The Prettiest Green Nail Designs You Have To Try This Season

A hand showcasing light green nail polish.

If you’re looking for the hottest new nail trends to try, then you need to check out these stunning green nail designs. From rich emerald hues to pastel minty shades, these gorgeous green nails are about to become your new obsession.

Whether you’re going for a subtle sage mani or a bold neon statement, we’ve got all the green nail inspo you need to take your nail game to the next level!

Take a look below!

Emerald Green With Nude Accent Nails & Florals

Alternating dark green and nude nails with floral design.

This manicure combines the boldness of dark green nail polish with the subtlety of nude tones. The transparent nails are accented with black vines edged with delicate green leaves and tiny pink buds, which appear to float ethereally above the natural nail.

Pastel Green Nails With Gold Beads & Floral Accents

Green nails with a white and pink floral design and a glittery gold stripe at the base of the nail.

These nails capture the essence of springtime with their pastel green base and delicate floral accents. Gold glitter lining the base of each nail and carefully placed golden gems add a dash of glamour, while the tiny pink blossoms and green leaves create a serene garden-like atmosphere.

Sage Green Nails With Botanical Design

Sage green nails with white botanical illustrations.

These beautiful sage green nails serve as a canvas for delicate black, white, and pink botanical illustrations. Each nail bears a unique design, featuring whisper-thin lines that reflect a minimalist yet elegant style.

Classic Mint Green Nails

Matte mint green almond-shaped nails.

These nails are the perfect choice for spring and summertime with their matte mint green finish. The almond shape lends a modern flair, while the uniform color provides a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This style is perfect for those seeking a pop of color in an otherwise understated look, offering a simple yet trendy vibe.

Pastel Green Nails With Gold & Silver Accents

Short rounded mint green nails with glitter and studs.

These short, rounded nails are a testament to chic simplicity. A pastel mint green base is enhanced with a sprinkle of silver glitter and tiny gold studs, creating a subtle yet captivating design that’s perfect for everyday elegance.

Modern Seafoam Green Tips With Glitter

Modern French manicure with shimmering seafoam tips and glitter.

Another modern take on the French manicure, these nails feature a seafoam green tip adorned with black lines and shimmering glitter over a nude base. The look is fresh and playful, with just the right amount of sparkle to stand out.

Floral Designs on a Mint Green Background

Mint green oval nails with botanical illustrations.

For a touch of nature, these long oval nails are a masterpiece with their mint green background, sketched with intricate botanical illustrations. The fine black outlines with occasional hints of brown and gold give these nails an artistic and sophisticated vibe.

Aqua Green French Tips With Glitter

Clear nails with aqua toned tips covered with glitter.

This manicure showcases a beautiful blend of clear and aqua tones, embellished with specks of green glitter. It combines the transparency of the nail with an aqua gradient, creating a refreshing and luxurious look that’s perfect for special occasions.

Green Beads & Rhinestones on a Creamy Base

A hand with almond-shaped nails, decorated with spring-themed nail art featuring green accents gem and gold details.

This manicure brings a touch of spring to your fingertips with delicate floral designs complementing a soft green accent. Each nail features subtle gold foil details that catch the light, paired with tiny emerald embellishments that give a 3D effect. It’s an elegant choice for those who appreciate intricate artistry on a neutral base.

Glossy Green Nails With White & Black French Tips

Glossy green nails with black and white bordered tips.

This design takes the timeless green manicure and modernizes it with a glossy finish along with black and white bordered tips. The look is clean, polished, and professional, with a nod to the classic French tip style but with a bold, contemporary update.

Mint Green Leaves on a Creamy Backdrop

A hand with long, stiletto nails painted in a creamy base and decorated with shimmering mint green leaves and silver glitter accents.

The sparkling mint green leaf motifs on these creamy stiletto nails offer a fresh and modern twist. The black stripes and tiny silver rhinestones create a path that winds up the nail, giving a sense of movement and playfulness.

Festive Gold Accents on Pastel Green

Pastel green stiletto nails with gold speckles and sequins.

Pastel green gets a festive twist in this sparkling design. With a soft green backdrop, these nails are sprinkled with gold sequins and silver accents, resembling holiday baubles. The glossy finish reflects light beautifully, making these nails a perfect accessory for celebratory occasions or adding a sparkle to everyday style.

White Botanical Design on Sage Green & Nude Nails

A hand with slightly rounded nails, showcasing a mix of sage green and nude polish with white botanical designs.

Sage green makes a chic statement on these slightly rounded nails, complemented by minimalist botanical designs on both the green and nude backgrounds. The alternating colors between fingers make for a sophisticated and cohesive look that’s right on trend.

Dark Green Marble Nails

Nails with a dark green and white marble effect.

The allure of marble is captured on these nails, featuring a deep green and white marble effect that is both sophisticated and edgy. The swirling patterns are reminiscent of natural stone, creating a luxurious and timeless look that’s perfect for any occasion calling for a touch of drama and elegance.

Dark Green French Tip Nails With Floral Accents

Nude nails with green tips and edges and small floral designs.

These short, slightly rounded nails combine a sheer nude base with a striking green border both at the tips and the base. The design is made playful with the addition of small floral accents and tiny leaves, finished with a touch of pink for a hint of color.

Emerald Green Leopard Print

A hand with almond-shaped nails in a glossy emerald green leopard print design.

This striking emerald green leopard print pattern is perfect for anyone looking to add a splash of fun to their nails without compromising on elegance. The glossy finish adds a luxurious touch to the otherwise playful design.

Light Pastel Green Nails With Gold Accents

Short, square nails in a light green nail polish decorated with gold speckles.

These short, square nails are perfect in a light sea green shade, speckled with gold flakes that add a luxurious feel. The nails gleam with a light-catching sparkle that brings an element of depth and dimension to the design.

Jade Green French Tip Nails

Glossy transparent nails with white and jade green tips.

This set is the epitome of sleek style, with a glossy nude nail varnish as the backdrop for a striking jade green contour edged with crisp white that follows the natural curve of the nail. This design is minimal yet captivating, offering a fresh twist on the classic manicure for a fashion-forward finish.

Two-Toned Emerald Green French Tip Nails

A hand with nails outlined in light and jade green on a nude base.

This manicure features a clean and sophisticated look with a translucent nude base that allows the natural beauty of the nails to shine through. A color combo of light green and emerald green outlines the nails, giving a pop of color that’s both modern and elegant. The overall effect is chic and polished, perfect for adding a touch of refinement to any outfit.

Matte Jade Green Tips With Glittery Beads

Nude nails with matte jade green tips and silver glitter detailing at the base.

This nail design offers a fresh take on the French manicure, with bold matte jade tips that make a statement against a nude base. The dark green is matched with a line of sparkling silver glitter at the base of the nail for a touch of understated luxury.

Sage Green Nails With Florals

Sage green nails with gold floral accents.

These nails are a lovely sage green, providing a muted yet stylish canvas for delicate gold accents. The intricate floral and vine designs in gold and black add an ornate touch, while the silver highlights give a sense of depth and intricacy, perfect for those who appreciate a detailed and refined aesthetic.

Green Glitter French Nails

Nails with geometric patterns in glittering green.

This design is all about fun and creativity, featuring a clear base with sections of bold, glittering green creating a geometric pattern. The contrasting textures and the sparkle against the bare nail make for a visually intriguing design that’s both stylish and spirited.

Seafoam Green Ombre With Golden Streaks

Seafoam green ombre nails with golden streaks and glitter accents.

Dipped in the colors of a tranquil sea, these nails flaunt a dreamy seafoam green ombre with golden streaks cascading down each nail. Accents of dark green leaves and gold glitter create a celestial touch, making for an elegant and luxurious design.

Mint Green French Tips & Gold Accents on a Creamy Base

Nails with a minty green French tip and sparkling embellishments.

Dazzling with golden and silver accents, these nails boast beautiful mint green French tips. The clear base allows the natural beauty of the nail to shine through, complemented by delicate line art and crystal embellishments for a truly magical touch.

Mint Green Nails With Glitter Tips & Gold Chains

Mint green nails with green glitter French tips and gold chain and gem details.

These stiletto nails are a symphony of mint green and sparkle, blending into a frosted tip adorned with glitter. Gold chains and tiny studs across the nails add an edgy yet glamorous touch, while the glossy finish catches the light, ensuring these nails are nothing short of show-stopping.

Light Green French Tips on a Creamy Base

Mint green French tips with back lines and silver embellishments on a creamy base.

With a creamy base, these long stiletto nails are the canvas for a sophisticated design, featuring light green French tips edged with black lines. The delicate black branches growing from the tips are adorned with crystals and tiny beads. The overall effect is one of understated elegance, perfect for those who appreciate a hint of natural beauty with their glamour.

Sage Green & Blush Combo With Flowers

A hand with long nails painted in alternating sage green and blush, adorned with white floral designs.

These nails present a harmonious balance between sage green and soft blush tones. The look is accented with delicate white flowers, creating a serene and feminine vibe. The varied designs on each nail keep the eye moving, making for a dynamic yet soothing appearance.

Gold Accents & Studs on a Pastel Base

Almond-shaped nails with a mint green base and geometric gold studs.

Long almond-shaped nails are given an artistic touch with a mint green base, embellished with geometric gold studs and delicate silver lines. The placement of the studs adds a three-dimensional aspect to the design, making it a perfect blend of modern art and fashion.

Classic Dark Green French Tips

Short rounded nails with dark green French tips.

These short, oval nails feature a minimalist design with a rich, dark green French tip. The clean lines and contrast with the nude base offer a timeless and sophisticated look that’s effortlessly chic and perfect for any season.

Vibrant & Forest Green French Tips With Glitter

A hand with short, square-shaped nails featuring vibrand and forest green French tips lined with glitter.

A timeless French tip with a twist! The nails boast a nude base, topped off with a classic French tip in vibrant and forest green hues, edged with a line of sparkling glitter for that extra bit of fancy. This manicure is a sophisticated blend of traditional style with a splash of contemporary color.

Pink & White Flowers on a Green Base

Nails with beautiful floral art on a soft green background.

These nails here feature a soft green background that is blooming with detailed floral art. The intricate pink and white flowers, complete with dark green leaves, offer a romantic and feminine touch, perfect for those sunny days or spring/summertime weddings.

Soft Green Ombre With Gold Details

A hand with almond-shaped nails in light green ombre embellished with gold swirls and gem accents.

The soft ombre effect over a pastel green nail polish forms the perfect backdrop for delicate gold swirls and tiny gem accents in this design. These nails exude a gentle elegance and are ideal for those who love a hint of sparkle with their pastel tones.

Mint Nails With Rose Gold Accents

Mint green nails with rose gold accents and beads.

Mint green nails are given an artistic twist with drizzles of rose gold. The metallic accents, paired with tiny beads and flecks, give the impression of an abstract painting, perfect for a touch of artistic flair in a chic package.

Teal Green Nails With Subtle French Tips

Almond-shaped nails painted in a deep teal polish ending with subtle white French tips.

A sleek and elegant design, these almond-shaped nails are coated in a deep teal nail polish and finish with ivory white tips. The color is rich and uniform, offering a sophisticated and contemporary look that’s perfect for a night out or a formal event.

Gradient Greens and Blues

Square-shaped nails with a gradient of green and blue hues in a glossy finish.

A playful and modern look, these glossy, square-shaped nails feature a gradient of green and blue hues ranging from soft mint to a vibrant leaf green, ending in a deep teal. The smooth transition of colors makes for a bold and cheerful statement.

Subtle Mint Green Ombre With Flowers

Mint green ombre nails with botanical design.

A beautiful blend of art and sophistication, these muted mint green ombre nails feature a creamy base with a gradient to green at the tips. Delicate green leaves and pink flowers are carefully painted over the transition, offering a cool botanical aesthetic.

Cherry Blossoms on a Pastel Base

A hand with long, oval nails painted with cherry blossom branches on a pastel green background.

These nails bloom with the delicate beauty of spring blossoms. The soft pastel green base is the perfect canvas for the pink and white cherry blossoms and black branches, turning each nail into a celebration of spring.

Light Green Ombre Nails With Golden Tips

A hand with long pointy nails featuring a light green ombre base and a golden glitter French tip.

These pointy nails feature a light green ombre base that is embellished by a delicate line of golden glitter at the tips. Each nail also features tiny gemstones in various colors, creating a glamorous feel that adds a pop of color to the design.

Emerald Green Gradient French Tips

Nails with a sparkling emerald gradient and clear turquoise tips.

These nails start with a nude base and transition from a glittering emerald green to a clear turquoise tip. The fine glitter fades up the nail, creating a luxurious gradient effect that catches the light beautifully. It’s a festive choice that’s perfect for special occasions in all seasons.

Light Green Nails With Floral Design

Almond-shaped light green nails with hand-painted red flowers.

These almond-shaped nails are a canvas for the hand-painted florals that bloom across them. With a soft, light green backdrop, the nails feature a bouquet of red flowers and green leaves, offering a look that’s both romantic and artistic.

Teal Green Nails With White & Dark Green Tips

Stiletto nails with a teal to white gradient and dark green tips.

These stiletto nails make a splash with a bold teal base that melts into a crisp white in the middle and dark green at the tips. The elegant geometric shapes create an interesting design that’s both sharp and stylish.

Pastel Green French Stilettos

A hand with long stiletto nails featuring pastel minty green French tips with a silver glitter accent.

This manicure on long stiletto nails showcases a unique twist on the French tip, featuring a minty green nail polish that creates a crisp contrast against the nude/pink base. Silver glitter down the center adds a dash of glamour, ensuring these nails won’t go unnoticed.