Maintenance and Style Ideas for Hair Loss During Cancer or Alopecia

Bald Head Care Tips

Losing hair because of chemotherapy or having developed alopecia can be a devastating experience.

Both of these conditions contribute a great deal of stress for people who suffer from them.

While the disease itself makes life incredibly difficult, adding loss of hair may worsen the situation further. The sudden change in a persons physical appearance can make leaving the house stressful.

Many cancer survivors say that hair loss as a side effect of chemotheraphy caused them stress because they did not want others to know about their medical condition. Same goes for those with alopecia.

Unfortunately, a lot of people associate a bald head with cancer or some other disease, and therefore concealing the fact you are unwell can become hard.

There is a way to surpass this dilemma – preparing ahead of time to deal with these circumstances can help you solve this problem.

Below is a list of ideas that will help you cope with the anxiety around hair loss as well as help you take care of your skin.

Why Does It Happen?

The cancer-killing drugs used during treatment of people attack cell formations, which include hair follicles.

Though these powerful medications are used to attack growing cancer cells, unfortunately, the drug attacks other cells of the body, too.

Hair loss due to alopecia is believed to be tied to a malfunction in our autoimmune system. Because of this malfunction hair follicles get damaged, as with chemotheraphy.

Alopecia may cause mild or complete hair loss, not just from the scalp but also from the armpits and other body parts. It can also cause complete baldness.

Ways to Protect Your Head During and After Treatment

Bald Head Care

Ways to Protect Your Head During and After Treatment

There are several ways to protect your head while going through this tough time. Here is a small list:

Keep it Clean

Choose organic and hydrating shampoo to clean your head. Chemically filled shampoos irritate the skin by drying it out. Steer clear from chemically driven preservatives such as methylparaben, butyl, ethyl, propyl, methyl, etc.

Protection from the Sun

Lengthy exposure to sunlight can be harmful to your skin, even if you do not suffer from cancer or alopecia. Chemotherapy, however, makes the skin even more sensitive and, therefore, prone to getting burnt.

Apply Sunblock with UVB and UVA protection. Reapply the sunblock every two hours.

Better yet – take a cap or scarf or even wear a wig to keep your head safe. 

Keep It Moisturized

Chemotherapy drugs can make the skin dry and irritated, which can cause infections.

It’s essential to keep your skin moisturized by using an organic cream, lotion, or ointment. After a shower, apply a moisturizer to the scalp and gently rub until absorbed.

Try Bee Bald’s Smooth Head and Face Moisturizer or Proactiv’s Green Tea Moisturizer.

Use Lukewarm Water

Our skin is very sensitive in a lot of areas. Therefore, using hot water can give it a burning sensation. When taking a shower or a bath, make sure you use lukewarm water instead.

Pay Attention While Using The Oven

Just as you take care of your hands and other body parts while coming in contact with fire, you need to protect your head. A blast of heat from the oven can burn the top of your head, so make sure you keep it covered while you cook.

Style Ideas For Dealing With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy and Alopecia

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A lot of people who experience loss of hair because of illness stress about their changing appearance. Luckily there are several good ways to compensate for it. Following is a list of ideas you can employ to feel better about your looks during this hard time.


Versatile in style, color, and patterns, scarves are a great way to take control of your new appearance. The options are endless – everyone can find something that fits their style. Scarves are also less expensive than other options.

Keep the following in mind when choosing a scarf!

  • Make sure the fabric is breathable, soft, and lightweight. The best options are cotton of rayon. You can pick cotton or rayon stuff for that.
  • Pick a scarf that fits your personality. It will boost your confidence.
  • Rectangular scarves can be used to give an impression of simply covering your hair.
  • Thicker scarves give more volume.


Another alternative is to wear a hat. They are comfortable to wear and come in numerous styles, colors, and options. As with scarves, a hat helps you express your style. Additionally, they are among the least costly options.

  • Keep the following in mind when picking a hat:
  • It should fully cover your head.
  • Pick one that has a secure fit so that you can feel comfortable while wearing it.
  • Try various hats like turbans, sleep caps, sun hats, knit hats, and others. You may find a new style that fits you perfectly.


Wigs or hair extensions are also a good option. Wigs of Hair and Beauty offer a variety of styles, colors, and lengths. 

Though this option is expensive, a wig can boost your confidence and help alleviate the stress revolving around hair loss.

Pick a wig that suits your personality.

  • If the price is not an issue, choose a human hair wig for a natural look. You can also find a good looking synthetic one in a reasonable price range.
  • The stability of wigs is important, so consider all types of wigs before purchasing.

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Which Option Should You Choose to Deal with Hair Loss While Facing Serious Illness?

We hope this article provided helpful tips for protecting your skin when you cope with illness-induced hair loss.

When it comes to maintaining your original appearance, wigs are likely the best option. However, wigs with natural hair can be a bit pricey. Alternatives such as hats and scarves can be a great way to express your personality and feel comfortable in your skin.

Scarves can be instrumental if you want to leave an impression of covering your natural hair. They come in different shapes, sizes, and thickness that helps you achieve this goal. 

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