30+ Stunning Reddish Brown Hair Colors You’ll Absolutely Love!

Photo of a smiling young woman with reddish brown hair.

Welcome to the ultimate style refresh guide, where we dive deep into the world of reddish brown hair colors – a palette that’s rich and inviting, and suits almost all skin tones.

Whether you’re someone who loves experimenting with new looks or just looking to add a little something extra to your hair, you’ve come to the right place! We’re about to walk you through over 30 absolutely stunning reddish brown hair color ideas that will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

From deep mahogany shades to vibrant red hair, these color ideas are your ticket to turning heads and expressing your unique style.

Let’s explore the different shades that will make your hair your most envied accessory!

Classic Auburn

A woman's back showing her shiny, wavy auburn hair.

Embrace the timeless elegance of this classic auburn shade, where deep red and brown notes mingle to create a harmonious symphony of color. This hair color exudes a natural sophistication that’s both bold and understated, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement without saying a word.

Vibrant Burgundy

A woman's back showing her long, wavy burgundy hair.

Dive into the rich depths of this velvety burgundy dream, a hair color that speaks volumes of your boldness and depth. With its dark red and purple undertones, this color is the epitome of hair sophistication, suitable for all seasons.

Warm Chestnut

Flowing, wavy hair in a warm chestnut brown shade.

Indulge in the rich and inviting hues of chestnut brown, a hair color that exudes warmth and comfort. It’s a classic shade that instantly evokes cozy feelings of crisp autumn days and crackling fires in the fireplace. With its perfect blend of depth and warmth, it’s a timeless choice that will accentuate your natural beauty, bringing out the best in your hair.

Deep Cherry Red

Vibrant, wavy cherry red hair that's bold and striking.

Set free your vibrant side with this cherry red luster that’s bold, bright, and full of life. This hair color is for the daring, for those unafraid to make a statement and draw every eye in the room. Red cherry is not just a color, it’s an attitude!

Glossy Mahogany

Rich mahogany colored hair with deep red undertones.

Step into a world of elegance with mahogany hair color, a deep, woodsy hue with hints of red that shimmer in light. This luxurious shade is rich and velvety, providing a sophisticated aura that’s both modern and timeless. Mahogany is the go-to for anyone looking to enrich their hair with a color that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

Rich Copper Brown

A woman with shiny, flowing copper brown hair.

Exude elegance with this rich copper brown hair color. This shade strikes a delightful balance between a deep brown base and shimmering copper highlights, offering a multidimensional look that radiates in any light. It’s a sophisticated choice for those who want a subtle twist on a natural color.

Dimensional Maroon

Dark maroon colored hair with a hint of purple mystery.

Discover the deep and decadent tones of maroon hair color, a blend that sits at the exquisite intersection of red, purple, and brown. This sumptuous shade offers a contemporary twist on classic red, providing a mysterious and sultry look. Maroon is the perfect pick for fashion-forward individuals seeking a touch of drama and distinction.

Cherry Cola Chic

Luscious, wavy hair in a deep cherry cola color.

Indulge in the rich, fizzy sweetness of cherry cola chic. This deep, burgundy red shade is deliciously intoxicating, offering a darkly romantic vibe that’s as refreshing as it is mysterious. It’s a color that promises sophistication with a hint of the avant-garde.

Dark Red & Brown Fusion

A person with long, wavy dark red-brown hair.

Embrace the fusion of deep red and brown in this exquisite hair color. The rich, velvety tones are reminiscent of a fine red wine, offering a color that is both deep and vibrant. It’s a luxurious shade for those who value richness and depth in their hair color.

Glowing Amber

A woman's back showing her long, wavy amber hair.

Bask in the warmth of these glowing amber waves, a rich blend of honeyed hues that cascade in perfect harmony. The lustrous sheen captures the light, reflecting a spectrum of golden tones that whisper autumn romance and sophistication. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of sunlight to their style, this reddish-brown hair color is a versatile choice that compliments a wide range of skin tones.

Chocolate Cherry Waves

Deep, wavy hair in a luscious chocolate cherry shade.

Savor the depth of chocolate cherry delight, where the richness of dark chocolate merges with the tantalizing hue of cherry red. This hair color is the epitome of indulgence, offering a sultry and luxurious shade that’s both bold and irresistibly sweet.

Bright Merlot

A woman's hair with a deep merlot red color, styled in waves.

Embrace the richness of a full-bodied merlot with this deep, berry-red hue that’s as bold as it is elegant. Perfect for those who want to make a statement, the shade plays with light and shadow to give a multidimensional look that’s both chic and daring.

Chocolate Red

Long, curly hair in a deep chocolate red color.

Chocolate red hair color is a beautiful blend of brown and red tones that creates a deep, rich shade, perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. This color is both classy and daring, making it a great choice for anyone who loves fashion.

Vivid Ginger Copper

A person's hair in a bright ginger copper color, flowing with soft curls.

This gleaming ginger copper hair color is a radiant choice, reminiscent of the warm glow of sunset. The vibrant ginger hues mixed with rich coppery tones create a look that’s both fiery and captivating. It’s a color that’s sure to turn heads and add a spark of creativity to your style.

Subtle Russet Tones

Soft russet tones in a hairstyle that's effortlessly chic.

For a more subdued yet equally enchanting look, russet hair color is your go-to. This understated reddish-brown shade mirrors the autumnal leaves and is perfect for someone looking to add warmth to their style without overpowering.

Cinnamon Red Waves

A woman with shoulder-length, wavy cinnamon red hair.

Step out with a burst of spice with these cinnamon red waves. The color is a perfect blend of fiery red and auburn undertones, reminiscent of cinnamon sticks used in warm winter drinks. It’s a bold yet wearable shade that adds a punch of color to your hair without overwhelming your look.

Burnt Sienna

Long, wavy hair in a stunning burnt sienna shade.

Revel in the depth and warmth of this burnt sienna hair color, where vibrant red meets the subtle undertone of sienna earthiness. This hair color brings a touch of fall’s splendor to your look, making it perfect for anyone who wants to stand out with a natural yet bold hue.

Dark Red Copper

A person's hair in a dark red copper shade, styled in soft waves.

This dark red copper hair color is a luxurious shade that combines the intensity of red with the warmth of copper, resulting in a vibrant, multidimensional look. The deep tones are perfect for adding a touch of mystery, while the copper highlights catch the light and add a subtle glow to your complexion.

Rich Deep Red Brown

A person's hair in a deep red-brown color, with natural waves.

Embrace the glamour of this rich deep red-brown shade, a perfect harmony of sultry reds and earthy browns. This hair color is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated, yet bold change. The deep tones provide a stunning backdrop for the red to subtly play off of, making it a striking choice for any season.

Burgundy Copper Shades

A smiling woman with vibrant burgundy copper hair.

Step into the spotlight with this enchanting burgundy copper hair color, a magnetic hue that balances the fiery spirit of red with the earthy depths of brown. This color is a perfect choice for those who desire a hair color as unique and daring as they are.

Fiery Burnt Red

A woman with short, wavy burnt red hair.

Ignite your look with this fiery burnt red shade, a color that’s as daring as it is warm. This vibrant hue is reminiscent of a flickering flame, offering a bold contrast that can truly turn heads. It’s the perfect match for someone with a spark in their spirit.

Cinnamon Copper

Flowing hair with a vibrant cinnamon copper hue.

Fall in love with the cinnamon copper charm, a hair color that radiates with the spicy warmth of cinnamon and the shimmering brightness of copper. This vibrant color combination is perfect for adding a spicy edge to your look, making it an instant eye-catcher.

Radiant Copper Burgundy

A person with voluminous, copper burgundy colored hair.

Illuminate your style with the radiant copper burgundy glow. This hair color merges the best of both worlds, featuring the deep wine tones of burgundy with the bright, metallic sheen of copper. It’s the ultimate color choice for someone looking to add warmth and depth to their hair.

Light Cinnamon

A person's hair in a soft light cinnamon shade, styled with gentle waves.

Discover the sweet and delicate light cinnamon hair color. This shade is a soft blend of light brown with a sprinkle of cinnamon spice, making it a subtle yet flavorful choice for those who prefer a gentler approach to reds. The light cinnamon tones are perfect for adding a dash of warmth to your natural hair color.

Rich Rust Brown

Luxurious rust brown hair that shines with warm undertones.

The rust-brown hair color blends red and brown in a way that brings to mind the beauty of autumn. It’s a versatile shade that adds a touch of warmth to the complexion and shines brilliantly in sunlight.

Chocolate Brown with Red Highlights

A person with dark brown hair featuring dark red highlights.

Discover the charm of this radiant chocolate brown with fiery red highlights. This sumptuous blend of colors creates a dynamic and dimensional look, perfect for adding warmth and vibrancy to your style. The red streaks catch the light, adding a playful yet sophisticated twist to the classic brown.

Dark Brown with Red Highlights

A person with dark brown hair featuring dark red highlights.

Dive into the depths of this mysterious dark brown enhanced with dark red highlights. The subtle yet striking red streaks peek through the darkness, offering a hint of color that makes a statement in a sophisticated manner. It’s perfect for those seeking a touch of drama.

Cherrywood Elegance

Luxurious, wavy hair in a deep cherrywood color.

Step into the realm of elegance with this cherrywood shade, where the richness of red wine meets the grounded tranquility of the forest. This hair color is for those who stride with grace and sophistication, making an impression that lasts.

Spiced Cinnamon Cocoa

Long, wavy hair in a rich cinnamon cocoa color.

Embrace the warm, spiced cinnamon cocoa hair color that’s as inviting as a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day. This color is a seamless blend of rich brown with a dash of spicy cinnamon, creating a cozy yet chic look that’s perfect for any season.

Voluminous Ginger Beer

Woman with luminous ginger beer colored hair in soft waves

Let the warm and vibrant tones of ginger beer hair color pour richness into your style. Perfect for those looking to add a spicy twist to their look, this color blends deep reds with a touch of amber brightness, creating a lustrous effect that’s both fiery and sophisticated. Whether it’s cascading waves or a sleek bob, the ginger beer hue promises to add depth and warmth to your locks, making it a fabulous choice for any season.

Redwood Shine

Radiant redwood red hair cascading down in soft waves.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of redwood trees, this hair color brings a warm, earthy red tone that’s both natural and sophisticated. The subtle blend of red and brown gives a grounding effect, ideal for any season.

Gentle Soft Copper

Gentle soft copper hair that glows with natural luminosity.

Soft copper is a dreamy, light-reflective hair color that brings a gentle yet vibrant energy to your overall look. It’s perfect for those looking to brighten up their appearance with a subtle, sunny shimmer.