3 Stunning Photo Display Ideas to Light Up Your Home

Stunning Photo Display Ideas to Light Up Your Home

Looking at pictures is a way to relive memories, allowing us to revisit a moment in time that has passed. In a home, a photo display allows families to relive their favorite times together and showcases their familial bond.

Rather than pull out the heavy family photo albums, why not display their greatest hits on the wall for everyone to see more conveniently? Of course, this involves some design sense as clutter and disorganization can negatively affect general well-being.

To learn about what goes into creating a photo display wall, check out the suggestions below.

1. Creating a Display Without Frames

It can be expensive and time-consuming to display all your photos with proper frames. If your photo display wall is not in a formal setting, you don’t really need frames at all!

For example, you can explore displaying photos with washi tape. This tape is made from traditional Japanese paper made from Japanese shrubs. That makes it super eco-friendly for homeowners who make that a priority.

Washi tape is big in Japan, which means you can find it in practically any color or pattern under the sun. It also peels off the wall without leaving any damage behind.

For a small wall space, it would look cute to display photos with washi tape the way you would prepare a paper for watercolor painting. Tape all sides of the photo down with the corners overlapping.

2. Creating a Gallery Exhibition Wall

A gallery exhibition wall is one of the most popular ways to create a photo display. This method is best for large wall spaces and can display a large number of photos. First, select which photos to use and have them framed.

To play around with the photo arrangement, cut some paper of the same shape and size as your photos. Tape them to the wall to plan out how your gallery will look.

If on a budget, you could turn this into an art project for yourself or the family. You can get together and make homemade frames for the photos with materials like popsicle sticks.

If dealing with a small space, you could also combine photos with a free photo collage app to reduce the number of frames you need.

3. Creating a Hanging Photo Display

Another way to display photos without frames is to get creative with hanging photos. Using materials like binder clips or clothespins, you can hang the photos virtually anywhere.

One charming idea is to hang fairy lights and clip photos to them. Or, hang a decorative item on the wall, like a branch, and hang a string of photos from it.

Setting Up a Photo Display

Setting up a photo display involves careful planning and a good amount of time investment. The more time you invest, the less money you need. The biggest time investment is likely sorting through all your memories and choosing the most significant ones for the photo display wall.

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