Red Hot: 40+ Copper Hair Color Ideas That Will Bring the Heat

Ready to heat things up and add some major spice to your strands? Then it’s time to join the copper hair trend! This fiery hue is straight-up 🔥 and comes in so many gorgeous shades, from soft strawberry blonde to rich auburn to bright penny copper. Whether you’re a natural redhead looking to switch things up or a blonde/brunette wanting to try something new, there’s a copper shade with your name on it.

Let’s take a look!

Dark Cowboy Copper

Woman with playful cowboy copper hair.

The wild west vibes are strong with this cowboy copper hair color. It’s a playful mix of rustic tones and spirited vibrancy that suggests adventure and a free-spirited nature.

Classic Copper

Woman with a blackberry hair color

Embrace timeless elegance with a classic copper hair color. This vibrant, fiery shade is both daring and chic, offering a nod to the vintage beauty of the ’60s while remaining effortlessly modern. Classic copper is ideal for those who want to turn heads while looking elegant at the same time.

Flaming Copper

Woman with bold copper red hair.

Bold and fiery, this copper red hair is a fierce statement of confidence. The seamless blend from roots to ends gives it an effortless allure that’s both modern and timeless.

Golden Copper Balayage

Curly copper balayage hair against a cozy indoor background.

Exquisitely dimensional, this copper balayage captures the essence of autumn’s palette. Its harmonious blend of dark roots and coppery lengths creates a sun-kissed radiance that’s both luxurious and playful, perfect for the fashion-forward who love a touch of natural drama.

Copper Highlights on a Dark Brown Base

Woman with a classic burgundy hair color

The dark brown base/bright copper highlights combo brings a vibrant pop of color to your locks, creating a stunning contrast that’s both eye-catching and playful. The bright copper highlights add a touch of fiery brilliance, making your hair look lively and dynamic.

Light Honey Copper

Woman with honey light copper wavy hair.

This honey light copper hair is sweetly sophisticated, with gentle waves that dance through the lightest of copper hues, reminiscent of the warm, inviting tones of honey.

Auburn Red Hair With Copper Highlights

Woman with a black cherry hair color

For those who adore depth and dimension, auburn red hair with copper highlights is a stunning choice. The deep, rich auburn base intertwined with shimmering copper highlights creates a multi-dimensional effect that catches the light beautifully.

Dark Copper Brown

Woman with a dark merlot hair color

The dark copper brown hair color is the perfect way to add warmth and richness to your mane without straying too far from your natural brunette base. This color offers a subtle yet striking twist, combining the depth of dark brown with the warm undertones of copper.

Natural Copper

Woman with rich, natural copper hair cascading down her back.

Natural copper is a rich, dimensional color that’s both grounding and full of life. It’s perfect for those who desire a hair color that feels as innate as their own personality.

Light Chestnut Copper Brown

Soft chestnut brown hair with subtle copper reflections.

A whisper of copper infuses this elegant chestnut brown hair with a mysterious allure. It’s a subtle nod to the copper trend without overwhelming the senses, offering a refined and versatile look that can transition through all seasons.

Copper With Ginger Undertones

Woman with vibrant copper ginger hair and a playful smile.

This copper ginger hair color is like a spark of flame in a sea of subtlety. It dances between the vibrant ginger roots and the soft, sunset-like ends, embodying a fiery spirit with a soft soul.

Light Orange Copper

Woman with vibrant copper orange wavy hair.

Drenched in the warmth of a copper sunset, this vibrant orange hair color is a showstopper. The glossy finish and soft waves showcase the depth and dimension of the hue, perfect for any season.

Burnt Orange Copper

Deep burnt orange copper hair with voluminous curls.

This burnt orange copper hair color is a lush, vivid spectacle, reminiscent of a smoldering sunset. The deep, rich coppery tones meld with hints of russet to create a look that’s both intense and sophisticated, ideal for anyone looking to add some heat to their style.

Mahogany Copper

Woman with deep copper mahogany hair styled in curls.

Copper mahogany is a rich, dimensional hue that wraps warmth and depth into one. It’s a sophisticated choice that combines the earthiness of mahogany with the vibrancy of copper.

Copper Blonde

Woman with a cherry brown hair color

If you want to add a bit of warmth to your blonde mane, the copper blonde hair color is your best bet. This shade combines the lightness of blonde with the warm, golden undertones of copper, creating a stunning, sunlit effect. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to brighten their appearance while keeping a natural, earthy vibe.

Light Copper Balayage

Woman with copper balayage highlights on brown hair.

A beautiful marriage of depth and light, this copper balayage on brown hair is like a chocolate river with shimmering copper streams. The understated elegance of the dark base enhances the warm, lustrous streaks, creating an air of mystery and depth.

Copper With Gentle Blonde Highlights

Woman with copper hair featuring blonde highlights.

Copper hair with blonde highlights is a masterpiece of contrast and harmony. The golden highlights flirt with the deeper copper base, creating a dynamic yet cohesive look that’s bold and beautiful.

Sun-Kissed Copper

Woman with vibrant light copper hair and subtle curls.

Light copper is a shade with a harmonious balance of ginger and soft copper tones, making it an ideal transition for anyone looking to subtly spice up their look without overwhelming it.

Radiant Golden Copper

Woman with golden copper wavy hair.

As if kissed by the golden hour sun, this hair color brings a soft, ethereal glow. The waves reflect the light perfectly, showcasing the seamless transition of golden tones through the copper.

Coppre Ombre

Back view of a woman with copper ombre hair.

Cascading from a rich, velvety darkness into a burnished copper ombre, these locks are nothing short of enchanting. The smooth transition captures a sultry yet sophisticated look that’s effortlessly chic for any season.

Light Ginger Copper

Woman with a raspberry red hair color

If you’re looking for a hair color that’s both sweet and spicy, light ginger copper is your go-to shade. This color strikes the perfect balance between a soft ginger hue and a radiant copper, creating a warm, sunny look that looks especially amazing on pale skin. Think of it as the golden hour captured in your hair, giving you that perpetual, sun-kissed glow.

Auburn Copper

Side profile of a woman with flowing copper auburn hair.

This copper auburn hair color is a ravishing blend of fiery red and warm brown, creating an effortlessly chic look that’s both vibrant and natural. The way it subtly transitions from deep auburn to glowing ember tips exemplifies modern sophistication with a sassy twist.

Light Brown Copper

Woman with a mahogany red hair color

The light brown copper hair color is the epitome of understated elegance. This shade is perfect for those who want to add a gentle warmth to their brown hair without going too bold. The subtle copper undertones infuse your locks with a radiant glow, making your hair look effortlessly chic and sophisticated.

Bright Copper Balayage

Lush, bright copper balayage on wavy hair.

Like autumn leaves bursting into color, this bright copper balayage boasts vibrant shades that cascade down in a waterfall of fiery tones. Each strand is a stroke of the artist’s brush, blending orange and red hues that catch the light with a dazzling effect, perfect for the bold at heart who want to make a statement.

Blonde Copper

Woman with blonde and copper blended hair, styled in soft waves.

A perfect blend of warmth and sunshine, this blonde copper hair color is a masterpiece of subtlety. The golden undertones mix with soft copper hues to create a seamless, sun-kissed effect that glows with natural dimension. It’s the quintessential choice for those who want to keep it light while playing with a touch of fiery passion.

Deep & Intense Copper

Woman with intense deep copper wavy hair.

Here’s a twist on the classic copper, with a deep intensity that takes it to another level. The hue blends beautifully with darker roots, making it a seamless choice for those who want to add some serious depth to their style.

Copper Bronze

Smiling woman with lustrous copper bronze waves.

The copper bronze hair color here is a stunning display of molten metals. This shade radiates with the intensity of copper and the richness of bronze, offering a regal yet edgy aesthetic that commands attention.

Orange Copper With Shadow Root

Woman with copper hair and a trendy shadow root style.

The copper hair with shadow root is a modern twist on classic elegance. The darker roots transition into a luminescent copper, offering depth and an edge of contemporary chic.

Classic Light Copper Red

Woman with light copper red hair with a gentle wave.

This shade is a dance between bold reds and understated copper, creating a dynamic yet harmonious look. It’s perfect for anyone ready to turn up the heat on their hair color while keeping it effortlessly cool.

Light Chocolate Copper

Rich chocolate hair color with copper highlights.

Indulge in the rich, creamy shades of this chocolate copper hair color. The deep brown base is enlivened with molten copper highlights that ripple through each strand, creating a deliciously dynamic look that’s both cozy and chic.

Copper Brunette

Woman with copper brunette hair styled in soft waves.

Combining the best of both worlds, this copper brunette hair color is a sultry mix of earthy brown and fiery copper highlights. The result is a warm, multi-dimensional look that’s low-maintenance yet high-impact.

Light Copper Brown

Woman with light copper brown hair and soft waves.

The subtle interplay of light brown and soft copper gives this color a down-to-earth richness that’s as stylish as it is chic, perfect for anyone who embraces natural charm.

Dark Strawberry Copper

Woman with vibrant, wavy strawberry copper hair.

Strawberry copper is a delicious twist on the classic redhead. This shade is perfect for the playful at heart, those who embrace their individuality and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Each curl is kissed with a hint of rosiness, creating a look that’s as refreshing as a berry picked straight from the vine.

Copper Gold With Warm Undertones

Back view of a woman with luxurious copper gold wavy hair.

Here we see a cascade of copper gold waves that evoke the luxury of a golden hour glow. This shade melds the richness of copper with the bright allure of gold for a truly opulent hair color.

Copper With Rose Gold Undertones

Woman with copper rose gold hair.

The romantic allure of rose gold meets the earthy charm of copper in this mesmerizing hair color. It’s a subtle yet striking choice that radiates sophistication and style.

Dark Red Copper

Woman with luxurious dark red copper curls.

The richness of this dark red copper hair is reminiscent of a fine aged wine. Luxurious curls cascade down, offering a feast for the eyes with their luscious shine and the captivating depth of the color.

Lightened Copper

Woman with subtle faded copper straight hair.

This faded copper hue is all about understated elegance. It whispers rather than shouts, but don’t be fooled; this color carries an air of sophistication that is undeniable and captivating in its subtlety.

Deep Copper With Red Undertones

Woman with voluminous, wavy reddish copper hair.

The hues of this reddish copper hair color capture the fiery essence of a blazing sunset, with a richness that suggests an untamed spirit. Each strand plays with a spectrum of red and orange, creating a multidimensional sea of color that’s as deep as it is vibrant. Perfect for the bold soul looking to turn heads and hearts, it’s a color that declares confidence without saying a word.

Soft Copper

Woman with soft, wavy copper hair.

With its muted tones, this soft copper hair color is a delicate mix of light and shadow. The perfect choice for anyone seeking to add a touch of romance to their look, it’s a subtle nod to the copper trend, offering just enough luster to warm the complexion and ignite a spark of intrigue.

Pumpkin Spice Copper

Woman with rich pumpkin spice copper hair.

This luxuriant pumpkin spice copper is the epitome of autumnal glamour. Its rich, spicy tones are balanced with hints of auburn, creating a head-turning effect that’s as cozy as it is chic.

Dark Coral Copper

Woman with a dark plum hair color

For a unique and trendsetting look, the dark coral copper hair color is a fabulous option. This shade blends deep copper tones with a hint of coral, resulting in a color that’s both bold and beautiful. It’s perfect for those who want to stand out and showcase their individuality with a vibrant, fashion-forward hue.