Gentlemen For Hire and the Women Who Use Them


It is the middle of the month, straight after payday when the moon is out that Jennifer (not her real name) meets Tom in a small hotel in New York to indulge in her little ritual as she loves to call it. Taking out the best champagne, a bunch of fresh strawberries, a box of chocolates, and several well thought out dresses for a rendezvous. She is meeting and paying to spend time with Tom, a male escort in a tightly programmed schedule. Her date is a 45-year-old man with a great tan and speckles of grey in his beard who will wine, dine, massage, and maybe do more. 

Love has never been easy to find, and in the contemporary world, things have become even worse with companionship too hard to come by. Most men do not have much to offer when women need it the most. Since online dating and one night stands often provide much risk and many times too little reward, gentlemen for hire are becoming a great alternative. 

Who Are Gentlemen for Hire?

They can sometimes be referred to as male escorts and are men of ages ranging from as low as 19 to as high as 70 who make a living being companions for females who need just that. Whether one needs someone for a quiet Weekend indoors, an outing, or a discreet or indiscreet affair, it can be had for the right amount of money. They will usually be discreet partners who have taught themselves the art of providing great conversation and being good company. 

Such men can be trusted with providing one with emotional fulfillment and satisfaction while also providing auxiliary services when required. They do not necessarily have to be attractive and dashing young men as they come in all shades. The best quality of gentlemen for hire is that they know how to be pleasant company and are tender, gentle, and loving without needing to be told to be so. 

Who Hires Gentlemen for Hire?

The women that hire escorts do not necessarily hire them for sex. Many will hire a gentleman since they need to have someone as a companion for some event that requires them to have company, to have a great experience. For instance, if one is in Rome to watch an original opera and does not have anyone to go with, a make escort will come in handy. They can meet the lady in question, dine out and then make their way to the opera house and let things take their course from there. 

For women in business or higher-ups in the corporate world, a gentleman for hire is someone that she can bring to posh parties, corporate functions, and prestigious events. Since these are often high flying businesswomen, their schedule does not allow them to maintain a steady relationship or boyfriend. A male escort provides the same benefits that a boyfriend would for a fee with much less hassle. 

For other women, a gentleman for hire provides fulfillment of emotional desires that may be left unfulfilled by their steady sexual or romantic partner. For some women, who may be frustrated by their current relationship, all they need is a caring and kind listening ear and not a therapist. A male escort will not sweep one off their feet but will provide the attention that a woman needs. They will do that while also allowing one the space they need to be the independent woman that they are. 

What Services do Gentlemen for Hire Provide?

In the modern world, a  gentleman for hire provides all manner of companionship needs one may have. Whether one needs a quiet and intimate dinner date, their emotional needs fulfilled, or simple pleasure like having someone to explore the night with, male escorts deliver. As compassionate companions or suave social dates, they provide their services to the company party where one is expected to bring a date and will behave exactly as you want them to. 

They provide women needing enjoyment and companionship that comes with relationships without the baggage and emotion of steady relationships. With a male escort, one can have a good-looking, socially smart person who has the experience and motivation to ensure that you have a great time. Since they play by the rules the client sets, they relieve all the tension that one could have inviting someone that may not be so suave. 

An escort allows their client to just be themselves and whether it is about just crying on a man’s shoulder or getting an emotional struggle off your chest, there is no one better than someone that plays by your rules. They do not have the emotional baggage, and you can have a no strings attached relationship as you do not have to bother with needless texting and calling. 

Given that you will not ever have to prove yourself, you can have a wholesome experience even while being in control.


Since there is still stigma attached to the escorting profession, many women have questions of confidentiality. Nonetheless, most gentlemen for hire have a policy of complete confidentiality and typically have a separate private life other than working as an escort. 

Personal details such as a client’s name and address, what they do for a living are never things that will be shared with a gentleman for hire. Most things are usually one need to know basis and the same applies to the client who also has to ensure total confidentiality since escorts too have normal lives.

All escorts know that discretion comes with the job. However, gentlemen for hire often work with high flying corporate titans of industry; confidentiality requirements are heightened.

The Legality of Male Escorts

While male escorts just like their female counterparts, have had to endure the reputation of being the purveyors of perversion, nothing could be further from the truth. Many independent and agency escorts provide platonic services for gentlemen for hire. With a ton of trustworthy, vetted companions, it is easy to find a companion from the hundreds of profiles and have a great date. The best places to find these gentlemen are typically a reputable and professional service such as G4Hire. You can also find other top escorts online where they either have their website or advertise their services in the industry. Agencies are often preferred over independent operators since they have a rigorous vetting process to ensure that the gentleman for hire meets your preferences and needs.