Everything You Should Know About Myrtle Beach Hotels for 18-Year-Olds

checking into a hotel at 18

With the arrival of the spring months on the GrandStand comes the droves of teenagers looking forward to celebrating the annual tradition of spring break. 

Earning the title of “#1 Spring Break Destination” is a testament to the fact that Myrtle Beach is a fun place for 18-year olds. And the fun doesn’t end here; whether it is the Pepper Geddings Skateboard Park or The Market Common, there are plenty of on-site amenities geared towards your age group.

Being a teenager, you might not get the accommodation you wish for and can end up yearning for an extended stay in this beach city. The good news is that when you and your pals plan a trip to the GrandStand, you could book Myrtle Beach hotels for 18 year olds through authorized, affiliated links.

Your 18+ Hotel Options

You will find the highly popular resorts on the Beach Club Drive, combining a beachfront location with all the upscale amenities you could ever imagine. And if you have planned a budget vacation, you could opt for hotels, such as those on the North Ocean Boulevard and Surfside Beach. Though inexpensive, you can still enjoy the sought-after ocean view—a treat for the eyes.

General Hotel Check-in Age Requirements

The reputed hotels on North Oak Street, Beach Club Drive, and North Ocean Boulevard have 18 as their check-in age. However, other hotels maintain the standard at 21.

And yet there are a few Spring Break locations in the GrandStand with an age requirement of 25, 23, 22, 20, or 19 to avoid a party atmosphere. Though these policies are not standard, you can make the best out of the age limit exceptions that most Myrtle Beach hotels for 18-year-olds offer.

Myrtle Beach Laws for Age Limits

The beach city adheres to South Carolina’s Lodging Establishment Act, Title 45. The law states that you are minor, only if under 18 years of age. Otherwise, you are an adult, with all the rights to check-in and stay in a Myrtle Beach plush hotel without a guardian.

Moreover, under Section 45-2-30, it’s not legal for an innkeeper to claim accommodation refusal, which would be valid if you were a minor.

ID Proofs

Typically, the renowned Myrtle Beach hotels don’t check ID for age. However, they reserve the right to review your ID proof, containing a photograph, setting forth your name and address.

Since you are over 18 years, Section 45-2-50 allows the hotel management to maintain a record of your verified personal details, dates of arrival, and departure.

Limited Stay Options for 18 Year Old’s

A recent report reveals that Myrtle Beach is among the top 3 dangerous cities in the U.S.

Did you know 1 out of every eight male drivers in the 15-24 age group accounts for 12.1% of accidents in the beach city? Such statistics fuel the fact that most Myrtle Beach hotels tend to stereotype young people as scofflaws.

As per South Carolina state law, it is illegal to consume alcohol on beaches and other public areas. But the typical youth thinks otherwise, and many a time falls into the legal trap. It is one of the leading arguments why hotels in the GrandStand avoid 18-year-olds without a guardian.

Checking into Marriott at 18

Located on the Costa Verde Drive, the Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort is an AAA-rated Four Diamond hotel, offering you a pleasant retreat to an oceanfront luxury.

In the case of such resorts, the hotel sets the age-limits, rather than the corporate brand. Thus, it is advisable not to rely on hotel brand names for check-in age policies.

Best Places to Visit Near the 18+ Myrtle Beach Hotels

As an 18-year-old on a fun trip to Myrtle Beach, you would surely fall in love with the 60 miles of soft, white pristine sandy beachfront.

To start with, you and your teen buddies can try some outdoor watersports on the Little River Neck Road, 21 minutes away from the Beach Club Drive. The beach city presents refreshing water parks, such as those on South Ocean Blvd, which is hardly 10 minutes away from North Ocean Blvd. And if you and your pals are shopping lovers, you won’t be disappointed; the Grand Stand boasts grand malls, like the one in Coastal Grand Circle, which is quite close to all Myrtle Beach hotels for 18-year-olds. You can also enjoy the nightlife and the beautiful girls of Myrtle Beach. There are plenty of places to hookup with single women in Myrtle Beach.

Summing Up

For almost 70 years, the Myrtle Beach area has been a popular beach destination for teens across the country. All thanks to its fabulous beaches and affordability of memorable attractions. With Broadway on the beach, you can experience 350 acres of exciting nightlife and top-class restaurants. 

Don’t let your age be a roadblock; check with reputed consultants for your 18+ hotel check-ins to enjoy the non-stop celebrations the GrandStand presents.

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