Red Dress Outfit Ideas to Steal for Different Occasions

red dress outfit ideas

The red dress is just about as timeless as it gets. This piece is literally perfect if you want to be the centre of attention at any special occasion you have coming up! The versatility of a red frock is what makes it so worth investing in, so once you’ve taken the time to find one that fits you like a glove, you’re going to want to gather a few gorgeous outfit ideas! Keep reading to discover a couple of to die for red dress styling ideas that you are absolutely going to want to steal for every event coming up on your social calendar…

Classic Chic

A red dress is all kinds of classic, so it’s super easy to play up the timeless tone of your frock! Get a little Hollywood glam with it and reach for your string of pearls. Add a swipe of red lipstick, twist some curls into your hair and step into a pair of pointed toe heeled mules. A small clutch in a soft metallic tone will be your perfect finisher to this simple yet seriously sophisticated get up.


Monochromatic looks are amazingly eye-catching and a tonne of fun to put together once you get the hang of it! Choose varied versions of red to transform the vibe of your gorgeous red frock. Try a pair of burnt orange shoes, a deep wine toned clutch, a fire engine red lipstick and raspberry toned resin jewellery. These will work with one another to create a stunning, warm and eye-catching scene that is ideal for really special occasions.

Autumn Leaves

Speaking of warmth! The toasty tones of your red frock are going to look so great if you take the time to highlight them! This means adding to your outfit with all rich, warm colours and materials. Drape layers of yellow and rose gold chains around your neck, grab a rich silky shawl in a jewel tone and grab an embroidered clutch in a harmonising autumnal shade. Upping the warmth of your red dress is going to pay off big time on dusky summer nights. This is unique, creative and sure to stand out from the crowd.


Bring some moody vampy drama to your red dress by adding some deep navy, purple and forest green tones. This is going to create a beautifully romantic and seductive mood, amazing for winter time events. Keep your makeup dramatic and smokey, add a few eye-catching hair accessories and you’re ready to go!

Pops of Pink

Red and pink are a match made in hue heaven! Add pops of pretty pastel pink to your frock with your shoes, clutch, shawl, makeup and maybe even a hair ribbon. This really switches up the sultry vibe of your red dress and creates a delicate, unique look that will have you feeling like you’re wearing an entirely new dress!

How to find the perfect red dress…

With so many ways to wear your red dress, it’s a wonder why we don’t all have at least one stashed away in our wardrobes! Look for a dress that’s neutral enough to try out all of your stylistic tendencies and moods. Choose a versatile material in a red that you feel balances beautifully with your skin tone and overall colouring. The right red will make you shine, so it’s worth trying out a few to find the right shade that’s perfect for you.

Are you ready to land your dream red dress?