6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Brazil

Visit Brazil

Brazil is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in South America. Whether you are visiting the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and date women from Rio or you want a taste of the metropolitan life in Sao Paulo, this country does not disappoint.

If it happens to already be on your travel bucket list, then you are in for a real treat. There are, however, a few things that you should know to ensure that you have as awesome of a trip as you possibly can.

Here are 6 of these must-knows before visiting Brazil.

There’s more than just beautiful beaches and that statue of Jesus

Brazil has a lot to offer in terms of attractions in addition to what is widely publicized. For example, there are multiple scenic mountain trails including Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain. Then there are the numerous in-town galleries, shops, and restaurants in places like Paulista Avenue, Lapa and Santa Teresa when you want a more urban vibe.

Traffic rules are a little different; at least their execution

The rules are pretty much similar especially when it comes to intersections and street lights. However, there is a bit more laxity with drivers often ignoring light changes especially when there is low traffic. So when it turns green do not go speeding off or crossing the road unprepared. Make sure to check that no one is in the last minute rush to beat the change from yellow to green.

There is a lot of good booze

If you like your liquid fun, Brazil will not disappoint. There are a lot of wineries in places like Minas Gerais and Rio. You can pay a visit to these vineyards to learn about their wine brewing culture and for a tasting if you are interested.

They also have amazing craft beers that you should definitely try out. Just note that they have smaller alcohol servings there especially for beer. So don’t be surprised when your order comes in a ½ pint cup or smaller

It isn’t all sunshine and tanning days

Tanning In Brazil

Brazil is known widely for having warm weather most of the year. While this is true, it is important to note that the tropical climate means that anything is possible. You can get a thunderstorm literally raining on your parade that one day of your trip you decided to be a beach bum. There is even time of the year where highland regions in the country experience snow. Anything is possible as far as weather is concerned here.

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They predominantly speak Portuguese

It is a common misconception that Brazilians, like other Latinos, mainly speak Spanish. This isn’t the case. Most people here speak Portuguese which is something you might have to be prepared for, especially if you are planning on meeting or dating a brazilian man.

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So no, your high school Spanish classes won’t help and neither with that Spanish quick translator book or app that you bought.

There is Uber there; use it

This will save you a lot of time and emotional energy as you do not have to keep asking for directions. Just get your Uber and get going. It also saves you a lot of money by allowing you to escape the numerous foreigner traps that cab drivers set.

Bottom line

Being adequately prepared for your trip is truly the best way to make the most out of it. With these six tip-offs, it is unlikely that anything will catch you off guard or ruin your trip. So go forth and enjoy all that Brazil has to offer stress-free.