5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Weight Under Control During The Pandemic

Ways To Keep Your Weight Under Control During The Pandemic

Let us face it. The pandemic has changed a lot around us. Whether it is working, eating, relaxing, or just keeping healthy, everything has undergone a major change. 

While the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to be one of the major humanitarian crises of our times, it is important to keep one’s sanity and try to be safe and healthy. 

A lot of people are worried about their health issues, risks, and weight gain during the pandemic. 

Social media platforms have been rife with fitness influencers and dieticians trying to help people keep fit and maintain healthy living practices. 

In this resource article, we speak to Andrew Hanoun, one of the leading weight experts of our times. We ask him about five effective ways to keep our weight under control during the pandemic. 

But before we begin, let us first look at some reasons that are contributing to an increase in weight gain during the pandemic. 

Why are people putting on weight during the pandemic?

Firstly, all of us anxious about so many things during the pandemic. The sight of empty grocery shelves is still very much in our memories. This is forcing us to buy more food than we usually would. 

The overstocking of food is translating into a lot of people eating away things, especially perishables when the expiry date is emerging. This is adding to a definite weight increase. 

Secondly, there is a lot of negativity all around. Some of us are using eating as an excuse to compensate for the lack of other things. For example, we are not being able to meet our friends, travel as we could, and slogging away because of our WFH setups. 

This has made food the only go-to support to feel happy. As there is no restriction, we are eating more of what we liked. Whether it is more fried foods, or desserts, or even chocolates. 

Lastly, online food delivery platforms are accessible and open to working in almost every part of the world. As we cannot go out and eat physically at restaurants, we are ordering more food and takeaways than ever before.

List of 5 Effective Ways to keep your weight under control during the Pandemic

Why are people putting on weight during the pandemic

Shift your Diet to Vegetables and Fruits

Andrew Hanoun suggests that it is high time we integrate a lot more vegetables and fruits into our diet. As our physical activities are restricted, digestion becomes a problem. Vegetables and fruits can help in providing the body with all the vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants while at the same time preventing the accumulation of proteins and carbs. 

Try to take Small Walking Breaks throughout the day

Many health experts still suggest that going to the gym or visiting public places like parks is still not advisable. This is why our regular exercises and walking habits have been curtailed. It is important to take regular and small walking breaks for everyone one hour. This will allow your muscles to stretch and enable some form of calorie burns throughout the day. 

Do as much of Household Work as Possible

While most of us are still wary of allowing house-helps it is probably a good time to start doing all the household work yourself. You will be surprised to know how much benefit small work areas like vacuuming, dusting, laundry, cleaning, and manual dishwashing can do. Regular household work will ensure that your body muscles are getting some kind of activity. 

Stay Hydrated by Drinking Water

A lot of us try to get through our day by chugging coffee during work hours and then drinking to relieve stress. This is not a great thing to do. It is important to keep your body hydrated and drink at least three to four liters of plain water. If there is water in your belly, there is a lesser chance of you getting hungry. Water also helps improve digestion and reduce fatigue. 

Sleep Better and Meditate to Reduce Anxiety and Stress Levels

Andrew Hanoun states that weight gain is intricately linked to rising stress and tension levels. This is why it is important to ensure that you are meditating every day and trying to sleep better. This helps in the generation of positive hormones, gives you clarity of thought, and reduces levels of anxiety. This will help you keep your weight under check in an indirect fashion. 

The Final Word

In this resource article, we have tried to help answer some effective ways of controlling your weight during the pandemic. If you are able to identify the problems and put the strategies in execution, you will have no problem checking your weight.