Dating Asian Girls: 3 Asian Dating Sites to Try

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Many people do not have the boldness to walk up to other people and ask them out on a date. For some others, they’ve toiled day and night and searched hard, but they can’t seem to land a relationship. Online dating sites are certainly a great option. For many people, it is the only option. While online dating sites have continued to gain popularity over the last two decades, it is also a numbers’ affair. For instance, Asians in the United States and many parts of Europe haven’t exactly been adequately represented in such popular sites.

This sad trend where minorities cannot find a good voice has inspired the creating of several platforms wholly dedicated to finding Asian girls. Several of them have sprung up in recent years, intending to help men like you find the Asian girl of your choice. You may ask, why Asian? But I’ll also ask you, why not? Asian girls are strong, hardworking, supportive, loving, and cute. Many of them have a wild side too, but you’ll just need to know how to get it out.

However, you may have concerns about online dating due to bad experiences in the past. Whether it’s the lack of secrecy, web security, and just generally bad quality, you have a good reason to be skeptical. However, a few you can trust among all the bad and poor quality online dating sites. If you’re up for some Asian thrill, here are three great dating sites to try;

1.   AsianDate

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If you’re a man seeking a beautiful Asian girl, AsianDate is probably the right place for you. Certainly, you need a place where there are more girls than men, so you can have many profiles to choose from. With lots of communication options, it’s a great site for interaction. Apart from having more than 1.6 million members, some great features make this platform truly amazing for dating Asian girls.

–       Interpreter: There’s a feature called the 3-Way Call Interpreter on the AsianDate platform. This was included to help solve misunderstandings that may occur due to language differences. This person acts as a third party to interpret everything that is said for better communication. However, it will be wise not to say anything sensitive due to the presence of someone else.

–       Gift Deliveries: It’s no news that ladies love to be treated special, and Asian girls are not left out. You can show just how much you care by buying and sending a true gift to the lady of your dreams. AsianDate provides that possibility for you to purchase the gifts, make payments, and get them delivered to her doorstep. A picture will also be taken of her and the gift after delivery.

– Virtual Gifts: What virtual gifts lack intangibility makes up for their ability to show your interest and effort to make the other person happy. 

Lastly, ladies make up at least 75% of members in AsianDate. This means many possibilities to find the one for you of you’re a man seeking an Asian partner. Their ages range from 20 to 45 years.

2.   Match

With 29 million members and users worldwide, Match has truly established itself as one of the most effective and trusted online dating sites in the world. Although not built for Asians, it has an exclusive Asian category that gives you the freedom to interact with as many of them as possible while searching for your soulmate. It has a whopping 900,000 people actively online every day, which gives you lots of room for meeting new and amazing people every day. is popular for the following reasons;

– Has a “boost” feature that gives your profile 60-minute enhanced visibility.

– The “match me” option enables you to show up when certain users do certain searches.

– There is also a “Match Guarantee” offered by the platform. It’s 6-month free access you get if you don’t find anyone after your first six months on the platform.

–       “Match Events” offers real-life opportunities for members to interact with others in social gatherings like wine tasting events and bowling nights.

Others include a fast signup process, 26 profile photos, no cost to look at photos, no charge for exchanging likes, a high success rate, and multiple options from around the world.

3.   Cherry Blossoms

This is another Asian-specific online dating platform with more than 50,000 active members. That seems like a small number, no doubts, but Cherry Blossoms is growing steadily and fast, taking its place among the world’s best and most reliable dating sites. From the Philippines and China to other parts of Asia, this is one place to find them all. If you’re looking to hitch an Asian girl, here are a few reasons why you should try out Cherry Blossoms;

– The platform offers free membership.

– Access to personalized matches, profile creation, 12 profile photo uploads, and the ability to view other members’ profiles.

– Professional guide.

Final Words

There are several other sites out there like eHarmony and Elite Singles, among others, these three above have been tested and tried. Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, you can try out any of the three and find that soulmate that you’ve long searched for.