.

Metallic Vibes With Pink and Rose Gold

Almond-shaped nails with rose gold and pink design.

These nails speak the language of luxury with their sleek long almond shape. A blush pink base lays the foundation for rose gold accents, creating a metallic sheen that catches the light and every onlooker’s eye. They’re the epitome of sophistication meets sparkle.

Pink Nails With Black French Tips

Stiletto nails with pink to black gradient and glitter tips.

Daring and decidedly modern, these nails feature a deep pink base fading into a black french tip, dusted with glitter. The color combination and unique styling make them a bold choice for fashion-forward nail enthusiasts.

Pink Mixed With Silver and Black Accents

Pointy-tip nails featuring pink and silver glitter.

These pointy-tip nails are a bold statement of fun and flair. A striking fusion of vivid pink and dazzling silver glitter, they’re the perfect accessory to your most fashionable outfits, ready to bring the party to your fingertips.