9 Benefits Only People in Long Distance Relationships Get To Enjoy

Benefits Only People Long Distance Relationships Enjoy

My sister recently got accepted into a university far from home. We were excited.

In the midst of the celebrations, she asked me what I thought about her boyfriend being several states away from her. Largely because I did not want to ruin her happiness, I told her I thought she would be fine.

I even assured her that she was lucky to get to explore the world, all the while having a boyfriend. In my mind, however, I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the maximum time the kids had was 6 months before calling time of death on their relationship.

The funny part is, it has been a year, and they seem even more in love than I assumed. A little research showed me that our long distance relationship friends might be exclusively having fun without telling us.

So the question is:

Is a Long Distance Relationship Worth It?

I can say yes for sure and to prove it to you I put together the most common benefits of a long distance relationship. But watch out for Toxic LDR signs.

Benefits Of Long Distance Relationship

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Remember the saying that says, familiarity breeds contempt? Well, the opposite is true. You are likely to miss someone who is absent then one who is overly present.

2. Lust and trust are exclusively differentiated

When aquickie is no longer on the table, the true foundation of the relationship shakes. After a while, trust takes over, and the worry that they may only be with you for the lust is gone.

3. Long distance couples get to communicate truly

When meeting and making out is no longer a possibility, communication becomes the cornerstone of your relationship. Sitting down and listening to your partner tell you about the barrister who mixed their coffee order suddenly feels deeply erotic.

4. Memorable moments

Couples that get to meet only once or twice a year get to appreciate the concept of making memories. An ice cream date in the park becomes picture worthy and a late night dinner becomes an entire episode of How I Met Your Mother. But thanks to technologies LDR couples never run out of LDR games and date ideas.

5. Planning is a lesson well learned and practiced

If you are only able to see your loved one thrice or less a year, you practically become a guru at working with the whiteboard. Shifting plans and rearranging meetings become a superpower put to good use.

6. These relationships come with a lot of travel and adventure

Each one of us would love the opportunity to travel dating every so often. A couple in long distance relationships gets to live out our dreams all the time!

7. Guess who gets off-time?

Even in the most loving of relationships, we sometimes need a little me-time. In long-distance relationships me-times automatically happen. You can even choose to have a lazy day without feeling guilty on account of your partner.

8. The knowledge that if your relationship survives, all are going to make it

If your relationship gets to survive times apart, not even Becky with the good hair can break it down.

9. Independence in the relationship is appreciated

Couples who live nearby are always at risk of overdependence on each other. Partners living far apart get to appreciate doing things alone and finding peace with being alone.

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