5 Reasons You Should Switch To Organic Skincare In 2021 by Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny

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Are you looking for a cleaner, non-chemical-based alternative to regular skincare and makeup?

Do you know why leading celebs and actresses are moving towards organic products for their daily skincare regimen?

Have you tried to find out or compare your present chemical-based skincare products to organic products to understand the difference?

Everywhere you look, the world seems obsessed with the word ‘Organic’. It has dominated our imagination in everything from food to skincare; from clothes to cooking utensils.

The trend towards researching, adopting, and using organic products is not something, which is new. The newness comes from the recent education around issues like Global Warming, Climate Change, and other dangers to our world.

According to Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, it is high time the world looks for natural, cleaner, and more sustainable ways to use everyday things.

In this article, we speak to Amanda Jo and ask her about five reasons why people should look to switch to organic skincare in 2021.

However, before we do, let us first look at what it really means when we use the word ‘Organic’ in skincare products.

Organic Skincare: What you should know?

According to leading skincare experts and health experts, a product is truly organic or can be considered as one if-

  • 70% to 95% of the product’s entire ingredient list is created from truly natural and organic ingredients.
  • The product and the brand has been able to get Certification and Licenses from Governmental authorities for using the word ‘Organic’.
  • The process of sourcing the ingredients, harvesting the same, manufacturing the product, and product packaging are all done in an eco-friendly sustainable fashion.
  • The skincare product is responsible for the environment and no harmful chemicals, toxins, or gases are released into the environment.

Experts like Amanda Jo also point out that it is important for consumers to understand the difference between an organic skincare product and a natural skincare product.

The latter is not subject to the stringent quality testing processes or has to secure licenses and certifications to use the word natural. In fact, in the last few years, many brands have started using the word natural in a loose fashion.

In other words, using the word natural has become more like a marketing and promotional stunt for many brands looking to capitalize on the recent craze and demand for organic skincare products.

5 Reasons you Should Switch to Organic Skincare in 2021 by Amanda Jo

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Chemical-Based Products can cause Harmful Diseases

The first and probably the most obvious reason for avoiding regular skincare products is because of their harmful chemical ingredients. In the recent past, medical discoveries and scientific studies have shed light on the dangers of using skincare products, which have chemicals.

Such studies have unearthed the connection between harmful diseases like cancers, infertility, and others due to repeated usage of these chemical skincare products. Organic products do not contain any harmful chemicals and as such do not cause any illnesses or diseases.

This means that using organic skincare is truly a gift, which should be used by all. There are no risks attached to organic skincare products, and you do not have to worry about your elders or your kids suffering from their adverse side-effects.

Organic Skincare Products deliver Great Results

Human beings were not created in laboratories. We came into being in the most natural way possible. Our skin, organs, and other internal elements are attuned to nature and its natural goodness. This is why organic products deliver greater results on skin care-related issues.

If you are someone who is affected with acne, you should use soft natural skincare treatments. Using harmful chemicals to fight acne can result in the creation of rashes and marks. This is why organic skincare products never have any adverse side-effects following use.

The natural processes of the skin healing naturally, being devoid of pigmentation, and not showing adverse effects of pollution can all give your skin the original natural glow.

Responsibility towards our World and its Environment

Chemical products are produced in large industrial units, which release harmful toxins and chemicals into our atmosphere. The entire process from securing raw materials naturally to the final packaging is done using recyclable material.

Nothing goes to waste and all these small elements contribute towards having a positive impact on our environment. It is a cleaner, safer, and much more natural process of creating skincare products, which respects the planet, its environment, and its climate.

We need to understand that there should be a conscious attempt and intention to limit greenhouse gases and other toxins from entering the atmosphere. This can only be possible if we act responsibly and choose the products and services, which do not pollute the environment.

Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

There is a general misconception being spread about how organic skincare products that celebrities use are very expensive and beyond the reach of normal individuals. However, this is all propaganda and should be addressed in the correct manner possible.

Organic skincare products are affordable and cost-effective. If you measure their value and see the results they give, you will find the same to be well within your budgets and affordability. Look for smaller brands with proper natural processes in place. This will give you a better idea.

The prices of organic skincare products are not sky-high as it is made out to be by competitor brands that are still flooding the market with chemical-based products.

Promotion of an Overall Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Even if you start from something like organic skincare and see results, you will be encouraged to then opt for organic food. This might be followed by healthy ways of fitness and lifestyle. Organic products encourage the overall development of a human’s health and lifestyle.

Using natural ingredients, staying away from chemicals, indulging in fitness and exercise will be able to cleanse your body from the inside out. This will lead to fewer illnesses, better immunity, great digestion, and healthy, glowing skin.

The Final Word

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny concludes by saying that the process of procuring, creating, packaging, and distribution is done in an ethical fashion. If you start using organic skin care products in 2021, you will indirectly be making a great and positive resolution for yourself in 2021.