The Hottest Shades of Burgundy Hair Color for 2024

Woman with dark burgundy colored hair on the streets of NYC.

Burgundy is having a major moment, and we are so here for it! This deep, vampy purplish red is downright bewitching and the perfect way to add some sultriness to your look. Not to mention that burgundy hair color can actually make you look younger by bringing out a gorgeous glow in your complexion!

Whether you’re a deep brunette looking to add some dimension to your hair or a bold blonde wanting to go dark, there’s a sexy burgundy hue for you out there. From vibrant cherry-red to deep merlot and everything in between, we’ve rounded up the most crush-worthy shades of burgundy to inspire your next color sesh.

Let’s find your shade!

Dark Plum

A woman with silky, sumptuous plum-colored tresses.

Plum is where the richness of red meets the mystery of purple. This shade is deep, regal, and perfect for those looking to make a confident statement without saying a word. With its deep violet undertones, it flatters a wide range of skin tones, from fair to dark, making it a versatile choice for anyone craving a splash of drama.

Rich Wine Red

A woman with rich wine red colored hair with soft curls.

The shades of this wine red hair color range from deep burgundy to a subtle hint of cherry red, creating a stunning multidimensional look. It’s a color that is very rich, and is perfect for those with both cool and warm undertones in their skin. This color is versatile and sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for someone looking to add a touch of luxury to their appearance.

Burgundy Red

A woman with deep burgundy red waves cascading down the back.

This rich burgundy red hair color is deep and captivating. The blend of dark red hues suggests an air of mystery and elegance, perfect for someone who commands attention without saying a word. It’s a universal shade that complements most skin tones, especially cool ones.

Dark Cherry

A woman with luxurious dark cherry hair color with voluminous waves.

Dark cherry hair color combines the sweet lushness of red cherries with a touch of dark mystery. It’s an exquisite hue that looks stunning on those with both warm and cool skin tones, offering a tantalizing contrast that’s as enticing as the fruit it’s named after.

Classic Maroon

A woman with glossy, wavy maroon hair.

Classic maroon is your hair’s answer to the little black dress; timeless, elegant, with a hint of mystery. Its deep red and brown fusion exudes a classic allure, offering a luxuriant vibe that’s both sophisticated and bold. This versatile shade is a hit across a spectrum of skin tones, gracing its wearer with an air of intrigue.

Burgundy Violet

A woman with deep red violet colored hair

Red violet is a stunning dance between passionate reds and deep purples. It’s a vivid, statement shade that exudes confidence and charm. This color works wonders on those with cool or neutral undertones, bringing out a lively and captivating presence.

Deep Red Burgundy

A woman with vibrant deep red hair flowing in waves.

Deep red is a fiery statement, bold and unapologetically passionate. It’s a sizzling hue that mimics the inner flame of those who choose to wear it. Surprisingly versatile, this shade complements both pale and dark skin tones, allowing the wearer to bask in its warm glow.

Bright Crimson Red

A side profile of a woman with vibrant, crimson red hair.

This crimson red hair is not for the faint of heart. It’s a bold, unapologetic red that burns brightly with hints of a darker undertone, reminiscent of a flame in the night. It’s a color that particularly suits neutral skin tones, making it stand out in a crowd.

Deep Maroon With Purple Undertones

Front view of a woman with maroon purple hair.

This hybrid shade is for those who adore the romance of purple but want the grounded sophistication of maroon. It’s especially flattering on neutral skin tones, providing a majestic and modern twist to your look.

Vibrant Merlot

A woman's long, curly merlot red hair against a brick background.

Just like its namesake wine, the merlot hair color is rich, full-bodied, and absolutely intoxicating. It’s a symphony of dark reds that resonate with an inner light, perfect for warming up fair complexions or accentuating the undertones of darker skin. It’s a sip of confidence for anyone ready to make a bold statement.

Light Mahogany With Hints of Copper


Radiating warmth, the copper mahogany hair color weaves coppery tones through deep mahogany shades, creating an overall effect that’s both vibrant and natural. It’s a versatile shade that complements a variety of skin tones, adding warmth to pale complexions and enhancing the glow of darker skin.

Dark Red With a Touch of Purple

A woman with dark red and purple toned hair in loose waves.

This dark red and purple hair color is the hair equivalent of a bold berry cocktail. It’s a fearless fusion of purples and reds, resulting in a shade that’s both edgy and wearable. This vivid color pops beautifully against an olive or fair complexion, giving a vibrant frame to the face. Definitely for the daring spirit that’s ready to turn heads and captivate hearts.

Dark Red Velvet

A woman with rich red velvet colored hair

This hair color is just so luxurious, with deep red tones that are rich, sultry, and velvety smooth. The perfect choice for those with warm undertones in their skin, it casts a glow that’s both decadent and delightful.

Vivid Garnet

A woman with wavy hair gleaming with a deep garnet shade.

This jewel-toned beauty shimmers with the facets of red and subtle hints of darkest pink. It’s a color that promises sophistication and depth, pairing wonderfully with medium to dark skin tones, and creating a lustrous sheen that’s hard to miss.

Raspberry Red

A woman with vibrant raspberry colored hair

Raspberry red is a flirtatious play of deep pink and red tones, resembling the juicy fruit in its prime. This shade is a delightful choice for those with cool to neutral skin tones, offering a refreshing pop of color that’s both sweet and tart in its appearance.

Bright Ruby

A woman with stunning ruby red hair in soft waves

Dive into the intensity of ruby red, a gemstone-inspired shade that sparkles with color and light. This hair color is a treasure, offering a radiant hue that flatters cool skin tones especially well, lending them the fiery brilliance of a polished ruby.

Dark Mahogany Hues

A woman with soft waves in a dark mahogany hair color.

Diving into the rich depths of this dark mahogany hair color, we’re greeted with a luxuriously deep hue that’s reminiscent of a fine red wine. The subtle intertwining of dark red and brown creates a sophisticated look that’s as warm as it is inviting. Perfect for the one who wants to whisper their style rather than shout it. Ideal for cooler skin tones, it brings a flush of color without overpowering.

Natural Auburn

A woman with a gentle flow of natural auburn curls.

Natural auburn is the quintessential romance between burnished red and the softest hints of brown. It’s a color that conjures up images of autumn leaves against a clear sky. This natural auburn shade is a perfect choice for those with medium to warm skin tones, casting a glow that’s both earthy and fiery.

Sangria Balayage on Dark Hair

A woman with deep sangria hair color in waves.

The sangria hair color captures the essence of the fruity, punchy beverage. It’s a playful yet bold mix of red and purple tones, like a party for your hair. Best suited for those with neutral to warm skin tones, it’s a color that promises fun and excitement.

Vivid Mulberry

A woman with luxurious waves of mulberry hair color.

The magical mix of red and purple hues in this mulberry hair color is vibrant and deeply pigmented, reminiscent of the berry itself. It’s a shade that plays well with cooler skin tones, bringing out an ethereal beauty that’s both playful and sophisticated.

Burgundy Magenta

A woman with wavy, burgundy colored hair with magenta undertones.

Imagine the most exotic bloom in the garden, and you have this burgundy magenta hair color! It’s a flirtatious fusion of deep red and purple tones, creating a vibrant look that’s as unique as a rare orchid. This color shines on both cool and warm skin tones, so it’s truly versatile.

Deep and Rich Burgundy Wine

Side profile of a woman with wavy burgundy wine-colored hair.

With the depth of a well-aged wine, this burgundy hair is intoxicatingly beautiful. The balanced mix of red and purple is timeless, fitting for anyone aiming to add a touch of luxury to their look. It’s a color that particularly flatters those with deeper skin, offering richness.

Bright Auburn

A woman with vibrant bright auburn colored hair.

This bright auburn hair color is a fiery blend of red and brown, with a warmth that seems to radiate from within. It’s a vibrant, spirited hue that enhances the complexion of those with both fair and darker skin tones, offering an instant lift and a splash of youthful vigor.


A woman with short, tousled aubergine burgundy colored hair.

Like the vegetable it’s named after, this aubergine hair color offers a feast for the eyes with its rich, dark purple shades that border on black. This deep, mysterious hue has a dramatic effect and is perfectly suited for those with cool to neutral skin tones, adding an element of sophistication and depth.

Light Burgundy With Copper Undertones

A woman with wavy, mid-length burgundy colored hair with copper highlights.

The burgundy copper hair flows like a molten mixture of red and brown, offering an autumnal warmth that’s as spicy as it is sophisticated. With a touch of russet sunlight shining through, this shade will set any complexion aglow, but it’s especially dazzling on neutral skin tones.

Light Mahogany Brown

Side view of a woman's wavy light mahogany brown hair.

Light mahogany brown strikes the perfect balance between softness and depth. The luscious blend of light brown and a kiss of red gives a refreshing twist to the classic mahogany. This airy hue is a fantastic match for those with lighter skin tones, giving a glowy, youthful vibrance.

Deep Bordeaux

A woman with long, wavy bordeaux red colored hair.

The bordeaux hair color here is nothing short of intoxicating, much like the wine it draws its inspiration from. It swirls together tones of deep red and brown, creating a rich, full-bodied color. This shade is particularly flattering for those with warm skin tones, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.

Rich Mahogany

A woman with luxurious rich mahogany colored hair

Embrace the depth of rich mahogany, a shade that offers an exquisite blend of deep brown and subtle red tones. This color exudes sophistication and a timeless elegance, and is ideal for those with medium to dark skin tones for a naturally refined look.

Cabernet Red

A woman with vibrant, full-bodied cabernet red hair with voluminous curls.

This cabernet hair color is a feast for the senses, a sumptuous red that speaks of evening soirees and velvet gowns. Its rich, dark tones are a perfect match for those with cool or olive skin tones, offering a look that’s both opulent and effortlessly chic.

Pomegranate Red

A woman with pomegranate colored red hair.

Feast your eyes on this pomegranate hair color, a luscious, vibrant shade that bursts with a unique blend of red and fuchsia, ideal for those with fair to olive skin tones. It’s a shade that’s both playful and alluring, with a hint of exoticism.

Luxurious Maroon With Hints of Violet

A woman with shiny, deep maroon waves on medium-length hair.

The deep maroon hair color whispers tales of autumn leaves and evening sunsets. It’s a rich, velvety shade that harmonizes red and brown tones to a near-mystical perfection. It’s a universally flattering hue that pairs well with any skin tone, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to the wearer’s overall look.

Crimson Burgundy

A woman with rich, wavy, crimson burgundy colored hair.

The crimson burgundy hair color is a fiery fusion that commands attention, mixing bold crimson with deeper burgundy for a complex color that turns heads. It’s a hue that can adapt beautifully to cooler skin tones, offering a striking contrast that enlivens the senses.

Garnet Red

A woman's back showing deep garnet red hair with varying shades.

Garnet red, a slightly deeper hue than classic garnet, blends into a deep, sultry burgundy, creating a dimensional look that’s as luxurious as it is daring. This shade is a perfect match for someone with a cool or neutral skin tone, looking to add a pop of color that’s both stylish and sophisticated. With each strand catching the light, this color is sure to turn heads and keep all eyes on you.

Dusty Amaranth

A woman with shiny, straight amaranth burgundy colored hair.

This sultry amaranth shade is a showstopper, cascading down in soft waves that seem to capture the last blush of a sunset. The deep pinkish-red hues are woven seamlessly into the locks, offering a color that seems to pulse with life. It’s a color that complements those with warm undertones, bringing a glow to olive and deeper skin tones.


A woman with glossy, curly damson colored hair with purple tones.

Dark and delightful, damson hair color offers a mix of deep plum and burgundy tones, creating an enigmatic vibe that’s both sophisticated and edgy. It flatters a wide range of skin tones, especially cooler complexions, adding a dramatic flair to the wearer’s appearance.