How To Choose An Inversion Table?

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Back pain is one of the widely spread causes of disability, and the most common reason people visit doctors and miss work. But luckily, we have inversion therapy— a non-surgical treatment that helps people with low back pain performed on an inversion table. Yes, this therapy helps maintain and improve the overall posture, which ultimately relaxes your ache muscle.

Choose An Inversion Table

Have you heard about it and want to give it a try?

Are you looking for the best inversion table to enjoy the therapeutic effects of this therapy?

These tables are great for decompressing the spine and pull out toxins from the body to relieve pain. But for that, you need to choose a perfect inversion table. The reason is, not all tables are created equal.

There are always some features that one particular model possesses and other misses. It sometimes gets challenging to choose the best inversion table when the variety is abundant. However, to ease you in this problem, we’ve penned down some fantastic features to consider while choosing your inversion table. 

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Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Inversion Table

·      Comfort:

Before deciding your purchase while considering any other factor, comfort is the first factor you shouldn’t ignore. You may think of it as the least factor to consider, but it’s not!

Various models offer a lot of options in terms of advanced features to attract customers but fail to deliver the comfort they made for. You can’t deal with a product which is not comfortable to use.

For your convenience, inversion tables that come with the thick pad are comfortable as compared to thin pads. Many models offer additional padding for the neck and lumbar region. 

·      Controlled Inversion:

You need to look for a controlled inversion table. Remember, you will require to wake up to 90 degrees gradually, so inversion degree should be controllable. Otherwise, you can experience some side-effects and inconvenience. A perfect inversion table allows you to wake up at your own pace.

·      Quality Frame:

You need to consider the quality frame. It’s essential to inspect the product for the quality frame because you are going to put your body weight on it, so you need to make sure it won’t break.

However, always look for the ones, which are made with heavy-duty metal or steel with non-skid floor protectors. Steel is the best material because of its durability.

·      Safety:

Your safety is important! Although inversion tables come with safety features, poorly designed models can put you in trouble. So always check for the vinyl side covers to protect your fingers, steel frame to ensure the table is durable enough to withstand with pressure and weight, and ankle locks to keep feet securely in place.

These are some features that may need to consider while choosing the best inversion table for your back pain.

So we wish you good luck for your future purchase!