25+ Stunning Purple Hair Color Ideas You Need To Try This Year

A woman with vibrant purple hair flowing in the wind, wearing sunglasses, and looking upwards with a joyful expression.

Purple is a beautiful and unique hair color that can make you look elegant, stylish, and youthful.

There are many different shades of purple to choose from, so you can find one that matches your skin tone and eye color. Whether you have long or short, thick or thin, or straight or curly hair, there’s a purple hairstyle that will work for you.

In this article, you’ll find some great ideas and inspiration to help you find the perfect purple hair look for your age, complexion, and lifestyle. Check out the images below to see some great examples!

Ashen Elegance

A woman's hair colored in soft ash purple, styled with waves and a half twist.

This style features a soft ash purple hue that exudes sophistication. The subtle twist at the back adds a touch of intricacy to the otherwise flowing waves, providing a look that’s both understated and captivating. It’s perfect for those who want to add a hint of color while maintaining an air of professional grace.

Lavender Fusion

Long hair with a blonde and purple ombre, styled in soft waves.

Cascading waves of blonde hair transition into a bold splash of purple, embodying a playful yet graceful ombre effect. This look marries the classic brightness of blonde with the deep mystery of purple, perfect for those looking to showcase their dynamic personality.

Burgundy Bliss

Woman with shoulder-length, burgundy purple hair, posing with a smile in a salon setting.

Embrace the rich intensity of burgundy bliss. This luxurious hue combines the warmth of red with the depth of purple, resulting in a sophisticated, wine-inspired color. It adds a touch of mystery to the medium-length hairstyle that’s perfect for those wanting to make a bold fashion statement.

Cool Whimsy

Blonde hair with blue and purple highlights, styled in loose waves.

This hairstyle is a delightful dance of color, featuring blonde hair with streaks of blue and purple highlights. It’s an ideal choice for someone who loves a splash of color and isn’t afraid to show off their creative side.

Vivid Vibrance

Woman with bright purple curly hair.

This look is all about making a statement. The bright purple curls are a bold expression of personality and style. The perfect combination of curl and color, this style is for those who want to turn heads and showcase their vibrant side.

Plum Perfection

Profile view of a woman with deep plum-colored wavy hair.

The embodiment of elegance, this shoulder-length style in a deep plum shade exudes sophistication. The rich purple tones are perfectly balanced with hints of red, creating a vibrant yet deep color that shines with every turn. Ideal for those looking to add depth and warmth to their look.

Midnight Mixture

Hair with a blend of dark and light purple shades, styled in waves.

Diving into the depths of purple, this style showcases a beautiful blend of dark and light purple shades that intermingle to create a mysterious yet inviting look. The waves add a playful contrast, perfect for those who wish to combine a dark allure with a hint of whimsy.

Dusty Lavender

Hair in a dusty lavender shade with soft curls.

This hairstyle radiates a serene and dusty lavender shade that suggests a vintage charm with a modern twist. The soft curls enhance the hair’s texture, making it a sublime choice for anyone looking to embody both past and present elegance.

Purple Spectrum

Profile view of a woman with layered, multi-shaded purple hair, styled in waves.

Celebrate the diversity of purple with this playful mix of shades. From deep violet to light lavender, these layers of purple create a vibrant spectrum that showcases the versatility of purple hair. The wavy, shoulder-length cut enhances the dynamic colors, making it a standout style for any occasion.

Lilac Dream

Hair in a soft lilac hue styled in gentle waves.

The light, airy lilac hue of this hairstyle is like a dreamy whisper of color. Styled with gentle waves that cascade gracefully, it creates an ethereal look that’s perfect for a soft, romantic aesthetic.

Azure Accents

Hair with purple roots transitioning into light blue ends, styled in waves.

This unique style starts with a rich, pastel purple that eases into a tranquil light blue, reminiscent of a twilight sky. It’s a bold statement that marries cool tones in a harmonious fashion, ideal for those who embrace a splash of fantasy in their style.

Mermaid Whirl

Long, wavy hair with a blend of purple and teal colors.

This hairstyle is a mesmerizing swirl of deep purples and vibrant teals, creating an aquatic fantasy that’s perfect for those who want to make a splash with their hair color. The glossy waves enhance the sea-inspired theme, offering a look that’s as daring as it is dreamy.

Violet Vogue

Woman with textured bob cut in a bold violet hair color, giving a fierce look.

Step into the world of violet vogue, where the boldness of purple meets the edge of fashion. This striking shade of violet brings a sense of avant-garde to the textured, choppy bob. It’s a perfect match for the fashionista daring to defy convention with a splash of vibrant color.

Soft Amethyst

Hair in a light amethyst shade styled in curls.

This hairstyle showcases a delicate amethyst shade that glows with a gentle luminosity. The curls are styled to perfection, providing a look that’s both chic and whimsical, perfect for those looking to subtly stand out.

Lilac Hush

Gentle lilac-colored hair with a wavy texture.

This style captures the tranquil essence of a lilac in bloom. The soft purple shade is perfect for those who prefer a subtle hint of color, while the waves give the hair a dynamic movement, blending modern chic with a touch of romance.

Neon Twist

Back view of a person with a neon purple twisted bun hairstyle.

This updo with its neon purple hues is a true conversation starter. The high bun not only shows off the playful color but also offers a modern twist on a classic hairstyle, ideal for both a casual day out or a fancy evening event.

Pastel Perfection

Back view of hair with a pastel purple color and gentle curls.

Embrace the softer side of purple with this pastel hue. The light purple gives off a serene and delicate vibe, while the loose curls add a feminine touch that’s both dreamy and sophisticated.

Twilight Tints

Woman with wavy hair colored in a blend of purple and blue shades.

Dive into the depths of the ocean with this mesmerizing blend of purple and blue. The wavy, shoulder-length bob is reminiscent of mermaid tales, perfect for those looking to add some mythical magic to their look.

Subtle Highlights

Woman with ashy blonde hair featuring subtle purple highlights, looking contemplatively to the side.

For those who prefer a whisper of color, these subtle purple highlights woven into ashy blonde strands are a testament to purple’s versatility. This look offers a fresh take on classic highlights, with just the right amount of color to intrigue without overwhelming. It’s the perfect balance of natural and playful.

Ombre Ocean

Hair with deep purple roots transitioning to vibrant blue tips.

Dive into the depths of color with this stunning purple and blue ombre. The deep purple roots flow into a vibrant blue, reminiscent of an ocean wave, ideal for anyone with a love for bold, aquatic-inspired colors.

Plum Swirl

Hair with a subtle balayage in plum tones.

This chic purple balayage blends seamlessly into the hair, creating a sophisticated swirl of plum-like tones that’s both modern and versatile. It’s the perfect style for those who want a touch of color without overwhelming their look.

Violet Streaks

Long hair with violet balayage highlights.

A classic balayage technique gets a pop of color with streaks of violet running through dark hair. This style is ideal for someone looking to introduce a playful yet polished color into their hairstyle.

Purple Spectrum

Long, wavy hair showcasing a range of purple shades.

This hairstyle is a canvas showcasing a spectrum of purple shades, from deep violet to lighter lilac. It’s a full-bodied style that represents the vast range of purple hair possibilities, suitable for anyone looking to experiment with their hair color.

Sunkissed Purple

Blonde hair with vibrant purple tips, styled in soft waves.

The striking contrast between the natural blonde tones and the vivid purple tips in this hairstyle brings a sunny disposition with a dash of mystery. It’s perfect for those wanting to blend a natural look with an unexpected pop of color.

Subtle Violet

Long hair with subtle purple highlights.

This look features a natural base color elevated by soft purple highlights. It’s a tasteful way to add a playful touch to your hair without committing to a full-head color, suitable for those testing the waters of vivid hair colors.

Lavender Fade

Hair with a natural root fading into lavender ends.

The gentle fade from a natural root to lavender ends gives this hairstyle a whimsical ombre effect. It’s an ideal choice for someone looking for a low-maintenance style that still offers a colorful personality.

Lilac Streaks

Woman with long hair featuring violet purple streaks.

For those who love a more subtle approach to hair color, this look with lilac streaks on a brunette base is effortlessly chic. It’s a great way to add dimension and a pop of color to your hair without a full commitment to a bright shade.

Deep Violet

Side view of a woman with dark hair and subtle purple highlights.

This style showcases soft plum streaks, offering a touch of purple that blends seamlessly with natural hair. It’s an elegant way to play with color, adding a unique but understated twist to your hairstyle.

Faded Elegance

Woman with long faded purple hair, styled in relaxed waves, posing in a salon.

Step into the subtle sophistication of faded elegance. This style captures a gentle transition from a more intense purple to soft, muted ends, offering a lived-in look that’s both casual and refined. Perfect for those who wish to indulge in color with a softer approach, it’s a look that pairs beautifully with natural makeup and a confident, serene expression.