Single Tooth Implant Restoration ㅡ Everything You Need to Know

Single Tooth Implant Restoration

Are you considering getting a single tooth implant restoration? If so, we’re here to tell you all about the benefits of this procedure. 

Losing teeth can not only cause us to feel less confident about our physical appearance, but it can also make simple things more difficult. For example, chewing our food can become quite an ordeal. Luckily, teeth implants can help with both problems!

Still, before you decide, we’re ready to answer the most common questions about single tooth implant restoration, so you know what to expect. 

What Is a Single Tooth Implant Restoration?

The overall goal of a single tooth implant is to restore not only your smile but also the function of your teeth. Ultimately, a tooth implant will act just like your natural tooth would. That’s why, when it comes to dealing with missing teeth, a single tooth implant restoration is one of the more popular treatments.

In fact, there are several advantages to getting this procedure done over, let’s say, a bridge. For reference, if you were to get a bridge, your dentist would need to grind down the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth. Not many people are thrilled with this option, which is why single tooth implant replacement is the perfect alternative. 

Is Single Tooth Implant Replacement Safe?

Over time, dental implants have become an integral part of dentistry. Basically, they’re considered the best treatment option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Obviously, performing this procedure requires exceptional skill, which is why you should always look for a highly skilled dentist.

Getting an implant is perfectly safe, so you have nothing to worry about. But, as we mentioned, like with any tooth-related procedure, it’s important to go to the right dental professional. A trained professional will make sure that the entire process goes smoothly, and you feel the least amount of discomfort possible. 

What Does the Procedure Look Like? 

If you’re someone that likes to have a visual overview of what a procedure is like, here’s what you can expect when getting a single tooth implant replacement. 

For starters, the tooth implant itself looks like a screw, or a cylinder, and it should go directly into your jaw. Once your dentist secures it in place, your implant will start to bond with the bones in your jaw. This process takes up to six months. 

While the implant is bonding with the bones, you can opt to temporarily wear an artificial tooth. 

When the bonding process is complete, your dentist will create your replacement tooth, and place it where your natural tooth once was. That replacement tooth is a crown. 

However, the better option is to get immediate dental implant loading. This procedure will not only restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth but also their function in hours.  

So, you basically walk out of the dental office with a new smile!

Is Getting a Tooth Implant Painful?

When it comes to getting any type of procedure done, especially if it has something to do with our teeth, the first question on everyone’s mind is whether or not it hurts. Most people immediately assume that getting an implant will hurt, however, that’s not the case. 

Basically, the entire procedure is performed using local or general anesthesia which makes your entire mouth go completely numb. So, put simply, getting a tooth implant does not hurt. 

But what about later on, when the numbness wears off? You will likely feel some kind of discomfort. However, most people say that it’s nowhere near the same as the pain they feel after getting a tooth extracted. Ultimately, even when you take this mild discomfort into consideration, the results are more than worth the process.

How Long Does a Tooth Implant Last?

Ultimately, the longevity of your implant depends solely on your overall dental hygiene. 

For starters, regular brushing and flossing will keep your implant nice and healthy. But, just to be on the safe side, you should consider scheduling a check-up with your dentist every six months.  

So, in short, with the right dental care, your implant will last a lifetime! 

On the other hand, your crown will likely last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Again, with the right dental care, you can prolong this for a few more years, but 15 years is typically the limit due to wear and tear. After that, you will need to get it replaced. 

How Believable Are Teeth Implants?

Most people are worried about how their implant will look compared to their natural teeth. More specifically, will the implant stick out? Will people be able to tell that I have an implant?

Rest assured that when your dentist performs a single tooth implant restoration procedure properly, you won’t be able to tell between your natural teeth and your implant. The implant will blend in perfectly.

But even more importantly, it will feel completely natural. That means no more discomfort on your gums while you’re chewing. 

The main thing to remember is that you should treat your implant the same way you treat your other teeth, and stick to a daily dental hygiene routine. Brush and floss as you usually would.  

In Conclusion

Losing a tooth can have a devastating impact on your self-confidence, especially if you like to smile a lot. Inevitably, the way you feel about your physical appearance will also impact your mental health. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle. However, with all the new dental innovations available, there’s no reason to hide your smile anymore. 

Ultimately, single tooth implant replacement is a pretty straightforward procedure that can help you gain back your confidence and improve your smile. But, in the end, if you’re still not sure whether or not this is the right procedure for you, your best option is to seek some professional advice. A dentist will be able to lay out all your options and explain which one is best for you.